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Aug 2021

Trustees' Corner - September 2021

Rich Bohan:
I hope this message finds everyone well now that we are getting ready for a beautiful Fall season. I must share with you how truly impressed I am with our Trustees, and I grow more grateful every day for the consistent hard work and dedication of these people. The enthusiasm and interest shown only increases my belief that this will be a very successful year. Even though the Trustees and I may guide the way, we will need all homeowners 
to share in our endeavors. In the upcoming months, you will be called upon to help at events, socials, etc., and I am sure you will respond positively. All of us working together will result in great achievements coming our way. My job as a Trustee will be Event Planning, and our first event will be HCS New Homeowners “Meet and Greet” for new residents who moved into our community between April 2019 & January 2020. This is by invitation only! 
Following that, there will be a Thanksgiving Day Dinner, a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, and a New Year’s Eve Party. God Bless.
Debbie Fazio:
Hello Neighbors and Friends! September is upon us, and we will be moving into fall, hopefully, at a real slow pace since I’m a summer lover! This year, as a Trustee I’m working closely as the Senior Bus Advisor, Library Volunteer Coordinator, as well as part of the Code Review Team, and monitor of Disinfecting/CDC Regulations. There are no mask mandates at this time, but please be aware that it’s highly advisable for people to wear a mask when indoors and around small crowds even if you have been vaccinated. On a personal note, IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN VACCINATED, BE HONEST AND PLEASE, PLEASE, WEAR A FACE COVERING WHETHER INDOORS OR OUTSIDE. We all deserve to be safe and protected and we certainly do not want to see another lockdown begin to happen.
Check out our monthly Southwind calendar for some fun and interesting days which will be coming up this month. Celebrate whenever you can! As always, I’m looking forward to hearing from any resident who has something to share. Reach out whenever you feel the need, even if just to say hi! UNTIL NEXT MONTH – BE HONEST-STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY.
George Mason:
Hello all! Well, the hot weather is finally here, and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Our pool is up and running and there for everyone’s enjoyment. Both indoor and outdoor activities are in play. A list of activities can be found in this month’s Southwind. Enjoy the trips and other offerings by the various clubs.
John Fay:
As you can see, the pool has been cleaned up thanks to the persistence of your trustees. I would like to thank the volunteers who helped clean around the top of the pool where the tiles meet the water line. It's much cleaner. We do have a problem with the handrail going down into the water on the left-hand side of the large stairs, which will be corrected when the pool water is emptied. There is a rule in place about glass bottles and/or alcoholic beverages not being allowed in the pool area. Broken glass can cause severe injury to a person. If someone is drinking alcoholic beverages in the pool area, they will be banned from using the pool for the remainder of the pool season.
Our guards are back and are working from 5:00 pm until 11:00 pm. They will be around if you need assistance, particularly when you are leaving the buildings late at night.
If you have a complaint or need some questions answered (if I have the answers for it), please contact me at or call the office and leave your name and phone number and I will return your call.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Fran Hurley:
My first two months as Trustee have proven to be as interesting and challenging as I expected. It's been a pleasure working with the other members and I'm grateful for all the support and respect that is demonstrated between one another on a daily basis.
As Treasurer, I'm spending a lot of time reviewing the budget and getting caught up on the day-to-day responsibilities that the job entails. I'm also organizing our Neighborhood Watch group which will be up and running in the near future. Please add your name to our ever-growing list of members. The Women's Club and Election Committee are two more responsibilities that I'm looking forward to assisting with in any way I can. Have a healthy and safe Labor Day weekend!
Adrian Corrigan:
Well summer is over, and the cool fall air will be upon us and soon everyone will be looking for some indoor activities. We have the Men’s Club, Women’s Club, Social Club, and other indoor activities you can join. I would like to express my condolences to Debbie Signorile and family on the passing of her Mother. May she rest in peace. 
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