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Jul 2021

From the Desk of the President - July 2021

Your new slate of officers has been working steadily to learn the workings in the office and to streamline duties so we can be as efficient and effective as possible. Thank you for your patience as we learn the various duties required of us. Thank you to Mike for continuing to assist to ensure a smooth transition.
We have two primary goals. One is to reopen safely. The other, is to make sure everyone feels welcome to volunteer and participate in our community. We hope you will come to our association meetings, so we can get to know you, and you can get to know us.
One of the things that was very obvious to me in my corner of this community is that neighbors help each other. During the multiple snow storms we had this past winter, I noticed neighbors snow plowing and shovelling sidewalks and driveways for people who were unable to get out to do it themselves. That is a wonderful example of community and I am sure there are many more examples. Thank you to the good neighbors who knock on a neighbor's door when they have a concern. Thank you to the good neighbors who offer to assist.
We do not have a definite date for reopening yet. We are hoping that the indemnity law passes so that the Homeowners Association is protected from COVID related lawsuits. Call your assembly person and Governor Murphy's office to support the indemnity bill. If you have not signed up for Robo Call, please complete the form in the Sentinel and place it in our mail slot at the clubhouse. We will use Robo Call to inform you of important information in between Sentinel Publications.
This message is for Sections 1 and 3: Currently you do not have a trustee for your sections. If you have an interest in serving as trustee for your section and are a member in good standing, please call the clubhouse to talk with us. Just because you call, doesn't mean you are locked in to running for a position. Currently, the board represents your sections, but we are sure you would rather have one of your immediate neighbors directly involved.
Because we are a community, we hope that you reach out to the Trustee of your section, first, then the office, if you need assistance. Also, please avail yourself of the services provided by Ocean County Senior Services. Contact information is in this week's Sentinel.
I try to be upbeat and positive in my approach to this volunteer position and life in general. So far everyone I have come in contact with through the association has approached me with that same attitude. I thank you.
Georgine Hynes, June 18, 2021
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