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Jan 2021

President's Message - January 2021

As we leave 2020 behind us, we can all look back and think – how did we manage to get through such trying times? This was by far the most unusual year of my life! The changes to our personal behaviors and daily routines were enormous, but necessary. The viewing on our TVs and devices were basically focused on sickness, death, riots and politics. It was difficult to find a little corner of reality that didn’t have some sort of catastrophe playing out.  At times, 2020 appeared not to provide any semblance of sanity that we were able to grab hold of. The only solace that I can take from last year was my family and I made it through physically unscathed, but somewhat mentally distressed. Personally, I am looking forward to 2021 with the hope the virus that set us all on our laurels will begin to remove itself from our lives, or at least become less deadly. For many of us, 2020 provided memories that most of us would like to leave in 2020. I am grateful for the assistance received from many of our residents and from the Board of Trustees that made the trudge through 2020 somewhat tolerable. Without everyone’s continued support and assistance, our ability to stay on track may have been more trying then it was.  For everyone whom I had the opportunity to interact with over the last year, I thank you all for making a potentially difficult situation palatable.
As many of us know, each year Larry Migliorsi (our resident Marine) dons his uniform and stands parade rest as residents deposit unwrapped toys into the “Toys for Tots” box during our annual Christmas event. This year, due to the pandemic, we did not have the honor of having Larry stand his post nor did we have our annual Christmas event.  Early in November, Larry contacted me and said the Marines were moving forward with the “Toys for Tots” annual program.  We put together a plan to have the “Toys for Tots” boxes placed under the canopy between buildings A & C from 8am to 1pm weekdays (from Monday November 9th to Friday December 11th). On December 11th Larry stopped by the clubhouse with a fellow Marine, Charles (Chuck) Swiers, and filled a pickup truck with 8 large plastic bags and two shopping bags stuffed with toys. On Saturday, December 12th, they took the toys to the Marine depot in Hazlet, NJ for distribution by the Marines.  I want to thank everyone who participated by dropping off unwrapped toys.  Also, a thank you to the maintenance staff who placed the collection boxes out in the morning and brought them in each day. A special thank you goes out to Larry and Chuck who ensured the toys found their way to the Marine Corp Reserve for distribution. There are many children who would have received nothing this Christmas had it not been for everyone’s generosity and the efforts of some very special people. What really makes it all worthwhile is the unseen smiles of the children who reaped the benefits of everyone’s efforts. Thank you all.
Looking forward to 2021, your Board will continue to work diligently ensuring that we make every attempt to maintain the activities and comfortable lifestyle we had all became accustomed to before the shutdown of 2020.  We hope that as we move toward with reopening, we can also inspire more members, and especially our new members, to actively stand with us and possibly provide ideas that will add to the Board’s efforts, affording us opportunities to grow in new directions.  The world has changed for all of us, but as I always say, we are a resilient bunch, and we will persevere.  When we all put our heads together, we can adapt to the new criteria we will have to live with and still provide a lifestyle that we can enjoy in our golden years.  The key is patience and persistence. I would like to leave off with that thought and wish everyone a Healthy, Happy New Year for 2021.
I’ll close this month’s message with the following quote: “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion!”
We know that by putting our best foot forward and taking positive action, we can create change for the better. I personally look forward to the day we can open our doors again and enjoy each other’s company.  Until then, stay safe and remain healthy. 
My best to everyone,
Mike Signorile
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