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May 2019

Recreation Committee - May 2019

The FOOD BANK BINGO was a great success.  We had a wonderful turnout and the food pantry is well stocked because of all the generous donations of food that were brought by the participants.  Kudos to the men who cooked.  We fed our bellies and then were able to concentrate on some tense filled games.  Eleven games of Bingo were played and winners received prizes.  We all had some hearty laughs and knowing this was done to help our own neighbors just made it much more enjoyable.  The outpouring of food items as well as the monetary gifts affirm the generosity of the people of Silver Ridge Park West.  Both food and money were gratefully accepted.  The Recreation Committee thanks those who participated in this worthwhile cause.  
Tickets to see “Over the River and Through the Woods” at Hunterdon Hills on June 12 are still available.  Tickets are sold on Wednesday and Saturday from 10 AM – 12 Noon.  The cost is $107 per person and includes the bus, lunch and performance.
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