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Feb 2021

Architectural Committee - February 2021

As the winter progresses and planning for spring project planning  begins,  I would like to remind everyone that if you are planning to make renovations to your home (siding, windows, sheds, driveways etc.…) that you will need to complete a written request for approval of your project on the appropriate form which can be found in the Sign Post.  Once received, the request will be reviewed by the committee and then forwarded to the trustees for final approval.  Please keep in mind that under normal circumstances the requests would need to be submitted prior to architectural committee before the second Tuesday of the month, which coincides with the monthly trustee meeting.  Historically the requests would be reviewed and approved or denied at that time.  Due to the fact the COVID pandemic continues, the clubhouse remains closed and there are no monthly meetings scheduled in the foreseeable future, but the trustees all have access to the clubhouse and do check in on a regular basis.  All requests or complaints received will be processed as soon as I receive them. Once reviewed they will be left in the clubhouse office for the trustees to review and sign when they stop in to check their mailboxes. I will be checking every couple of days to check on the status of the pending forms. 
On another note, in the Sign Post you will also find a copy of a complaint form.  Please use this form to make any and all complaints regarding any issues that you may have in our community.  Complaints that pertain specifically to the architectural committee must be complete and include the name, address, phone number and signature of the homeowner making the complaint. ALL complaints will remain confidential. The architectural committee has agreed that we will not address any complaint that is made verbally and/or made as hearsay.  As stated earlier all complaint forms must be signed by the homeowner. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 
Karen Heck
Architectural Trustee
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