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Aug 2022

From the Desk of The President - September 2022

Dear Neighbors,
We had 56 homes represented at the Homeowners’ Association Meeting on Monday, Aug. 8, 2022. I gave some updates about the proposed deer hunt, volunteers for common ground clean-up, and building maintenance. Trustees reported on their sections and various committees updated the community. The fence rule and regulation that was proposed at the Nov. 2021 HOA meeting was taken off the table and became a topic of discussion.
Here are some highlights from these topics:
Silver Ridge Park West is private property, so a deer hunt cannot occur without our permission. We have not given permission. What would need to occur prior to our community giving permission: Identify safe areas for tree stands on our community map. Present those areas and how the hunt will be conducted to the homeowners at a homeowners’ association meeting or a special meeting dedicated to this issue. 
Myself, our Treasurer, and three other members of our community have volunteered for common ground clean-up. We could use more help. Please call the office if you can help.
One major maintenance issue that has come to our attention is that two sections of the clubhouse sprinkler system will likely need to be replaced before the 2023 summer season. There are some plumbing issues for our outdoor spigots. We are in the process of creating requests for proposals for bids from engineering firms to have a building inspection done. The goal would be to create a capital plan for future maintenance of the clubhouse building based on the findings by the engineering company inspection. That capital plan will guide the budget process from year to year. 
The Architectural Control, Codes, and Common Grounds Committees are working together to update forms and processes. 
The Community Pool Committee advised that an engineering firm will provide some volunteer hours to gather records of any previous paperwork filed by our community for a community pool. It would be helpful to understand and know what happened in the past, to guide the current process.  
The proposed fence rule and regulation which was tabled at the November meeting was taken “off the table”.  In Robert’s Rules of Order “speak”, that means that that rule and regulation is now open to discussion. The August Sentinel contained the language of the rule and regulation proposed in November. The August Sentinel contained the language of proposed changes to that proposed rule and regulation. There was lively discussion about the height and location of fences. Some members asked to form a committee to look at the rule and regulation originally proposed in November, and the newer proposal. We are in the process of forming a committee. All homeowners are welcome to participate. If you would like to be part of the committee, call the office and we will add you to the list.
Happy end of summer!
Georgine Natelli (formerly Hynes), August 12, 2022
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