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Nov 2021

Proposed Rules & Regulations SRPW Homeowners Assn

Sec. 1. The Board may promulgate such rules as it deems necessary and proper for the protection of the Association’s property and to promote the general well-being of its Members.  All rules must be approved by a majority of the Board voting.
Sec. 2. The Board shall have the right to enforce the rules and regulations so promulgated and shall have the right to levy reasonable fines for violations of the Covenants and Restrictions, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and any other governing documents. 
Sec. 3. Common Grounds and Forestry rules must be adhered to. Only dead, dying or diseased trees on Common Property will be removed by the Association after certification from a licensed tree service.  At the discretion of the Common Grounds and Forestry Committee, trees on Common Property abutting a Homeowner’s property may be removed or trimmed by the Homeowner making a request if Homeowner bears the expense.  No trees or shrubbery shall be planted that restrict access to Common Property by necessary equipment.  Homeowners are prohibited from using Common Property for storage or dumping.  Vehicles are prohibited from parking on Common Property.  Homeowners are not permitted to plant vegetation of any kind on Common Property.
All Common Property areas abutting two lots or more must be shared by all such abutting homeowners.  No action may be taken on these areas until approval has been granted by the Common Grounds and Forestry Committee.
Trees on public right of way (ten (10) feet in from curb) may not be topped per Berkeley Township ordinance.  Trees may only be removed by permit from Berkeley Township.  
Sec. 4. One shed (aka storage box) shall be permitted on a Homeowner’s lot with the written approval of the Architectural Control Committee.  Dimensions of the shed/storage box shall be optional but shall not exceed ten feet in width by eight feet in depth by eight feet in height (10’x8’x8’). The shed shall be free-standing and must be located (3) three feet from the back of house and (3) three feet from the side of the house (in accordance with Berkeley Township requirements) therefore not exceeding the footprint of the house. It shall not require footings but shall be anchored against wind movement or wind overturn. All sheds/storage boxes shall be constructed of treated wood or a resin material, and maintained so as not to create an eyesore in the Community.  Prior to installation, approval must be obtained from the Architectural Control Committee and a permit and approval obtained from the appropriate departments of Berkeley Township.  Also, once shed/storage box is installed the Architectural Control Committee must be notified so that the shed/storage box can be inspected to ensure that proper installation and size were adhered to.  
Sec. 5. No trailer, trailer truck, van, home trailer, mobile home, boat, commercial vehicle, atv, or jet ski shall be parked within the confines of a Homeowner’s property, between Homeowners’ properties, or on Common Property.  The van restriction does not apply to a personal use van that can be housed in the Homeowner’s garage or driveway. All vehicles must be parked within the designated driveway area.  No vehicle will be permitted to park on the grass or stone area adjacent to the Homeowner’s driveway. If visitors are staying overnight and have a restricted vehicle as herein described, the Homeowner is directed to obtain permission from the Association to park in the Clubhouse parking lot, with the understanding that the Homeowners Association is exempt from liability. No vehicle of any type, ie., motorcycles, jet skis, atv’s, etc. shall be housed in sheds.
Sec. 6. Driveways or any other property associated with the homeowner’s property will not be used for any type of storage.  This includes appliances, vehicles or parts, garbage and/or any other type of debris. 
Sec. 7. No fences of any kind are permitted on a Homeowner’s lot and no fenced in dog runs are permitted.  Notwithstanding the above, if approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee, prior to installation, the following will be permitted: 
(1). (a) Fences contiguous (attached) to 
rear yard decks or patios, are not to 
exceed four (4) feet in height, 
(b) are constructed of wood, vinyl or 
wrought iron, and 
(c) are approved by the appropriate 
Berkeley Township Departments, and
(2). Annually, from May 1st to November 1st, temporary fences, that do not exceed four (4) feet in height, and are located in the rear yard around plant and garden areas only.  The temporary fences shall not extend beyond the sides of the house and must be located at least three (3) feet from the rear property line. The temporary fence and any garden debris must be removed by November 1st.  No compost piles are permitted.  
Sec. 8. Satellite dishes, hot tubs, house generators must have the approval of the Architectural Control Committee prior to installation. After approval by the Architectural Control Committee, the homeowner must obtain appropriate permits and approval from Berkeley Township. After installation, the Architectural Control Committee must be notified so they can inspect to ensure that HOA guidelines were followed. 
Sec. 9. No Homeowner shall rent, lease or sublet his or her lot or living unit or otherwise allow another person to occupy the unit for a period of two (2) years from the date Homeowner acquires title to the lot/living unit. This restriction shall not apply to the executor/executrix or administrator/administratix of the Homeowner’s estate if the estate is the sole owner of the lot/living unit.  
Sec. 10. Patios or decks must not exceed the footprint of the house and must be fourteen feet from the Common Property line. If a Homeowner wishes to install or expand a patio or deck they must submit to the Architectural Control Committee of the Association a survey with a sketched drawing of the placement and measurements of said improvement, and a list of the materials being used. The Homeowner must also obtain appropriate Berkeley Township permits. If cement or pavers are being used the Homeowner must submit to the association written approval by Berkeley Township Building and Construction and a signed, notarized statement showing that drainage is in compliance with the Berkeley Township Building and Construction code. 
Sec. 11. No swimming pool, free standing building, wall or other structure, with the exception of the shed/storage box, as outlined above, shall be permitted. No exterior addition, attachment, change, or alteration shall be made until the plans and specifications showing all details of same with the plot survey are submitted to and approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee and the Berkeley Township construction departments including, but not limited to, zoning, building, and electrical, as they apply.
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