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Jan 2019

From the President's Desk


Well here we go into the February blues  This is the time of the year when when it seems like nothing is going on in our lives.  But a couple of things are going to go on. First of all, we are going to New Hope, PA for a Murder Mystery show. Second,  the Mayor is coming to our Homeowners meeting on February 21st for a town hall meeting. He will bring the police chief, code enforcement officer, The township engineer and Judy Noonan. They will talk for a while then answer any question you may have, and also listen to your suggestions and share your concerns. Face to face, so if you have something to say, write it down and bring it to the meeting.

We will also have the Super Bowl Party on Feb 3rd. If interested let me know or call Mike O'Connell. Cost is $5.00. We will have sandwiches (Italian or turkey), be sure to bring your own snacks!

We still have card games and  mah-jongg  every Tuesday and Thursday, all are welcome to join in. If you don't know how to play  we will teach you..

So it seems to me instead of the blues, come on out and enjoy the many things going on in our community.

The next Trustee Meeting is February 12th   and the Homeowners meeting is February 21.

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