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Feb 2021

From the President's Desk - February 2021

What a time this is turning out to be. We cannot have meetings in the clubhouse. We cannot socialize with a lot of people, but you can be assured that Board members are diligently doing their jobs. We go into the clubhouse office, do our work, and when we are finished, we disinfect everything. But I have to say, we are happy to do it. It gives us something to do. It’s not a lot to do, so I for one have to find other things to do. My daughter-in-law gave me a box of seven puzzles, which I intend to put together. I am also going to catch up on my painting by numbers (maybe). It all sounds good. I just hope I don’t fall into the trap of watching television all day. What I am trying to say to all our people: find things to do. Get out and walk around the neighborhood. Read a book, etc. In other words, make a point of doing the things that you all put off.
I have put in an application to get the COVID-19 vaccination in our clubhouse. If the health department decides to have it here, we will let everyone know.  Dawn DeWeil will be our representative on the Coalition COVID Committee.  Thank you, Dawn, for serving in this important capacity at this crucial time.
This month on February 14 is Pete Smith’s birthday. He will be 100 years old. Happy Birthday, Pete! You are loved by everyone.
We still have our email in the clubhouse. We will answer any questions anyone has.  I try to get there every couple of days so be patient. Remember that this email belongs to all of us so we hope you all use it to keep informed. We are getting through this slowly, but we will prevail. Be safe and wear your mask.
Tony Orsano
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