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May 2019

Homeowners Meeting - March 21. 2019

Meeting was called to order by Tony Orsano.  Followed by the pledge and invocation.
Roll call: Tony Orsano, Betty O'Brien, Andy Morrisroe, Joe Buttros, Dave Kirch, Dave Scarpa.  
Absent was Diana Dillon.
Minutes for February 21st were read and approved.
The River Lady was mentioned in the February 21st minutes as $47. It is $46. A correction was made to the minutes
Tony Orsano: Away We Go: I have a trip on the River Lady on July 10th  cost $46. 
St Patrick's dinner/dance was a great success. Many thanks to Dom Martucci, Danny Amato, Pete Garvey, Ernie Ramos and Sam  Squicciarini. They spent a good part of the day cooking and setting up for the event.
We cancelled the next Trustee Meeting because we have no quorum. Most of the board will be on a trip.
I received a complaint by phone. Please put your complaints in writing and it must be signed.  Without the signature we can't do anything about it. And we do not give out any names from the complaint.
Received a call from Social Security.  This is a scam.  Social Security does not call you, so please hang up.  Please do not give any information to anyone over the phone.  These are all scams.
Dave Scarpa: Architectual Comm. He welcomed back some faces that haven't been here for one reason or another.
In my mailbox I received a note about someone doing some work on the outside of his home.  I checked it out.  It turned out to be ok.  He also mentioned he wanted to make the driveway larger.  Told him to fill out the form in the S/P for Architectural Approval.
The town does not require permits for Roof, Siding or Windows.  We the Architectural Comm. we would like you to fill out the form that is in the S/P for approval for any work being done on the outside of you home.  A roof can turn bad very quickly.  There may be 1 or more pieces sheating or rafters that has to be replaced  and for that you need a permit from the Township. If you change the size of the windows you are now changing the footprints of the house and  you now need new blue prints.
People do have uninsured contractors do the work.  This is not a good thing.  If the contractors get hurt you can be financially responsible for their medical bills and lost wages.
The Moral of the story is we are not going to require you to fill out the form but better to be safe than sorry. 
Dave Kirch: Common Grounds: JC Smith will start work next week, weather permtting on Zone F.  this has not been done in 8years.  Branches have to be lowered to 4ft.  It was suppose to be done in 2011 but then hurrucane Irene hit. Someone mentioned a broken sidewalk.  I called Public works and was told that any tree removed by the side walk is a courtesy to the homeowner. Then the homeowner is responsible for the repair or replacement of the side walk
Tony Orsano: There was a  sidewalk which was part Association part Homeowner, so we split the bill.  Each slab cost $400.
Treasurers Report- Betty O'Brien: 
TD Oper. Acct.: $107,151.65 
TD Reserve for Cap. Repl:  $197,619.09
TD Reserve for Cap. Impr.:84,181.19
Total of Cap Reserve Acct: $280,106.28
Petty Cash: $166.05
Total Checking /Savings: $387,423.98
Total Assets: $368,472.33
Total Income: $18,274.51
Total Operating Expenses: $9,220.50
Net Income: $5,921.59
Real Estate- Betty O'Brien: We have sold 23 homes since July 1st at $500 each, and we have 14 active.
New Business- Betty O'Brien: The Post Master asked if we would like for the mail truck to come back.  It would be in the clubhouse parking lot.  It will do all the functions that would be done at the post office.  It was very favorable to the people at the meeting.  No time or date has been set.  Hopefully it will be a help to the people.
Club Reports:
Women's Club- Marge Damato:
The Women's Club welcomed 2 new members.  We had a Wine and Cheese tasting hosted by Evelyn Tisch.  Her daughter and son-in-law own a winery.  We tasted 5 different wine and pared it with the cheese.  Thank you Evelyn for a wonderful job. Also wanted to say thank you to all the members that contributed the cheese, crackers, cakes and cookies.  It really helps us out.
Next meeting is Wednesday Apr. 17th @ 12:30.  It's our 1 year anniversary of the re-organization of the Women's Club.  The Women's Club was in existance from the day the development opened. Thru attrition, people moving the membership wasn't there anymore.
At the April meeting we will collect the yearly dues of $10.  Free lunch and dessert are included when your dues are paid.  We will also collecting $12. for the Chinese Buffet  – a Mother Day treat will be on Wednesday May 15th.  Lee reminded me that there is 53 days until the pool opens.
Jukebox - Bobbi Starkey: The Board was kind enough last year to provide Jukebox with $1000 for the New Years Eve Gala, which was extremely successful. I was asked to sign a paper that gauranteed that I would give back $500. Happy to report we can give back the full amount of $1000 Bobbi presented the Board with a check for $1,000.
Jukebox hasn't had a dance since January because of Jukebox Ed health issues.  But I'm very happy to say the dance will return on April 26th.  Bobbi thanked everyone for their support.
Bocce report - Jane Saeger:  I'm the new coordinator for Monday and Bea Humphris is for Wednesday. 
There will be a bocce meeting on Friday March 29th at 11am.  Please come to the meeting.  Hopefully you will want to play.
Open to the Residents:
Debby Molinaro:  She had 3 issues that were said to be incorrect.
  1. In the S/P on page 10&11 the call to Candidates states that you will not miss more than 3 consecutive H/O meetings.  That is incorrect! The By-Laws state that you cannot miss more than 2 meetings in 1 year.  If you miss the third (3) you are considered resigned unless the Board approved due to extenuating circumstances.
  2. Asked for the minutes to be posted. 
  3. I have also asked for the library to be dusted and it hasn't been done.  Any reason why??
Tony Orsano: Mentioned the list n the S/P for the Military.  Please check the list and do what you can do for our Military men and women.  Bring to the clubhouse and place it in or around the Flag Box in the main hall.
Would like to see new and younger people to run for the board.  You have new and younger ideas that may help the community.  We have 5 openings.
Meeting closed.
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