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Sep 2020

Trees In the Community


Recently we have had several severe summer storms.  Many of us have had tree limbs and/or trees fall.  The rule of thumb regarding these fallen trees and/or tree limbs is simple.  If a tree or tree limbs that are in the common area fall in the common area, we leave the downed tree and/or tree limbs where they fall, unless they are creating a hazard.  If a tree or tree limbs from the common area fall onto a member’s property, the association will remove them.  If a tree and/or tree limb do damage to a member’s home, they will have to file through their homeowner’s insurance for damages, but the association will have the tree and/or tree limbs removed.  Also, if the downed tree and/or tree limbs from a tree are from one that stood on the members property or the township right of way, the homeowner has responsibility for any damage they may cause. This should clarify the association policy for downed trees and/or tree limbs.  If there are any questions related to this policy, please contact the office during business hours.

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