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Jul 2022

SRPW Trustees Workshop Meeting Minutes • June 13, 2022 - 11 am

Roll Call of Officers and Trustees: Sign-in Sheet.
Special Presenter: Paul Hansen, SRPW Homeowner, Volunteer for Codes and Architectural Control – fences and pools – Paul researched Berkeley Township requirements re pools and fences. He recommended a committee to look at existing fencing in the community and create fence rules that make sense in today’s environment. He recommended a committee to also look at the issue of pools on individual homeowners’ properties. He recommended that past practice continue re pools – pools on individual properties will not be allowed. The goal is to create guidelines for homeowners that are clear, fair, and apply to everyone equally. The Architectural Control Committee has the responsibility to uphold our rules. People need to know what they can or can’t do. We want to make it easier for the homeowners. 
Rules can be changed. Any pool that holds more than 24 inches (2 feet) of water is illegal. The homeowner needs to get a permit from the township. Homeowners need a letter from SRPW to give our approval. We’re forming a committee for pools and hot tubs. Paul will draft proposed rules and regulations to homeowners. We need a committee to present this to the homeowners.
There are 2 issues: Community pool and individual pools. Everyone has to abide by the same rules and guidelines.  Committee has been formed with meeting on June 23rd.  Jim, Sue, Lori, Pat, Paul and Georgine will be in attendance.
Code people are dealing with fences and pools. A fence must be 14 feet from common ground.
The trustees check every house before it is sold to make sure there are no violations. This way the seller is required to fix the violation before the sale. We checked every house before it is sold to make sure there were no violations. We need to get everything in writing before the house is sold. (This is the procedure before the house is sold.) 
Minutes of Preceding Meeting: May 9, 2022 Motion to approve the minutes as written. Jim moved to approve, Mary Beth seconded. All vote in favor of approving. 
Financials: Every home gets billed $240 at the beginning of the year and it is paid quarterly. We are sending letters to homeowners who are behind on their dues. (That’s why we are above the budget.)
HOPA Survey
We have over 700. We need 900.
Treasurer Election Report: Jim Conway was elected our new treasurer.
Flooring RFPs:  Sue is submitting requests for proposals to different flooring companies. The goal is to cover the main floor with a floor that is easy on the legs for dancing and aerobics, easy to clean, and more attractive than the current floor which has cracks running through it. 
Contracts: The Greenleaf lawn cutting contract comes up for renewal in October. Do we want the attorney to create a contract for this service? The attorneys have already created a short form contract which we have used with other vendors.  The attorney recommends that we not sign vendor contracts. If we use an attorney contract, the vendor’s insurance is liable first, then possibly ours and there are provisions for cancellation if we are unhappy with the vendor at some point. 
Greenleaf: Our lawn cutting contract is coming up for renewal in the Fall. Motion to have the attorney prepare a short form contract: Mary made the motion, seconded by Lore. All in favor. Motion passed.
Common Ground Spring Clean Up:
We are in the process of gathering volunteers to clean up common grounds. We have insurance in place now for these volunteers. 
Property on Carlisle Road: Parks and Recreation mowed. They are supposed to take down some trees, as well. 
We would like to create a contract for people who are not mowing their lawns. We would pay Green Leaf and the homeowners would pay us. (Mowing would occur every three weeks at the same time as common ground mowing in that area. An assessment would go against the account. Letter being reviewed by attorney.)
Things we are working on…
Pool issues: All pools on homeowners’ properties need to be removed. 
Lawns: Homeowners who aren’t mowing their lawns. We need to come up with a solution.
Fence Issues: Homeowner’s who have fences exceeding 4 feet and not within the required property line, defined in the bylaws. We need to come up with a solution. 
Maintenance of property: Need to make certain that all homeowner’s are maintaining their property in order to keep our community looking in order.
Possible Deer Hunt:  There’s a petition going around against killing deer. It’s in the preliminary stages.
Existing Vendor Relationships:  The computer installer is not responding for our requests for support. They indicated they would sign our contract, but have not. We are looking for another computer company and plan to contract on an as needed basis as we planned to do with the original company. We will be doing Requests for Proposals for computer support. 
Flipper Forms:  We are using new compliance forms when LLC purchasers purchase to flip the homes.  LLC’s can purchase property. They have to resell within a year and sell to someone 55 and over. They post a $5000 bond with our attorney. When the house is sold to a 55+ homeowner, the bond is returned. The LLC pays the attorney fees. It costs us nothing unless there’s a dispute.  The new compliance form gives us more information about the flipper LLC: the principles, whether the principles are principles in other LLCs that own property in our community, and a copy of the certificate of formation. The new form also asks the flipper to state what type of work the house needs. 
Flippers appear to be driving up our property taxes. Flippers were allowed to purchase so that homes in dilapidated condition would be put into saleable condition. What’s happening now is they are buying home that are in move in condition, adding high end appliances, cosmetic adjustments and making $100,000 on the home. This is making it unaffordable for homeowners. The property taxes are also going up significantly.
Payment Plan Agreement: For those homeowners behind on their dues there is a payment plan available. Payment plan is for people in financial trouble. An amount is set per situation. Attorney approved the payment plan agreement.  It depends on the situation. Motion to allow payment plans for people who owe no more than one year’s worth of dues or $240. Mary Beth made the motion. Lore seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passed. 
Condo Convention Expo 1 and 2: Jim Conway reported on the two meetings he attended: 
a. Fair housing law (Condos): People claiming disabilities. 
Do we allow service dogs in the clubhouse? We may need to make accommodations for people with disabilities. Generally, emotional support animals are not covered by FHA. There’s a leeway of what we can and can’t do. If physical modifications are approved, the person with the disability covers the cost. Our D & O umbrella covers the defense of the board. It does not cover liability.
b. Legal Issues and Insurance. Board can’t discriminate against anyone. We have to look into all complaints. Association must defend board members. Need to check background of all agents. 
Several management companies were in attendance at the Convention. They charge approximately $1 per home per month. Homeowners have access to their accounts online. 
Engineering Report:  We are required to have a structural engineering report every 5 years. We were told that an engineering survey was done before we took office, but we can’t find a copy of the report and there is no evidence of payment to an engineering firm in QuickBooks.  We will be preparing an RFP for engineering firms.
Benches in common areas:  Ed made a list of all the benches along the common areas and the type of repair needed. Money was budgeted for this year to do these repairs. The volunteers who worked on the picnic tables behind the clubhouse indicated that they would volunteer to work on the benches in the common areas. Joe will oversee it.
No trespassing: Pat is looking into obtaining no trespassing and no dumping signs from Berkeley Township.  She will sit with Jim and see how many signs we need. If we can’t get them for free from Berkeley Township, we’ll see where they are made.
Other repairs: The railing along the ramp in the back needs to be fixed. We need to get everything fixed before the winter.
Website: Rick Deet, publisher of the Sentinel, has sent us websites of other communities that he has started up. We want to make our website valuable to the community.
Architectural Control: We would like to combine the architectural (Paul), grounds (Jim) and Codes (Jerry) into the Architectural Control Committee. 
Appointment of Trustees:  Based on attorney advice, we will look at holding an informational session about the job of trustee. We will invite homeowners in the sections that are currently without representation. 
Common Grounds and Forestry: The first 10 feet from the curb back is a utility easement belonging to Berkeley Township. If homeowners want to do anything on that strip of property, they need to call Berkeley Township. Berkeley will only take down dead and dying trees.
MEETING ADJOURNED: Sue and Mary Beth made motions to adjourn. All in favor. 
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