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Aug 2021

Library News - September 2021

The library is up and running and every day I’m thankful for the volunteers who have stepped up to work daily so that so many of us can enjoy its luxury.
We met again last month for a follow up and would like to share some of our ideas. 
We added large orange stickers with the letters LP on them. These are LARGE PRINT books and we thought it would help make those books easier to find.  We will continue to look for more as time goes by. We still have puzzles for you to take out, but they are now located in the back of Room #1 directly across from the library. Help yourself to them and simply return them once finished. Please be careful and return all pieces because, unfortunately, we now have some puzzles with missing pieces. We are asking for you to donate your own personal books or other items to other organizations. Sorry, but we just don’t have space for anything extra. Please return any of the books you borrow from us in the provided DROP BOX next to the door when you enter the library. 
The volunteers would like to thank the many residents who use the library on a regular 
basis. We are pleased that so many of you enjoy all it has to offer. We look forward to seeing many more of you in the months to come. HAPPY READING!
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