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Aug 2021

From the President's Desk - August 2021

What can happen in 30 days? The answer is “a lot.” By the time you read this your new Board of Trustees will have been seated and adjusting to the new normal that we are experiencing at our pool, clubhouse, and with general clubhouse business. We will have had the ratification of the Special Assessment for damage damages from Tropical Storm Isaias last August. Bocce is underway, trips have been planned, the ladies of the entertainment committee will have held their first dance since closing down last year, most of the clubs will be gathering and making plans., and finally our pool will have opened, albeit with some restrictions. This is a very small price to pay in order to attempt to keep our homeowners safe.
All of this is incredibly positive for our community. Let us keep the positive energy flowing. Another positive on the horizon is that the board has been exploring the formation of our very own SRPWesterly Website.
We have heard your concerns and we are acting to correct the problem. Stay tuned - good things are coming our way.
The previous board of trustees went through great pains and lots of discussion on how to open our pool and at the same time attempting to keep our entire community safe. I know some of the rules may seem restrictive, however the board at that time, as far as I am concerned still feels that our first obligation is the health safety and welfare of all the members of our community. Please trust me when I say, should the Health Department Executive Orders change tomorrow, the current board will address them and act accordingly, good, bad, or indifferent. It is my hope that we as a board, be open and transparent with all our homeowners from day one, so that we can grow together with mutual trust and respect. If you have any questions or concerns, please call me or any board member. You may also email the clubhouse at
Have a great August and we will see you in September.
—Karen Heck, President
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