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Nov 2022

Editor's Note - November 2022

Happy Thanksgiving! I can’t believe how fast the time is going. I feel like in a blink of an eye my summer shoes went onto the top shelf in my closet, and out came the boots. Boots! When I think about the winter, I think of hot chocolate garnished with tiny marshmallows and family.
Did you know that Thanksgiving is one of the most traveled day of the year right behind Mother’s Day? Spending time with love ones is one of the perks.  Some of us are lucky to have families to share the season with. It is usually a month of preparation; cooking and gearing up to take out our favorite holiday decorations. Enjoy this time with family and friends. Feel free to share your favorite family recipe with us. Possibly even send that recipe with a picture of the finished goods. (I always love trying a new recipe, especially a desert.) Whatever you do this Thanksgiving, relish the time you spend with your family and friends. 
An important reminder. Application for the Anchor Benefit Program, formally known as Homestead is due by December 30st. It has come to my attention a lot of seniors have not received their application. If you have not received yours, you can apply online at: 
If you need help filing contact senior services at: 732-929-2091. 
Also, don’t forget to fill out the application for the $250 Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons property tax deduction. The application is available online at: You can also contact senior services at: 732-929-2091.
Senior Services is a great organization that can answer your questions and help you fill out applications. Did you know that if you’re a renter you could apply for the Anchor Benefit Program too? Don’t hesitate to call them. 
I’m still working on getting new information out there for you. If there is something in particular you would like to see in upcoming issues, send your suggestions to [email protected]. The deadline to send me your news is November 11th for the December issue. If you’re having an event, please contact Vicki Kohanek to take pictures. Also don’t forget to send me your flyers so it can be included in the Sentinel as well a Community Connections Newspaper.
Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving. And as always, take a few minutes to check on your neighbor. A slice of pie and a simple hello can make a world of difference in their life.
Karen Cino