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Dec 2020

From the President's Desk - December 2020

As I write this on Veterans Day, I want to thank all our veterans for their service.   
As an ex-Navy man, I know about some of the things they go through. I was one of the lucky ones. When I was in, the world was at peace.  But I can imagine what it would be if we were at war at the time. I do know that all the service men I met would give their lives for our country.  I never met anyone in the service that denied this fact.  I know that if a war started, they would go. They are always prepared for war. In my eyes, every veteran is a hero, so again we should all thank them for their service.
We had our first Zoom meeting, and I think it went very well for the first time.  
We introduced our members of the Board, and each one gave a brief description of their jobs. We received some questions on Zoom, which we answered, but we would like it if people sent their questions to our office email which is
Please note that we will close the clubhouse to all meetings until after the holidays (could be up to April).  The only people allowed in will be Board members who need to work in the office.
It is with great regret that I have to announce that Jukebox Friday Night has decided to retire. I want to thank them from all of us for the many years they performed. We are all very lucky to have enjoyed their music and dances, so thank you Ed Scanlon and Bobbi Starkey. You are loved by many of us. You will be missed. 
As always, if you have any questions, you can call me at my home, and if I can’t answer your question, I will direct you to the right Board member. 
If you know someone who needs a little help, please try to help them. Again I want to thank all our volunteers for all the work they do. They are greatly appreciated. 
Tony Orsano, President
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