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Jul 2019

From the Desk of the President - July 2019

ATTENTION: FRIDAY STOUT BUS RIDERS – Please call the office to verify that you use our Stout bus service on Fridays. We want to make sure that your address is given to the bus company so that the drivers will know exactly where to pick you up.
Don’t forget – 3RD QUARTER DUES WILL BE DUE THE beginning OF THE QUARTER in July.
When a homeowner has a concern, please call your Trustee with that concern.  They are here to assist you with those concerns and then they will report that  concern to the office if they cannot get the concern resolved.
The Recreation Committee reported that the Huntington Hills Playhouse trip was a huge success.  
Congratulations to the committee!
The Recreation Committee is having a free social evening in the back of the clubhouse on Saturday, September 14, 2019. The event is free to residents;  no guests.  If you would like to attend, please call Paula at 732-736-1501 or e-mail Sue Fletcher at Hot dogs and hamburgers will be served. You can also bring a pot luck dish to share if you wish.
We have become aware that some people are trimming branches and shrubs and disposing of the same onto common property.  This is costing the Association a lot of money to clean up.  Just remember – this is your dues that are paying for these homeowners.
Finally, we are getting reports, anonymous of course, of small children living in houses.  This is a clear violation of our Covenants and Restrictions; if they would put their name to these reports, the Association could then go ahead and get the problem corrected.
If anyone is interested in volunteering to serve as Secretary for the Association, please call the office at 732-244-1484. 
Have an enjoyable 4th of July!
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