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Jul 2021

Homeowners Association ZOOM Meeting - May 20, 2021 Minutes (Revised Draft)

Roll Call: 
Present: President - Tony Orsano, Vice President - Tony Rossi, Treasurer - Betty O’Brien, Financial Secretary - Debbie Bracca-Ramos, Dawn DeWeil, Diana Dillon, Karen Heck, Dave Scarpa.
Absent: Joe Buttros
HOA members in attendance: Approximately 28. 
Vote: To accept Minutes of May 11, 2019, BOT Meeting. Motion proponents: Karen Heck/Diana Dillon. 
All present in favor (by roll call, Tony Orsano not voting)
President’s Report
  1. Tony Orsano advised he will be retiring in June. Thanked all community volunteers.  Thanked Dave Scarpa for his work on the Bylaws Committee. Announced Diana Dillon as the new Sign Post Editor in Chief.  Announced he will be seating election winners Karen Heck and Dave Scarpa (returning BOTs) and new BOT member Jeanine Feaman.  Announced an election challenge to the other election winners and that he will not be seating them in June. 
  2. Tony Orsano noted that the Coalition and SRPW Board of Trustees continue to monitor legislative activity regarding HOA immunity for COVID infections.  Everyone was urged to contact our local and state representatives for action on pending bills.  
  3. Tony Orsano discussed continuing review of Waiver options to help get our community reopened. Planned reopening date of July 4, 2021, if conditions allow. 
Vice President’s Report:
Tony Rossi thanked the Election Committee. 
Tony Rossi provided an update on his discussions with local police regarding speeding issues in our community.  
Community deer feeding issues were noted.
Tony Rossi addressed need for more First Aid Squad volunteers, or our SRPW First Aid Squad will cease to exist. Discussion ensued as to how to help the Squad and protect and re-energize this important community resource.   Tony Rossi advised efforts will be renewed to contact old squad members who may have dropped out during COVID.  Diana Dillon suggested updated information for the Sign Post. Tony Rossi advised that volunteer members are eligible for annuity benefits. 
A BBQ event spotlighting the Squad after re-opening, perhaps including free CPR lessons, Communications Committee involvement and flyers to the Association were included among the numerous suggestions.   
Vote: To form an Action Committee to increase community awareness of and interest in serving on our First Aid Squad. Motion proponents: Dawn DeWeil, Diana Dillon. All present in favor (by roll call, Tony Orsano not voting).  
An Action Committee was formed including volunteers Dawn DeWeil, Karen Heck, Diana Dillon, Jeanine Feaman, Jean Donnelly, Joyce Hendricks, Debi Zarro and Lisa Festa. 
Treasurer’s Report:
Betty O’Brien provided report regarding current financials. The Treasurer’s report will appear in the next Sign-Post.
Vote: To accept the Treasurer’s report. Motion proponents: Karen Heck, Dawn DeWeil. All present in favor (by roll call, Tony Orsano not voting).
Architectural Committee:  Karen Heck advised all matters before the committee are up to date.  Issues regarding an unleased, unattended dog were noted.
Common Ground Committee: Diana Dillon advised that additional tree removal work has been held over until July. 
Pool Committee: Dave Scarpa advised of plans to have the pool uncovered by June 1, 2021. Also advised of a chlorine shortage that he is handling, as well as requisite pool inspections.   
Old Business:
Reopening - Diana Dillon advised that estimates were still being obtained regarding bathroom/outside shower improvements.
Reopening - Indemnification for volunteer work of Dave Scarpa as Pool Manager. Issues discussed and clarified. Debbie Bracca-Ramos and Dawn DeWeil both suggested a working meeting of the Board prior to our next meeting to resolve outstanding issues. 
Vote: To table discussion regarding indemnification of Dave Scarpa in his volunteer Pool Manager capacity until our next BOT meeting (two weeks). Motion proponents: Karen Heck, Dawn DeWeil. All present in favor (by roll call, Tony Orsano not voting).


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