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Feb 2021

Board Secretary Report - February 2021

Board meetings had been temporarily suspended due to the increased number of cases and severity of the Corona virus.
Board members continue to work in the clubhouse one at a time, however, two of our Board members were in the vicinity of someone who had contracted the virus. Each Board member was quarantined at different times because they were near different people at different times. These two issues were unrelated. Each had to spend 14 days in quarantine and had to work from home. Both have been tested since then and have thankfully come up negative.
None of us are immune to the virus and we all should continue to wash our hands, socially distance and wear a mask in public. 
Next meeting date and time:
We are currently unaware of when meetings will once again be scheduled monthly, but I hope that as the vaccines become more available and better distributed, we will once again return to a more normal life. Remember the vaccine must be administered twice to reach full effectiveness.
Respectfully submitted,
David Scarpa, Board Secretary
“Remember in all walks of life there are those who work and there are those who criticize so be one who works.”
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