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Jan 2021

Trustee's Corner - January 2021

Adrian Corrigan:
Out with the old, in with the new!  
May the new year bless you with health, wealth, and happiness.
Debbie Fazio:
Here's hoping that 2021 brings us the answers to our prayers and puts an end to this pandemic and all its restrictions!  I'm writing this newsletter in the beginning of December for our January edition and praying that by the time you're reading it some of those prayers have been answered! Maybe the Vaccine???
Here are some dates you may be interested in:  
  • Jan 1st, National Hangover Day- New Year's Day. 
  • Jan 4th, National Spaghetti Day. 
  • Jan 8th, Bubble Bath Day. 
  • Jan 11th, Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day. 
  • Jan 18th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 
  • Jan 19th, National Popcorn Day. 
  • Jan 20th, Inauguration Day. 
  • Jan 21st, National Hugging Day. 
  • Jan 23rd, Measure Your Feet Day. 
  • Jan 25th, Opposite Day. 
  • Jan 26th, Spouse's Day. 
  • Jan 28th, Fun at Workday. 
  • Jan 31st, Backward Day/ National Hot Chocolate Day. 
Also, January is National Blood Donor Month and Bath Safety Month!
Please read the Neighborhood Watch page in the Southwind and consider joining our group. I know we can't meet yet but the more members we get the safer we'll hopefully feel. 
The Bus Route schedule is still available for you to view. Remember, it's a service to our residents and we hope more of you will take advantage of it. If you think it may be helpful to someone else in the neighborhood, please let them know.
Our mobile library is on hold for now. It's just too cold to pull those bookcases out!  Call the office or send me an email if you need some books during the winter weather. We will make every effort to get some to you, one way or another. Please do not come to the clubhouse and drop your books at the door. Hold on to them until we resume our mobile library again. Thank you.
The Women's Club says "HI" to all! They are hoping everyone enjoyed their holidays and received all that they wanted in celebration of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa! Please remember to continue to keep in touch with friends and family who are near and far, if only to say a quick hello! Maryann, Pat, and Alice wish you a Healthy and Safe 2021 and look forward to the day when we can all be together again!
Until Next Month- Stay Safe & Healthy
Gail Ziemski:
As we say goodbye to our Christmas & Hanukkah holidays, I surely hope my message to everyone brings some hope for a healthy and better new year. I think we all needed to say goodbye to 2020; we have seen enough, heard enough, and lost family or friends along the way due to COVID-19.
I want you to know that your Board has still been keeping busy. We are still working behind the scenes. We still have bills to pay, contracts to review and get bids on, updates, improvements and upkeep. We couldn’t do it without our maintenance employees Frank and Art. We truly don’t let them rest, and they are very much appreciated. Yes, unfortunately, we are still staying closed. Right now, I want to say a special ‘thank you” to our Men’s Club who paid for the Thanksgiving meals and delivered them personally to those who couldn’t attend our Thanksgiving dinner this year. Such a wonderful jester -giving back to our community. A special thanks to everyone who participated in the Decorating Contest during the Christmas/Hanukkah holiday season. Look for the winners’ names and pictures in next month’s issue of the Southwind. We are all keeping busy, although we’re not seeing you, our friends or neighbors like we all would like to. Until we all can be together safely again, we will remain closed. As always, our office staff is in to answer your calls and take your messages and pay the bills; they too are an important part of our community. 
Until next month I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year in 2021.
George Mason:
Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year!  May good health and prosperity be found by all in 2021. Our sincere hope is that forthcoming vaccine is the answer to all. That, along with good health practices, should be sufficient to stop COVID-19 with that, just maybe, we will be allowed to resume the life we took for granted. Stay well and stay safe.
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