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Aug 2021

From the President's Desk - September 2021

This summer has truly been quite different from summers past. Despite many obstacles that we had to endure this summer; we must be thankful that at least you our homeowners had access to our lovely pool. I would be remiss if I did not take time to thank Dave Scarpa and Angela DeRogatis and all the Pool Monitors for all their challenging work this summer. 
Moving forward to the fall we hope to continue to enjoy all the scheduled activities at our clubhouse. Currently, we strongly suggest that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask when gathering indoors. I ask that you think twice about the health and welfare of all your neighbors when you decide to mask up or not. Please keep in mind that the masking policy may change as Governor Murphy makes changes to Covid guidelines.
2022 is going to be a big year for our Westerly Community, as we prepare to launch our new WEBSITE! We are on target to launch the website at the September homeowner meeting on Thursday, September 16, 2021, at 7:00pm. We are excited to be able to share it with you in September. 
A great big special thank you to Dave Scarpa and the entire bylaws committee for their challenging work this summer in reviewing and making recommendations to update these important governing documents. In case you are not aware our Covenant & Restrictions and Bylaws may only be revised every 10 years. There is a provision in the “Radburn Legislation” that allows us to make (only) bylaw changes in other years with approval of the community.
Now it is your turn. I ask you our homeowners to review our governing documents if there are any changes you would suggest changing/altering or improving please, submit them to the Board of Trustees. You may do so by dropping a note in the trustee’s box (located in the clubhouse) or by emailing your suggestions to [email protected]. Please remember that this is your association and the decisions you ultimately decide (by vote next May) what will impact your lives until the year 2032. 
If you are unable to locate your Covenants & Restrictions/Bylaws booklet, please email us and we will gladly send you a PDF version. 
After we review all this information, the recommendations will be forwarded to the attorney where he reviews them and makes them “Radburn Compliant” they then return them to the Board of Trustees for review. 
You have heard me make mention of the “Radburn” Legislation and may be questioning just what is the “Radburn Legislation.”  Briefly, the ‘Radburn” law is actually New Jersey Administrative Code Title 5, chapters 8.1 thru 8.14.  This Administrative code covers the regulations that we as a “Planned Community Development” must follow. The Administrative Code dictates how we must conduct our association on a  variety of topics ranging from how we conduct our meetings, nominations, voting, bylaw amendments, etc. Additionally, the Division of Community Affairs has the authority to fine communities upwards to $10,000, for violating the law. This legislation is serious business.
As a service to our community, we have set up a “Radburn Education Seminar” that will be open to the entire community. At this seminar, our attorney will explain the “Radburn Legislation” and how it impacts out community. He will explain the consequences of not following the law. 
The consequences of not following the law are real. There is a local 55+ Community that failed to follow the election procedures as per the “Radburn Legislation.” 
They were supposedly reported by a community member and were determined to be in violation of the law. I am not certain what the outcome was, but I have heard that they are now under DCA observation. This is serious business, we all must be educated, as to what it all means and what the ramifications are if we as an association fail to follow the law. The seminar is scheduled for Thursday, October 7th at 7:00pm at the Clubhouse. We hope to see you there. Refreshments will be served.
Karen Heck, President