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Aug 2022

Editor's Note - September 2022

We have lost another member of our Silver Ridge Park West family. We lost Hugh Curtis, who just retired from his position as Architectural Control Specialist. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
* * * * *
Oh no! It’s September. Where did the summer go? No need to fret. The best is yet to come. This is our time of the year… local summer. Now we get to enjoy all that’s out there. The ocean temperature is at its warmest, the beaches are no longer packed during the week, and we have our choice of where we want to each lunch without having to wait. This is the time of year that I love the best. The way our summers have been going, I’m hoping like last September, we are able to enjoy the beaches throughout the month. 
Please mark your calendar for our September 17th Flea Market. There’s going to be a wide variety of vendors and Umberto, from Zi Marie’s (in the mini-mall) will be on hand selling his secret family recipe pizzas and specialty dishes. 
Remember to check the Calendar for upcoming events this month. We have a lot going on and there is certainly something for everyone to enjoy.
The deadline to send me your information is September 16th for the October issue. If you’re having an event, please contact Vicki Kohanek to take pictures. Vicki has been a wonderful addition to the Sentinel. You can now enjoy your event and not worry about taking photos. Also, please let me know when you’re having an upcoming event so I can add it to the monthly calendar. 
Hope you all enjoy this Labor Day Weekend. And as always, take a few minutes to check on your neighbor.
Karen Cino