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Apr 2019

Homeowners Meeting - February 11, 2019

Call to Order:  President Pelonero called the meeting to order at 2:33 PM.   The meeting is being held in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, 11th Edition, and the SRPW Governing Documents and is being recorded. 
Pledge of Allegiance was led by President Pelonero.
Opening Prayer was led by Jack Easson.
Roll Call of Officers and Trustees:  Rita Palacios, Lorraine Barbalinardo and Bernie Ernst were excused; all other Officers and Trustees were present.  
Correspondence:  None
President Pelonero introduced guest speaker Eric Zanetti, Tax Assessor of Berkeley Township.
Mr. Zanetti answered many questions from the audience and invited homeowners to visit his office to discuss their concerns. Added assessments are made by the Tax Department of the township for improvements made to your home October 1 through September 30 of a given year (usually a year in the future).  Homeowners see this when homes are purchased, for example, for $100,000, are renovated either partially or completely and then sold for $200,000.  Some improvements do not necessarily add value to your property such as replacing a roof or windows over a methodical replacement basis. Everything is predicated on market value.  Sometimes a previous homeowner received a tax deduction for a Veteran and a Senior Citizen; if that home is sold and the new homeowner is not a veteran and does not qualify for a senior citizen deduction, the reduction the old homeowner received will automatically be added back in. His office has also been working with some local realtors so they advise their clients accordingly when selling a completely renovated home. The Division of Consumer Affairs changed permit requirements in the beginning of 2018.  Also discussed were programs available by the State.  
Attendees:  Barbara Gannon reported that there were 45 homeowners in attendance at our February Quarterly Homeowners meeting.  We did not have a quorum.
Minutes of Preceding Meeting:  Minutes of the November 12, 2018 Quarterly Homeowners meeting were held over for approval at the Trustee meeting to follow since we did not have a quorum.  (The minutes were published in the January 2019 Sentinel.)
Treasurer’s Report: The 4th Quarter Report for 2018 was read by Treasurer Lorraine Romero.  Trustee Kathleen Cuttingham asked what Donation Income was; it represented a donation made by the Golf Club to the Association.  Trustee Elizabeth Wismann asked about the Clubhouse expenses; this represents three months and includes painting of the clubhouse, the draperies as well as maintenance items. There being no questions, the report was accepted as read and will be filed in the library.  The report will be printed in next month’s Sentinel.
Trustee Jim Egan recommended that we move on to the Trustee meeting since we didn’t have a quorum for this meeting and we would be duplicating the items for discussion.   President Pelonero indicated we would go right into the Trustee meeting after we completed the Homeowners meeting and would not be duplicating discussion of the same items.
Committee Reports:
Architectural Control: Since John was not here, Mike reported that he had given approval for solar panels for two homes and another to cover up a back room.  Everyone is reminded that they need to get approval from the Clubhouse on any work on the exterior of their home before work begins.
Common Grounds and Forestry:  We cleaned up some branches and took care of a dead tree. Not much happening here.
By-laws:  Mike spoke to the attorney this morning and will be receiving the new by-laws and covenants today. After our review of the revisions, they will be mailed to the homeowners. The intention is to then have two meetings, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, with the attorney present to answer any questions homeowners may have before we put them out for a vote. 
Codes:  Nothing reported.
Recreation:  Paula Dannucci reported that the Food Bank BINGO was held on January 27, 2019 and they were able to build up the food pantry for our Food Bank. It would have been nice if more people came out to support the Food Bank. On March 2, 20919, we will be having a dance with music by “Wild Rose”.  On June 12, 2019, a trip to Hunterdon Hills Playhouse is planned to see “Over the River and Through the Woods” play, which is a comedy.  We leave the Clubhouse about 9 AM for a 1 ½ hour bus ride, have a wonderful lunch, chose from a roomful of fabulous desserts and see the play. The cost for this $107/pp.
Trustee Reports:
Section 2: Joe reported that everything was okay; no calls.
Section 3:  Kathleen received one call from a resident who did not receive her schedule regarding garbage and recycling; she printed one off the web site and delivered it.
Section 4:  Jim had a call about someone’s recycling being all over the street that was taken care of.
Section 5:  All quiet.
Section 6:  Everything is okay.
Section 7:  Mary reported getting a call from a good neighbor on Westbrook about a house in foreclosure having a broken water pipe.  Mary called the office and then Suez Water, who came within the hour and turned off the water.
Section 8:  Everything is good.
Section 9:  Everything ok.
Section 10:  No calls.
Section 11:  Elizabeth received two calls; one who asked for her to return the call but failed to leave a name or phone number.  The other call was from a new homeowner who complained about the speeding traffic on Whitmore and I referred her to the Police Department.  She also had a question about a trustee that she thought was on common ground.  John went to look at it but the tree is on her property her responsibility as it is on her property.  Elizabeth also didn’t receive the schedule for trash or recycling and called the township; they mailed her one.
Unfinished Business:  For those who don’t know, the 2019 budget was approved on the second pass.  Mike thanked all those who participated in the voting for the budget.
Men’s Club:  Joe McCurnin reported that the “Elvis” show, sponsored by the Men’s Club, will be held on Sunday, March 31.  If anyone hasn’t gotten their ticket, they shouldn’t wait too long as ticket sales will have to be cut off soon.  A trip to Caesar’s in Atlantic City is being planned for April 9, cost of $25 with $25 back with a buffet on your own for $19.99.  Joe said the trip would be canceled if they do not have 37 people signed up.
Women’s Club:  Pat Chicarelli spoke about their upcoming activities; in March, the dancing Pampered Chef (he has appeared on Broadway) will be entertaining us, in April, lunch will be at the Ocean County Vocational School, in May, a Mother’s Day tea will be held at 600 Main and in June, a River Lady lunch and cruise.  For the Mother’s Day tea, we are asking those attending to decorate a bonnet/hat for which prizes will be awarded.  Tickets for all these meetings are available by contacting Denise. These activities are open to all Women’s Club members. We are working on a power packed next year’s schedule 
New Business: Our insurance is up for renewal.  We went out and got 3 proposals.  Our current insurance, Philadelphia, proposal was an increase of 3% or $878.00.  The second one was embarrassed to tell us; his proposal was $60,000 for the year.  Company three wanted to give us an increase of $4,000 over what we now pay for the next year.  These amounts include the cost for our Worker’s Compensation.  We will request a motion at the Board of Trustee meeting to follow to approve our insurance for the following year.
The Audit was completed of our Treasurer’s records and no problems were detected.  President Pelonero complimented Lorraine Romero on the good job she was doing.
Announcements:  The due date for the March Sentinel articles was Friday, February 8. No articles after to be accepted after that date.  “Call for Nomination” letter will be sent out on or about March 4.  Nominations will be open for President, Vice-President, Secretary and
Treasurer as well as odd-numbered (1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11) Trustees.  In order to nominate someone for Trustee, you must reside in the Section and nominate someone from your Section for Trustee.  Residents must be in good standing to participate in this process.  Robo call sign-up continues.  We also have a need for volunteers in several different areas.
We had two complaints about mail delivery of the Sentinel.  We believe they are distributed by the Post Office in batches so everyone does not necessarily receive them at the same time.  Someone said they received their Sentinel after an event that appeared in the Sentinel.  Perhaps we should include some of the articles a month prior to the event.  Those in charge of events should be reminded that it is their responsibility to submit articles on a timely basis.
Good & Welfare:  None
A request was made by President Pelonero to adjourn the Quarterly Homeowners meeting at 3:54 PM and we went right into the Board of Trustee meeting. 
Respectfully submitted,
Rita Palacios
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