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Mar 2022

SRPW Trustees Workshop Meeting Minutes • February 8, 2022 - 11 am

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Georgine Hynes at 11:06 a.m. The meeting was held in accordance with the SRPW Governing Documents, Roberts Rules of Order and is being recorded. 
Roll Call of Officers and Trustees:  All present have signed in.
Suggestion Forms: 
A resident sent in a suggestion form with a complaint that people were  putting fences around their whole house, front yard and higher than the three feet. Says it looks ugly and is ruining the community’s appearance. 
Discussion: Enforcing exterior compliance has been difficult. We need more volunteers to help. Very little was done during the winter. We need to start enforcing the rules related to fences that are being installed. A few homes have put up fences to keep deer out of the backyard. We have to check the compliance.
A resident sent in a suggestion form about flippers: They are flipping houses and are raising the prices of the properties making it hard for people of low income to afford to buy.
Discussion: Flippers: Should we allow them? Can we legally stop them? They are buying low and selling for outrageous prices. They are putting in high-end renovations, (stainless steel appliances, new kitchens, bathroom and hardwood floors). We need to look into this. The positive aspect is that houses in poor repair are fixed, keeping our community in better repair and makes things look better. We need to see if this is just a trend with the prices.  Maria will do a search on these properties. Flippers have 90 days to sell. Rumor is that flippers are putting the houses up for bid instead of selling along in traditional ways. This may be driving up the prices, which is becoming an issue. We will look into this.
Plowing and Sanding: Residents are to call Berkeley township.
Robo calls: They are paid quarterly.
Minutes of Preceding Meeting: December 23rd Meeting Minutes: Motions made and Approved.
New Business:
New Attorney: We interviewed four attorneys. Discussion as to the pros and cons of each law firm including experience, location, and cost. The Board voted 5-3 to approve Stark and Stark as our new attorneys.
Reopening: Can we reopen the community? Can we wait for the legislature to approve a new immunity law. It doesn’t look like Governor Murphy is willing to sign an executive order. A possibility is to have a waiver at the door. Waivers are impossible. That means someone has to be sitting at the door all day asking everyone who enters to sign the waiver. We need an attorney to find out our liability. We will consult our new attorney and discuss next meeting. 
Extend the indemnity bill permanently?  President Hynes will find out more at the coalition meeting tomorrow. If the immunity bill is signed, that means that we can’t get sued. No one believes that a plaintiff will win a COVID related suit, but lawyer’s fees defending a suit would have to be paid by the association and by the board members individually. The association would then have to indemnify individual board member costs. Insurance does not cover this. 
Holiday City South, East and Carefree are open. I will find out what’s going on at the coalition.
Bylaws: May have to put money out and then get it back. We’ll decide if we want to open or not. 
Vendor Contracts: We shouldn’t be signing them as sent to us. We should have a lawyer write them up. They should be contracts coming from our attorney. As the new contracts come up, we will have our new attorney review. 
Custodians: They are still working part-time. They are not working Saturdays. People are coming in for compliances and the custodians are sanitizing every day.
Polls will be here for voting for June and November.
Common grounds: We will be doing a cleanup out back and in the cul-da-sac. People are complimenting how they are now able to see the streets with trees being trimmed by Brian’s Tree Service.
Management Company: President Hynes would like to look into costs of having some aspects of the office work done by a management company. This would alleviate a breakdown in work being done when a volunteer has a personal tragedy or when officers change as a result of an election. 
Meeting Adjourned at 12:42 pm.
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