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Jul 2021

Common Grounds - July 2021

J.C.Smith will be cutting the common grounds, the end of June and July and again the end of Sept and October.  This gets done twice (2) a year at the cost of $4300. each.  If it is cut more than twice our dues will go up.  We are trying to keep the dues down for everyone.
I know we all pay our dues but if anyone is willing and able to help clean their own common grounds that would be gratefully appreciated. 
I also know some people already do it and thank you for that.
As you know July starts the new fiscal year and hopefully all that wasn’t done prior to now will be done in the new fiscal year. 
Thank you 
Diana Dillon
Common Grounds
Association Dues Payment due July 1st
Taxes due for 2021 Aug. 1st
Nov. 1st
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