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Nov 2022

From the Desk of the President - December 2022

Dear Neighbors,
Thank you to all members who attended the November 14th meeting. Whether we agree or disagree, your input is invaluable. 
Our HOA attorney, Mary Barrett, Stark and Stark, spoke about the voting requirements in our governing documents. She explained that, pursuant to the architectural control provisions in those documents, the Board of Trustees has the authority to approve rules and regulations. Your board of trustees, on November 14th, affirmed the rules and regulations that were passed in November, 2021 and in May, 2022 by the Homeowners with some minor changes. They also voted to pass rules and regulations regarding fences. Those rules and regulations are reproduced in their entirety in this issue. Please remove and retain the page containing these rules and regulations for your reference. 
Please remember that any exterior work on your home or property must be approved by architectural control. In order to ensure that your exterior improvements are not challenged by a codes officer in the future, you need to have proof that architectural control reviewed your project and approved it. Otherwise, you may be subject to fines. You definitely want to have the appropriate paperwork in your files. 
These rules and regulations are intended as guidance for you and for our volunteers who conduct architectural control reviews and codes reviews. It is our goal to ensure fairness to all homeowners. Please also be aware that the trustee of your section cannot approve any exterior construction on your house or your exterior property. I repeat, please make sure that you go through the architectural control process. 
Our attorney also indicated that she was unsure why we conducted quarterly homeowners’ meetings, as homeowners’ meetings only occur when homeowners vote. Our governing documents provide for homeowner voting for elections, so our annual meeting would be considered a Homeowners' meeting.   In view of that advice, the Board of Trustees voted to meet in open session every month at 6 pm. That means that the December 12th, January 9th, February 13th, March 13th, and April 10th meetings will be open session board meetings and they will occur at 6 pm. At these meetings, our hope is to invite homeowner input on issues that we will put to a Board of Trustees vote.
I wish you peace and health this Thanksgiving season.
Yours truly, Georgine Natelli, November 15, 2022