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May 2019

Board of Trustees Meeting - March 11, 2019

Call to Order:  President Michael Pelonero called the meeting to order at 2:32 PM.  The meeting was held in accordance with the SRPW Governing Documents and Roberts Rules of Order, 11th Edition, and was recorded.
Pledge of Allegiance:  Was led by President Michael Pelonero.
Opening Prayer:  Was led by Jack Easson.
Roll Call of Officers and Trustees:  Mary Nye and Bernie Ernst were excused.  All other Officers and Trustees were present.
Correspondence:  We received requests for donations from the Berkeley Township Emergency Response Team – Hazardous Response Unit and the Holiday City – Berkeley Volunteer First-Aid Squad.  Jack Easson made a motion to donate to the first-aid squad which was seconded by Elizabeth Wismann.  Joe McCurnin then made a motion to donate $50, seconded by Rosemary Bahooshian, to the first-aid squad.  All were in favor; motion carried.  Due to budget constraints, we would not be able to donate to the Hazardous Response at this time.
Minutes of Preceding Meeting:  February 11, 2019 Board of Trustee Meeting minutes:  Requested a motion to approve the February 11, 2019 Board of Trustee Meeting minutes as presented. Motion was made by Elizabeth Wismann to accept the minutes as presented and seconded by Lore Hultz. All were in favor; motion carried.  
Treasurer’s Report:  February 2019 Monthly Cash Disbursements/Cash Receipts Report was read by Lorraine Romero; she then read the balances of the bank accounts.  Lorraine Barbalinardo had a question about the lease for the solar panels; Mike again explained how the charges were computed and reminded us that we have previously discussed this.  Lorraine Romero also stated that she could give her a report with the solar and electric bill charges for the last few years if she wished.  Lorraine Barbalinardo also questioned the charges for licenses and fees; Lorraine Romero explained that this was for the fire department to come in and inspect us.  We must get the license from the state before Berkeley can come in to do their inspection.  Lorraine Barbalinardo also commented about the negative figure at the end of the month; dues income for the 1st quarter was down this year and there are many homeowners’ still outstanding from last year. Lorraine Barbalinardo asked for an explanation of the monies in the bank accounts.  Lorraine Romero explained that the funds in the R&R account were to be used for improvements that were contained in the budget, such as for to finish the sidewalk repairs, the roofs and other improvements in the back of the clubhouse.  Interest over $250,000 will be taken out of this account and placed in the operating accounting.  FDIC only insures up to $250,000.  The other account is for dues; $15,000 is taken out of this account every month so we can pay our bills.  There being no other questions, the Treasurer’s Report will be filed in the library and printed in next month’s Sentinel.
Trustee Reports:
Section 1:   Lorraine reported that there are four houses now for sale. She also spoke of a situation where someone is in need of assistance for whom help is being sought. 
Section 2:   Joe reported that everything is good.  
Section 3:  Kathleen received a phone call about branches down, which has been taken care of.  
Section 4:  Jim Egan had a call about a few sheds and a high wall that he has to check out.  
Section 5:  Harry reported that all is quiet.
Section 6:  Carol had a call about someone putting out furniture and trash on a Saturday because the grandchildren could only help that day but it was gone by Wednesday.
Section 8:  All is quiet.
Section 9:  All is quiet.
Section 10:  All is quiet here also.  As a follow-up to Lorraine’s situation, Jack reported that he received a call from someone at a Crisis Center who asked to meet him at that house.  When he got there, he returned the house keys to the homeowner, which was witnessed by a police officer from Berkeley.
Section 11:  Elizabeth received two calls about branches in common ground on Bassett and Whitman; John was called and they were taken care of.  Also had a call about the size of the sheds.  Also, someone called to say they did not receive the Sentinel.
Committee Reports:
Architectural Control:   John was not here but there has been nothing.
By-Laws:  The attorney sent us the completed drafts of the Covenants and Restrictions and the By-laws.  The By-law Committee met last week and will met again next week to complete their review of the draft and then will proceed with review of the Covenants and Restrictions.  Corrections will be forwarded to the attorney again for his review.  It could easily be another month before the final draft will be ready for printing and distribution.  
Codes:  No issues.
Common Grounds and Forestry:  We have spent quite a bit already on trees.  We had a large branch fall on a house, which was taken care of.  We had another call today about a tree leaning towards a house that was being checked out.  There have been other numerous calls regarding branches.
Recreation:  Paula Dannuci had their dance on March 2, 2019 with “Wild Rose” and those that attended had a good time.  Paula also spoke about the trip to Hunterdon Hills Playhouse on June 12, 2019 at a cost of $107.  Included in this price is your ticket to the show (Over the River and Through the Woods), lunch, dessert and your transportation there. We still need a few more people for this and ask that we be contacted if you would like to attend this event.  Joe McCurnin asked that people come out and support all events here.
Unfinished Business:  By-laws are almost finished and will be our priority with our attorney.  
Our bus service is provided by Stout’s; they gave us a new contract, which was $15,000/year more than what we currently pay and was not budgeted for.  We also discussed this situation with the other communities and renegotiated, getting the price down $2,000.  We then said what it would be for one trip for the Friday schedule to all the places and the price came up to $15,300.  The choices are to the Manchester Shop-Rite or to the Shop-Rite on Route 37. Since there are a variety of stores in Manchester perhaps they would rather go there instead of the Shop-Rite on 37. There are no competitors; Stout’s bought out CV Transport and are the only game in town.  Some communities have gone to once a week and others have gone to every other week.  A discussion ensued about the number of people who use this service as well as the cost involved, the frequency of the service and the schedule.  A motion was made by Jim Egan to continue to provide the bus service once a week for the Friday schedule that was seconded by Joe McCurnin. All were in favor of providing the bus service once a week; motion carried. 
New Business:  
Due to lack of leadership and due to lack of participation and liability, we would like to continue with the mailing of The Sentinel.  Rosemary Bahooshian made a motion to continue the mailing of The Sentinel; Carol Scherm seconded the motion.  All were in favor; motion carried.  The Sentinel will continue to be mailed.
Call for Nominations for Officers and Odd numbered trustees were sent out to all homeowners and are due back by 12 Noon on Monday, March 18, 2019.
  • Articles for the Sentinel were due Friday, March 8, and not March 18 as incorrectly listed in the March Sentinel.
  • On Monday, March 25, 2019, at 6:30 PM we will be holding a Candidate Night, where we ask   that candidate introduce themselves and give a brief synopsis of their background.  Last year some residents commented that they didn’t know who was running for office and would have liked to at least put a name with a face,
  • Sign up for Robo calls to receive important messages from the Clubhouse; sign-up forms are in The Sentinel.  –
  • We still are in need of volunteers, not only to help in the Office but for many other committees, and asked that anyone interested to contact the office.  Mike did say that he received two calls this past week for volunteering to help in the office.
Good & Welfare: 
A homeowner asked about the charges that were incurred for snow.  Mike pointed out that there were several times when it was necessary to have the sidewalks and parking lots salted due to icy areas as a result of overnight precipitation and/or predictions for bad weather. 
Maria Easson reminded us that she is the “Sunshine Lady” and should be called if someone is ill or hospitalized.  If people notify us in the office, we do call Maria but we do not always know.  Mike then told us about finding out that Ralph Manger passed away after the fact.
Another homeowner asked about Stout’s bus service possibly going to more than one community; we tried to do this but it won’t be possible.  Another question was asked about the time frame of the attorney bills.  These bills were for the work he completed for us that month and depends on what he is working on; the by-laws has been a big job and he does get monies owed for dues that would otherwise not be collected.  Plus, it is not just the attorney charges but can also represent the time other law firm employees spend on our issues.
A discussion occurred about the bus schedule, its timing, preference of days, and those who enjoy just getting out for the day, owning our own bus, etc.  We didn’t want to change this service for our citizens but we really have no choice.  We already discussed and voted on this.  By the way, due to our negotiations with them, we get a mystery trip to go some where.
Carol Scherm stated that she made a statement at last month’s meeting that came across very poorly and she was unable to finish.  Carol then apologized to those that were at the meeting   and the person it was concerning; she did not mean at all that it was not appreciated at all or to give him extra work. She did volunteer to do the Christmas lights for next year.
President Pelonero requested a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Rosemary Bahooshian made a motion to adjourn; Harry Walker seconded the motion.  All in favor; motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:35 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Rita Palacios, Secretary
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