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Dec 2020

President's Message - December 2020

I’ll start this month’s message by expressing my hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.   Now that we are quickly approaching the Holiday Season and a New Year, we continue to struggle with the challenges created by this virus and the associated restrictions that continue making normal celebrations difficult.  We have all lived through this past year and its challenges.  Regulations have prohibited us from interacting as a community and in many cases have placed us in situations where we cannot see our families and loved ones.  My hope is this will pass soon, but reality doesn’t allow us to project a time when we will return to normalcy.  We can only hope and pray that the worst is behind us.
With that in mind, I would like to express my gratitude to an extraordinary group of individuals living in our community.  
Bill Holencsak, President of the Men’s Club, and a group of volunteers stepped up and offered to assist the Trustees with the annual Thanksgiving dinner.  Since the pandemic did not permit us to offer the Thanksgiving dinner to those who participate from year to year, Bill offered to research having meals prepared for those individuals.  The Trustees contacted the individuals who participated last year and created a list of those who wished to participate this year.  Bill and the volunteers from the Men’s Club were able to provide dinners for each of the members on the list, at “no cost.”  They provided a pickup point for those who were able to pick up the meals and for those who could not pick up, they made a delivery.  This sense of community and the effort displayed by the Men’s Club exemplifies that which makes Holiday City South the great community that it is.  Our thanks go out to Bill and the volunteers from the Men’s Club. Your actions made a group of our members incredibly happy during an incredibly stressful time.   
I should also mention that funding for this giveback to the community was from an idea that Bill came up with and followed through on several years ago – the Men’s Club Annual Car Show.  Even though we are all shut in with this pandemic, Bill has advised me that he is working on a bigger and better car show this year.  So, let’s all keep our eyes and ears open and when it’s announced, plan on showing our full support.   
Just a reminder, the Ocean County Health Department will be administering their annual flu shot and vaccination program on Thursday, 12/3, in our clubhouse auditorium. They have provided the necessary insurance to indemnify the association and will be sanitizing the auditorium before, during and after the program. The Health Department will be taking appointments and will also be accepting walk-ins for those residents who wish to participate in the flu shot/vaccine program. Please see the information provided on page 11 of this month’s issue.  It is my understanding this service is provided at no cost to those who participate. The director of the Ocean County Health Department asks that those who do participate and have Medicare, provide their Medicare information.  They advised it will be used to offset some of the cost for the flu shots and vaccines.  If you have not had your flu shot or vaccines this year, take advantage of this program.  It is important that as we all get older, we participate and protect our health and the health of our loved ones.  The Ocean County Health Department has also advised that as soon as the COVID-19 vaccine becomes available they will be offering it to everyone in Ocean County.  We will keep everyone apprised as we get more information and will work with them to make it convenient for our seniors to obtain.
The members of the Holiday City/Silver Ridge Coalition have decided to create a committee that will investigate and keep us up to speed on CDC regulations pertaining to COVID-19 and the steps we would all need to take in preparation for opening.  Regardless of precautions taken, the consensus among the coalition members is the general membership in each community would most likely lean toward caution when it comes to entering the facilities in the numbers we once knew.  This possibility could skew the group attendance and cause associations to rethink their policies.  We will have to review the possible changes brought on by this virus and adapt.  Our hope is that one day we will all see the vibrant communities that we moved into rise from this catastrophe, but until that time comes to fruition, we must all be patient and do our best to remain safe and healthy.
Remember to take a minute and thank the men and women who are serving or have served in the military as well as all the first responders and front line personnel who protect and serve this country daily to ensure our way of life and health. God Bless this country and these brave souls. They are the backbone of our communities and society.
I’ll end this month with the following quote: “Obstacles aren’t roadblocks, they are tepping stones.”  These were words I heard when I was trudging through some difficult times. To this day, when it appears there is an obstacle in my path, I re-think my circumstances and determine the benefit I can derive from the obstacles presented and how that information can help me move forward. The frustration that many of us feel during this pandemic, with all its restrictions, is just that, an obstacle. Personal growth comes from life’s obstacles and how we handle our individual experiences. We should all take the best we have gathered from this time and use it as a stepping stone to enhance our lives. I’ll restate my feelings from last month, I genuinely believe in the human spirit, its resilience and strength and I also believe we will be enjoying each other’s company again soon.  Until then, stay safe and remain healthy.   
My best to everyone for a wonderful holiday season.
Mike Signorile, 
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