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Jun 2020

Opening the Pool and Clubhouse

The Board of Trustees met on 5/12/20 in part to discuss what safety issues would potentially be involved with opening the pool and the clubhouse this season. The Board had to take into consideration the CDC, the Governor’s shut down until at least June 7th, and the Board of Health restrictions.
In order to maintain and enforce all of the current restrictions involved in social distancing and the multiple logistical problems they would cause, the Board had to take an extra close look at some of the additional safety problems involved. 
Opening the building and opening the pool go hand in hand and neither is allowed open under the current restrictions. As of now the costs, the logistical nightmare of the Governor’s decree and the social distancing demands produced by the coronavirus (COVID-19) has at least temporarily made it impossible to open the pool or the clubhouse at this time. When these restrictions are lifted, the Board will re-examine opening both the clubhouse and the pool.
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