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Dec 2022

From the Desk of the President - January 2023

Dear Neighbors,
I hope this holiday season finds you happy and healthy. The decorating committee did a wonderful job bringing the holiday spirit to the Clubhouse inside and outside. Thank you to the homeowners who have donated, over the years, the various decorations that liven up our clubhouse property. 
The community, itself, is meeting the holiday with lively spirit. As we drive or walk along our community streets we can enjoy and marvel at the imagination displayed by our neighbors’ holiday arrangements.
The Board of Trustees meeting on Dec. 12, 2022 at 6 pm garnered some attendance by homeowners. Please come out for the Board of Trustees’ Meetings where you can learn firsthand about the items that concern your community and you can share your concerns with the Board. The next meeting is January 9th at 6 pm. 
The main hall flooring installation is scheduled to happen before the New Year. We will let you know when the installation is complete so you can visit and admire the new floor. 
Some important issues that the board discussed last evening:
The Board of Trustees voted to raise the transfer fee on the purchase of homes in our community effective January 1, 2023. We raised our fee to be on par with the fees charged in the other communities. This is one way we can add funds to our coffers without taking the money out of the pockets of our members. We will be looking for similar money raising opportunities.
We have asked our Board of Trustees to take a more active role communicating between the 100 or so homeowners in each of their sections and the office. It is very difficult for one or two volunteers in the office to manage all 1,146 homes. So, if you see that your trustee has become more visible and stops by to introduce himself of herself, that is a good thing and we hope you respond in kind. Remember, your trustee represents you and can champion your needs and wants at board meetings. Seize that opportunity.
The Health and Welfare Committee, besides scheduling helpful programs for our community, will also be responsible for contacting the office for emergency opening of the building in case of power outages, hurricane, or similar disaster in our community. We, of course, hope that the need does not arise, but feel secure that the Health and Welfare Committee has a program to assist. 
From my home to yours, peace, love, health to you and all the people you call your own.
Yours truly, Georgine Natelli, President  
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