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Mixed Bowling League



Results - Week 23 through Week 27
(March 2, 2016)

It is a very close season with only 6 weeks left to bowl. The difference among the first 6 places is only 6 points, which means almost any of the teams can finish ont op. It is an exciting season!

Men's High Scores


Of the women, Dolores Egnatuk bowled a 506 series and Stella Tumino did a 210 game. Special mention to Jeanette Pepiton who bowled a 179 which is greater than 70 pins over her average. And kudos to Jean Drozdik and Dee Collazo who both did 50 pins over average games.

Submitted by Irene Plitz (League Secretary)




Results - Week 18 through Week 23
(February 3, 2016)


The weather cooperated! We did not miss a week of bowling due to snow, hooray! The teams are working hard to make good scores becasue the distance between the top 5 scores are really close, anyone can take over the lead. Here are the high scores for the past month.



For the women, over this six week period we have Irene Plitz with a 178, and Tina Creeden scored a 175.

And special mention to Larry Orbe who bowled a 50 pins over average game.


Submitted by Irene Plitz, League Secretary



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