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Mar 2022

From the Desk of the President - April 2022

Dear Neighbors,
Welcome back! Happy Spring! It has been a lonely winter without our line dancing friends, women’s club meetings, card and shuffleboard players, and those of you who pop in just to say, “hi”, or ask for help. 
With our happy spring, comes sad news. Our Treasurer, Susan, has stepped down from her position for personal reasons. We are sorry to see her go. We miss her cheery disposition and electric personality. I personally miss the so, so many ways she assisted me, not only with Treasurer jobs, but other tasks. We miss you, Sue. Whenever you are ready, we hope to have you back.
You will see that, in this issue, there is a nomination form for the Treasurer position. This position will be a one year position from June 2022 through May 31, 2023.  We are following the same election procedure for the Treasurer position as we followed for the Trustee positions, except that, due to the election deadlines, the election for Treasurer will be one month behind the trustee elections. If you have an accounting or bookkeeping background, or are good with numbers, please consider nominating yourself for this position.
In this issue, you will see the sample ballots for voting for each of the trustee positions. You will receive your ballot in the mail. Please make sure to vote by the deadline.
There is no indication that the legislature will take action on the immunity bill. Many of you have contacted members of the Board and asked that we reopen without the immunity bill. We heard you and we have. We are following our COVID plan instituted in August. Please review the plan. You can find it in binders located by the upstairs kitchen and the downstairs entrance. 
Please remember, if you feel sick, do not come to the Clubhouse or Clubhouse events. If you have bought a ticket to an event and feel you cannot attend because of sickness, please contact the event planners for a refund.
Take a look at the Courts as you drive around the community. Trimmed trees have enhanced the beauty of the community and have eliminated extensive clean-up after windstorms. We hope each year to work on various areas of the common grounds to be proactive with our maintenance.  As we move our way through the common grounds, there should be less chance of downed trees or extensive branch clean-up.
Georgine Hynes, President, March 17, 2022