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May 2021

President's Message - May 2021

Last month I laid out the most recent expenses and relayed the financial wellbeing of the association.  Something this Board has worked hard to establish and that of which I am incredibly pleased.  We will continue to present these items quarterly in the Southwind, until we are back in session holding monthly homeowner’s meetings.  At that point, the items will be presented at the homeowner’s meetings and relayed in the minutes that are posted in the Southwind monthly. For those of you who have sat as Board members, you can understand the challenges involved in maintaining a facility of our size and staying withing the guidelines of a budget.  Not only has this Board accomplished this year after year for the past three years, but they have managed to stay way ahead of the plan set forth by the reserve study.  This is an accomplishment that has guaranteed the financial stability of our 
association for the foreseeable future.  There is still much work to be done, but a solid foundation has been established.
On March 29th, our Governor signed Executive Order 234, which incorporates many of his former executive orders, including their associated restrictions and requirements. This has placed age restricted homeowner’s associations such as ours in positions that make it financially and physically difficult to plan reopening. The associated expenses related to Executive Order 234 are cost prohibitive, even with the funds that we have budgeted for.  With that in mind and the desire to get our facilities open once again, our Board has joined forces with the other members of the Senior Coalition of Berkeley Township and the Mayor and Council of Berkeley Township to push our legislators to move on two bills that have been introduced in the Assembly and Senate.  These are bills S2695 and A4390.  These bills have been introduced to provide limited immunity for Senior Communities such as ours and sports leagues like Little League Baseball and similar youth sports activities.  Ultimately, if these bills are signed into law by the Governor, they will provide our Senior Communities the ability to open.  Many of you have already gotten on board and signed the petitions that have been circulated in support of these bills.  We as a community, our Coalition and the Mayor and Council support the signing of this legislation.  The Mayor and Council have provided additional support by providing a cover letter and a resolution signed by our Mayor to forward with our petitions to the powers that be in Trenton requesting they enact this legislation and have the Governor sign it into law.  I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support by our community and our sister associations.  We will be delivering petitions with thousands of signatures to our legislators and the Governor’s office shortly. The time has come to reopen our facilities and amenities for the mental health and wellbeing of our senior residents.  Let’s hope that our voices are heard. 
Very soon we will be approaching the month of June, which annually is the month when our association holds elections.  Each year the membership selects a specific number of candidates from those who wish to serve on the Board for terms up to three years.  This year there will be three seats available, each with a three-year term.  Each homeowner in our association will be receiving mail-in ballots in an envelope marked “Election”.  In that envelope there will also be a notice of a drawing that will take place the day of the ballot count (this is a new addition to the election day process).  The election day drawing is explained in detail on page 21 in this issue of the Southwind.  The voting will be conducted by mail in ballots or electronic voting (email of facsimile) which will be counted on election day by the law firm of Becker & Polikoff.  It should be noted that ballots cast electronically, as permitted under the Radburn Act, waive the individual’s right to confidentiality.  Becker & Polikoff will certify the ballot count and complete the election day drawing.  The official ballot count will be broadcast on Zoom for those members who wish to view the process.  The link to the Zoom platform that will provide access to view the ballot count on election day will be posted in the June issue of the Southwind.  It is especially important that each of you vote for the individuals who you feel have the best interest of the association and its members at heart.  Know your candidates, look at their track records and vote for those candidates that you feel can contribute to our association.  Remember, as in any election your vote is the only method that you as members have to elect a board that will work on behalf of the entire association.  So please take a moment and fill out your mail-in ballots, following the enclosed instructions, and mail them back or vote electronically by the deadline date.  Your vote can and will determine the direction and financial stability of our association.
I want to reach out and thank everyone at Holiday City South, especially Terry Waterhouse, our office manager and Doris Vilardo who organized the appointment list for the vaccine clinic on March 31st. Combined with the efforts of all the volunteers the clinic went off without a hitch. This was an extremely large effort that was also coordinated with the staff of Walmart Pharmacies who provided and administered the vaccines to over 500 residents that day. Our special appreciation goes out to Walmart Pharmacy Management who has promised to continue supplying and administering the vaccines to our senior residents as long as they can procure them.  For those who have not received the vaccine yet, we will be coordinating with Walmart Pharmacy Management and the Mayor and Council of Berkeley Township for future clinic dates.  We will continue to take the names of those who wish to receive the vaccine and will be announcing the dates of those future clinics as soon as we have them.  Also, our thanks go out to Mayor Amato and the Berkeley Police Department who have been positive assets in ensuring the success of this clinic program here at Holiday City South and in the Bayville area.  We are grateful for everyone who has assisted and 
continues to assist in this extremely important program.
I will end this month’s message with the following quote:  "Life is not a spectator sport. If you're going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion you're wasting your life." – Jackie Robinson.  Jackie Robinson in his very unique way stated that it’s important to get involved in matters of life, not just observe.  We can all just sit back, watch the events and listen to the complaints (or as in Jackie’s case listen to jeers from the stands), or we can all step up and play our part in the things that are important in our lives if we want them to matter.  Getting involved is not always easy, but it’s the only way to provide accomplishments with substance. 
Hopefully, we will see each other soon.  Until then please stay safe and healthy.
My best to everyone,
Mike Signorile
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