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Jun 2021

By-Laws Committee Progress As of 5/4/21

Once again I am happy to report that the By-Laws Committee is making great progress.  As you already know, members of the committee are forbidden to discuss anything said at these meetings and they are grateful that you have honored and respected the fact that they cannot share any information at this point.  Jim has been reading the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, the By-Laws, and the Amendments line by line as to not miss anything as the group goes over everything with a fine tooth comb.  I must say that I admire each and every member of the committee as they exercise great patience with the entire process.
We spent the beginning of the latest meeting reviewing the entire process, from reviewing every page to requesting approval from the community on any possible recommended additions, removals or revisions. The process has several steps and the committee is very cognizant of the importance of each and every step.  I am happy to report that this is a very dedicated group, and they are all very concerned about doing their very best as they continue to serve the long term life and goals of our wonderful community.
Our next meeting will be held in two weeks where the committee will continue to read and evaluate each and every line. Thank you Jim for bringing donuts for everybody and thank you Wayne for making us all coffee. It was well appreciated.
David Scarpa
Board Liaison to the By-Laws Committee
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