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Feb 2021

From the Editor - February 2021

February is a fun month:  Groundhog Day, the Super Bowl, Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays, and Valentine’s Day. On a more serious note, the month also ushers in the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday for the Christian community and the observance of Purim for the Jewish community.
But did you know that February also has a National Soup Day?  We’re calling all you soup lovers to participate this month and share a soup recipe for the March Sign Post (see page 24).
There is one more important event this February, and that is the birthday of Pete Smith, who will be 100 on Valentine’s Day.  We interviewed Pete for this issue, and we’re proud to have the spotlight on him this month (see page 18).
I’ve been thinking about how great it’s going to be when we all have the vaccine and can move around again without restrictions.  I’ve heard some criticism of the way the vaccine is being distributed and administered, but I urge you to remain positive and be patient.  Our time will come.
In the meantime, enjoy this month, stay warm, stay safe, and be well.
Debby Molinaro
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