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Mar 2021

Holiday City South Snow Removal Policy


Dear Homeowners,

There have been many questions posed by phone and email regarding the Association’s policy for snow removal. Members expressed concern with the snowfall of February 2, 2021 and the unfortunate conditions that resulted.  Several of the questions concerned the Association’s obligation to clear snow.  To answer that question, there is no provision in the governing documents (either the Bylaws or the Covenants and Restrictions) that require or mandate the removal of snow from residents’ properties. With that being said, the Association has always maintained a contract to remove snow from residents’ driveways when the snowfall is 4 inches or more. Part of that contract is to clear the parking lot of the clubhouse with either salt/sand or a plow. The clubhouse is cleared regardless of the depth of the snow as it is the location of our Association’s offices. This is necessary because the Association’s business is conducted daily regardless of the weather. The safety of our members, employees, contractors, and delivery services entering upon our property is paramount and required by our liability insurance carrier. We are fortunate that our former Trustees saw fit to include this service in our package of benefits and that we have been able to maintain them at a reasonable rate. 
The Association’s annual snow removal contract is $63,069 including NJ sales tax. With 2,359 homes in Holiday City South the cost per household for snow plowing, regardless if we have no snow or if we have 10 storms remains the same at $26.74 per year.  This is reasonable considering the other 9 neighboring senior communities either have a limit of 5 inches or no snow removal at all.   Annual contracts are in place to provide a cost-efficient means of providing this service to our community. Without this annual contract, the cost for clearing the driveways of 2,359 homes can be more than $35,000 each snowfall exceeding 4 inches in depth.  
Should we have a snowfall with accumulations of over 4 inches, please remember that our driveways and aprons will not be addressed until the Township has completed most of their plowing.   That could very well mean that our driveways and aprons could take about 24 hrs. to be cleared after a snowstorm. Mainly because of the necessity to have the streets cleared first and then we must add the time factor to clear 2,359 driveways and aprons. In the past, our contractor has and will continue to work through the night to accomplish this task when necessary.  We must all be patient and know that, in most cases, when significant snowstorms hit our area, they generally come with a “State of Emergency” declared by the Governor and a stay-at-home edict.
The Board reviewed our policy and compared the service we provide with those of our neighboring communities.  Below you will find a list of senior associations detailing information on dues and snow removal.  I hope you will see that Holiday City South provides the best service for the most reasonable quarterly dues.
Vincent DeChiaro-Vice President
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