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Mar 2022

Editor's Note - April 2022

Spring is here. And the clubhouse is open. We made it through the winter and the spring is going to hold many great activities and events. 
I am back to doing my daily walking and I was thrilled to see neighbors outside speaking to each other and people sitting on their porches/stoops, waving and saying hello as I walk by. It’s such a wonderful feeling seeing people out and about socializing and enjoying the awesome weather we were blessed with this month.
The deadline to send me your information is April 18th for the May issue. Now that the clubhouse is open, and activities are back to normal, send me your flyers and pictures. 
Easter is this month, which is usually a month of cooking and visiting families. Send me a recipe and a picture of your special Easter entrée or dessert. Or maybe you’re coloring eggs to brighten up your kitchen table. I’d love to see them too. 
When my kids were in school they learned how the butterfly is one of the most important symbols of the life of Christ. The first stage is the caterpillar, which stand for Christ’s life on earth. His death and burial is the cocoon stage. The butterfly is the final stage in Christ’s resurrection from the dead.  So keeping with the Easter traditions, spread the love, bring a dessert and check on your neighbor. 
All correspondences are to be sent in a word document and pictures sent as a jpg. If you don’t have a word program, then type your information in an email and send it to me at: [email protected]
Karen Cino
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