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Jan 2020

Message from Your President - January 2020

As we leave 2019 behind us, with its memories both good and sad, we look forward to 2020 with the anticipation the New Year will far exceed our expectations.  Your Board will continue to work diligently with the sole purpose of ensuring the comfortable lifestyle we have all become accustomed to.  We hope that we can inspire more members to actively stand with us and provide new ideas that will solidify the Board’s efforts, but also afford us opportunities to grow in new directions.
As we enter 2020, I would personally like to wish everyone a Healthy, Happy New Year.  I look forward to meeting our new members in the coming months and invite them all to participate in the many clubs and activities Holiday City South offers.  When Debbie and I moved into this community, we did so with a sense of the unknown and had many questions that accompanied those emotions.  It didn’t take us long to understand it was the beginning of a whole new adventure in our lives. I will state emphatically, this has become the best time of our lives.  We immediately found that we could participate in as many activities as we chose or just relax when we wanted.  Most of all we came to realize that we have developed a great network of friends, people that we can count on in good times and when times happened to get a little rough. Ultimately, the choice lies with each individual – you alone can decide how active you want to be. The opportunities are here, the choice is yours. Remember, this community is only as strong as its membership. The Board has the responsibility to ensure the amenities we enjoy today continue for years to come. Participation in the clubs and activities, as well as, volunteering in all aspects of community functions will ensure that Holiday City South is the best place to live and play. 
In the New Year the Trustees will be changing the monthly business meeting schedules to coincide with requests received from the members and at the same time afford the opportunity for those members that are still employed to participate in these meetings.  We will be holding identical meetings, duel track at 2:30 pm and 7:00 pm, on the second Thursday of the month unless otherwise noted in the Southwind.
I would like to thank all the volunteers who assisted with our Thanksgiving dinner making it a special day for our members who celebrated with their Holiday City South family. Betty Higgins started by organizing a group of volunteers to put together the event. The list included Sandy Mason, Judy Adelman, Pauline and Vince DeChiaro, Gail Ziemski, Denise Walsh, Sarah Mirasola, Nancy Schaffner, Doris Vilardo, Cecilia Colasurdo and Debbie Signorile. Their contribution of time and the gifts received were incredible and somewhat overwhelming.  We received gift donations worth over $350 from our members and small businesses in the area. These were distributed by Santa and his favorite Elf who arrived promptly after dinner was served. There was also a special contribution from Rosemarie DeBurcos, Assistant Administrator of Comfort Care Holiday City, who provided all the chocolate favors for our attendees as well as a very large basket of special treats that we presented as our main and final gift. The generosity of all the contributors added to a very special Thanksgiving celebration and allowed some very special people to enjoy the day with friends. Thank you to everyone who made this special day possible.
“Toys for Tots”:  As many of us know, each year Larry Migliorsi (our resident Marine) dons his uniform and stands parade rest as residents deposit unwrapped toys into the “Toys for Tots” box during our Christmas tree lighting event. This year the event was held on Saturday evening, December 7th.  The following Friday morning, December 13th, Adrian Corrigan, Ray Higgins, Joe LaFace, Tom DeGregorio and Bill Holencsak joined Jim Mullin and Larry at the clubhouse. They all helped Tony Goncalles  and Chuck Sweries fill their respective van and truck with the collected toys.  Jim, Larry, Tony and Chuck then drove the two vehicles, loaded with toys, to the Marine Corp Reserve warehouse in Hazlet, NJ.  I want to thank everyone who participated and insured the toys found their way to the Marine Corp Reserve for distribution.  Many children who would have received nothing, received toys for Christmas because of the efforts of these gentlemen and the generosity of our membership. An expression of gratitude for the efforts of everyone involved is welcome, but certainly not as welcome as the unseen smiles of the children who reaped the benefits of everyone’s efforts. Thank you all.
Holiday City South has adopted a smoking policy that falls in line with the State of New Jersey statute regarding smoking.  There are “No Smoking/No Vaping” signs at all the entrances to all the buildings on the clubhouse grounds. There are presently three “Designated smoking areas” with signage that states to please use the receptacles provided for the extinguished cigarettes and cigars.  Individuals who do not comply with this policy may be confronted by our security staff and will be asked to cease and desist.  If those individuals continue to disregard the policy, they will be asked a second time and advised that a call will be made to the authorities. The authorities will have the option of removing the offenders from the premises and/or issuing a fine.  These actions may appear extreme, but under the NJ Statute we would be remise if we did not take preventative measures. Any lack of compliance regarding the statute could potentially open the association to violations and fines.  With this information in hand, we would appreciate everyone’s cooperation.
For those of you who attended the December 2019 meeting, you heard me address the circumstances concerning VetWorks and how they are losing their funding.  This program has been around for some time and directly assists the veterans of Ocean County.  The services they supply are invaluable and are too large in number to list.  Many of the individuals that participate are volunteers and are also veterans.  I took the time to reach out to a friend, who through contacts is attempting to gather information concerning this program and its demise.  This program supplies veterans with supplemental benefits the VA doesn’t offer.  They have assisted veterans in our community regularly.  I truly hope that through our efforts, this valuable program will remain a viable entity.
At our December meeting, Joe Bushey, our newest Trustee spoke about the possibility of starting a community garden with the cooperation and assistance of association members.  He is attempting to determine if there would be enough interest to get a project like this started.  Recently, he was invited to Holiday City Heights to look at their community garden and received information concerning their successful operation.  Joe would like to move forward with this community project, but he needs to determine the level of interest and commitment first.  He would like anyone who is interested in participating to contact him by email at
A person who’s wisdom I respect and also consider to be my closest confidant provided me with a bit of  insight that I found appropriate and at times directly pertinent to the interactions of certain members with each other and the Board:  “When your attitude is one of bitterness or hostility and does not bring value to the occasion, it is clear you are truly taking from the occasion.”  I implore all the members to think before addressing the Board and/or their fellow members, regardless of the occasion.  Insure you have all the facts and speak with the intent of bringing a positive dialog to the conversation. Always consider the implications and results your words and actions have on you and others.  Positive growth can only come from positive words and ideas.
I will end this month with the following quote by Ralph Marston: “Happiness is a choice, not a result.  Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.  No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy.  Your happiness will not come to you, it can only come from you.”
Make sure you check the Homeowner’s Meeting schedule for 2020 in the Southwind.  We on the Board look forward to seeing everyone at one of the January meetings.
My best to everyone,
Mike Signorile
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