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Jun 2021

Coalition Meeting - 5/7/21

Although the members of the coalition have been very patient we also understand that so have you all. 
Our patience is running thin, but at the same time we don’t want to do anything foolish. There was much talk about proceeding without any indemnity and there was also much talk about staying the course in hopes that something will soon break. Senator Linda Greenstein and Senator Connor’s Bill S-3584 looks promising for indemnity and it has just come out of committee, which in and of itself is a major victory.
I was very surprised at the feeling of the members, that they were unselfishly considering opening without indemnity knowing that it would and could put themselves directly in harm’s way with any lawsuits. It really shows the equal frustration that we are all feeling. There was a suggestion made from one of the attorneys that if we paid each person one dollar to sign a held harmless type of agreement that it may become legally binding and help prevent lawsuits. They are still looking into this as a possible answer if we are not granted indemnity. All restrictions would still be in place.
Most of the Coalition Members have agreed to hold Primary and General Elections at our respective clubhouses. Each participating community has been granted indemnity for the elections from the County with a special waiver under Title 59. 
The County Board of Elections will be responsible to disinfect the building.
A rumor was stopped cold that HC Berkeley had broken off from the Coalition and has begun to open up their community. This is just that…a rumor.
The truth is that while some sprinklers were being installed on the property, some people stopped by and were playing bocce, etc., without permission with their own supplies.
There was a very interesting article on WOBM Ocean County concerning all of the senior communities with their amenities closed due to fear of lawsuits:
“The State Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee has approved a measure, S3584, sponsored by state Sen. Linda Greenstein, D-Middlesex, that would give homeowner associations, known as common interest community associations, protection from suits filed by individuals claiming they got COVID while spending time in the clubhouse, gym or the pool.”
This portion of the article sounds very promising and the entire thing can be read at the web address I listed above.
David Scarpa, Trustee
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