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Aug 2021

From the Desk of the President - August 2021

Dear Neighbors,
We plan to reopen our clubhouse on Monday, August 16th. Hours of operation will change to accommodate one hour of cleaning and disinfecting by the custodians at the start of each day. Therefore, the clubhouse will open at 10:00 am, instead of 9:00 am. For confirmation of reopening, we will send out a Robo Call and scroll our confirmation on the front sign. For the foreseeable future, to keep our members safe, the clubhouse will be open to residents‘ activities only. We will not be opening up to the public at large at this time.
The main entrance will be unlocked during operating hours. You can access other areas of the clubhouse through the main entrance. If you have a special need to enter through the downstairs, please sign in at the main entrance and ask the custodian to open the downstairs door for you. You will be asked to sign in – your name, address, best phone number, date, time in, time out. Why? In order so that we can contact you of possible exposure in the event that someone reports a COVID illness.
Over the next couple of weeks, we will finalize and implement our Covid Reopening Plan guided by CDC, State of New Jersey, and Ocean County Board of Health Requirements. The Covid Reopening Plan covers our responsibilities as your Board, our custodians' responsibilities, and your responsibilities as Members. On page 6, I have summarized important points of our COVID Reopening Plan. The full plan will scroll on our TV Monitors when we reopen. We will also provide paper copies of the plan in various places in the clubhouse. Please take the time to inform yourself. Signage will remind you of symptoms of illness and various safety precautions.
As you are undoubtedly aware, Governor Murphy signed into law the bill that gives liability protection to our HOA from Covid related lawsuits. This protection currently expires on Jan. 1, 2022. This law requires that we post the following language: "Any person entering the premises waives all civil liability against the planned real estate development for damages arising from, or related to, an exposure to, or transmission of, Covid-19 on the premises, except for acts or omissions constituting a crime, actual fraud, actual malice, gross negligence, recklessness, or willful misconduct." We will be meeting with other Homeowners Associations who have the same concerns about the expiration of the bill in Jan. 2022. We will keep you posted as to what the plan will be for the new year. But, right now, let's enjoy the next few months of socializing with our neighbors.
Because we plan to reopen on Monday, August 16th, the Homeowners Association Meeting scheduled for August 9th is cancelled.
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