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Aug 2021

Summary of Silver Ridge Park West COVID Reopening Plan

(The Full Plan will be available at the Clubhouse upon opening on TV Monitors, on paper, and posted on our website.)
MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
SATURDAY 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Please note that the hour of 9:00 am to 10:00 am each day will be dedicated to the cleaning and disinfecting of the clubhouse for members' protection.
There is no limit to the amount of time a resident can stay at the clubhouse during operating hours. Currently, clubhouse activities are restricted to member activities. We will not be opening up to the public at large at this time.
The main entrance will be unlocked during operating hours. You can access other areas of the clubhouse through the main entrance. If you have a special need to enter through the downstairs, please sign in at the main entrance and ask the custodian to open the downstairs door for you.
All persons entering the clubhouse will be required to sign in with date, name, address, phone number, and time of entry and exit.
The custodians‘ schedule and contact phone numbers will be posted in the main room and game room. 
The Custodians will be responsible to clean and disinfect prior to opening. All equipment and areas requiring routine disinfecting have been identified and will be cleaned, and disinfected daily. A Daily Disinfecting Checklist has been implemented and all appropriate personnel have been made aware. (This excludes Sunday when the clubhouse is not open.) Custodians will be supplied with gloves and protective equiptment, as needed.
Disinfecting will be done with an EPA approved product. (A list of the products used will be attached to the full COVID Reopening Plan.) Custodians will also be responsible to make sure that sanitizing products are available for the use of members. Additional cleaning and sanitizing products will be available in the maintenance closet. If you are a member and become aware that a product is missing from a cleaning station or empty, please contact the custodian. 
Furniture sanitization will occur once a day as part of the daily cleaning and disinfecting. Custodians will set up tables and chairs to encourage social distancing. 
Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available at the main entrance, in the main room,  and the game room. In addition, cleaning stations will be set up and supplied by the Custodians. Sanitizing spray with paper towel or sanitzing wipes will be available in bathrooms, kitchens, main room, game room, library, and lobby so members can disinfect between use. If you are a member and become aware that a products missing from a cleaning station, bathroom, restroom, etc. or empty, please contact the custodian.
Masks will also be available at the lobby entrance if you need to wear a mask and have forgotten it. There will be COVID-19 safety signs posted in various places in the Clubhouse, reminding you of hand washing, COVID Symptons, and other safety precautions.
Please, regularly, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. Use sanitizing products to wipe equipment prior to your own use. In the event you feel unwell, we are providing a Medical Assistance Area which will allow you to separate yourself from other members who are present at the Clubhouse. If you feel unwell, have someone reach out to the Custodian. The Custodian has been briefed on procedure and will assist. The Custodian will contact the Facilities Manager, if necessary, for assistance. If you are diagnosed with a COVID-19 infection, please immediately inform the Clubhouse. Procedure requires that affected areas of the Clubhouse would need to be closed for 24 hours prior to disinfecting for the protection of the custodians. Clubhouse will reopen after Custodians can safely disinfect. We will use our digital sign to inform of such closures.
Please stay home if you are sick. If you become sick, please notify the custodian on duty and leave the premises (if able) or move to the designated Medical Assistance Area (if able). If you are in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID 19, please stay home, self-monitor and follow CDC, State of New Jersey, and Ocean County Board of Health Guidelines if symptoms develop.
Health Guidance recommends that non-vaccinated residents wear masks and social distance. What is a non-vaccinated person? A person who has not gotten the vaccine, a person who has gotten only one shot of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, a person who has gotten the second shot of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine or the one dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine less than two weeks before.
The Custodians, the Facilities Manager, and all Board Members will receive training prior to reopening on the contents of this COVID Reopening plan. Current CDC and Health Department recommendations will be reviewed with the Facilities Manager, the Custodians, and Board Members.
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