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Nov 2021

Holiday City South Homeowners' Minutes of Meeting – October 14, 2021

The regular meeting of the Holiday City South Homeowners’ Association began at 2:00 pm on October 14, 2021, and was opened by Michael Signorile, President. There were 110 members at the 2pm meeting and 67 members at the 7pm meeting.
Roll Call of Board of Trustees:
Michael Signorile, President, Adrian Corrigan, Vice President, Fran Hurley, Secretary/Treasurer, Debbie Fazio, Recording Secretary, George Mason, Rich Bohan, John Fay
Announcement:  The September 9,2021 Homeowners’ Meeting was cancelled due to a positive COVID-19 test result and virus contracted by a member of the Board.
The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a special thank you to all the Veterans who have served and are currently serving and to all the first responders who actively serve our community daily. We should thank them for the Freedom and Safety we all enjoy today. A moment of silence was had for all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice both here and on foreign soil, to preserve our freedoms.
Please keep those who sacrificed 20 years ago on 9/11 and especially the innocent souls who perished that day in your thoughts and prayers. As time passes, we should never let the events of that day fade from our memories.
If members that are dealing with illness or have passed and we have not been made aware of their circumstances, please keep them in our thoughts and prayers.
The meeting will be recorded and transcribed for submission to the Southwind.
After the business portion of the meeting, the floor will be open to the membership for comments. Each member will be allowed 5 minutes to address the Board of Trustees. There is a sign-up sheet on the piano. I must remind anyone wishing to speak that all questions or comments must be addressed to the Board in a civil manor, or they will not be entertained.
Treasurer’s Report:
Operating Account: $105,078.39
Reserve Account: $665,415.41
Motions to accept Treasurer’s Report was accepted by John Fay and Seconded by Adrian Corrigan.
Minutes from the last homeowners’ meeting Of July 8,2021 were published in the Southwind. Minutes were accepted as printed.
Old Business:
Joe Bushey had inquired about the Bylaws & Rules. They are being rewritten by our attorneys and will comply with the Radburn Act. Once completed, they will be published in the Southwind for members to read and will be on the ballot for approval. The attorneys have been working on it, but don’t expect the proposed changes to be ready before the 2022 election. 
Joe also had a question regarding trees taken down on common area property at one of the trustees’ homes. The top of the tree was hit by lightning and was unable to be saved. This was verified by the tree service contracted by the association. Tree tops, smaller branches and brush were chipped and removed. The larger sections of the trunks were placed in the common area as that is and has been the practice for trees cut down in the common area.
Bill A5390/S2861:  Bills have passed in the Assembly and the Senate and are sitting on the Governor’s desk. The bills speak to discrimination in HOAs. We believe that discrimination is wrong and should be barred from deed recordings and/or restrictions.  We also believe that including “age” restriction (55 + age restricted communities) in this Bill has nothing to do with the purpose of the Bill. Age restrictions in our planned retirement communities do not foster hateful and shameful discrimination, instead they provide safe, affordable housing for the members of the State of NJ who subsist on fixed income. Planned retirement communities provide safe and affordable housing for people of all races, creeds, colors, national origin, ancestry, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, familial status, disability, military service, nationality, sex, gender identity, or expression. The Mayor and Council introduced a resolution against these bills and their wording. The Mayor and Council voted unanimously against the bill and its current wording and forwarded the resolution to Trenton. Age restricted communities are covered by HUD and HOPA and are not considered discriminatory. If they allow people under 55 to become residents/owners in the senior communities, there will be added expenses, i.e., taxes will increase because of the need for schools and busing. We cannot let this happen. If need be, we will start a petition drive again, like we have done on the past. 
Critical Race Theory (CRT). The Mayor and Council introduced a resolution against the introduction of CRT into the curriculum of Berkeley Township Schools. In addition to that, Mike has received letters and emails from concerned parents and grandparents regarding this matter and the use by President Biden of the Patriot Act to enable the Department of Justice to identify and act against parents as terrorist. By any standard of justice and under the US Constitution that is not acceptable. We need to back the parents of the children. This affects our children and grandchildren.
Voting will be here at the Clubhouse in Building C on Election Day. Some clubhouses are closed; therefore, other communities will be coming here to place their votes. There is a question on the ballot that deals with the use of monies from 50/50 and raffles. If passed it will allow “not for profits” to use the proceeds for the betterment of the community without restrictions. Passage of this question will benefit every adult HOA community.
Photos of every home in our community have been taken and will be reviewed.  We will see what homeowners have done to their homes and determine what is or is not acceptable. 
There’s some interest in the community garden and hopefully we will be moving forward with it. Rich Bohan is working with those members who have shown interest and they will assist with beautification of the community.
The need for a pool lighting in the evening hours was addressed. We are grandfathered and do not need additional lighting inside the pool.  We have added additional overhead LED pole lighting in the pool area as a safety precaution.
George Mason advised that the tennis courts were power washed and the surface cracks were repaired.  The courts are available for tennis and pickleball.
In last month’s Southwind, Mike addressed the garbage and recycling issues. It has become a problem and a health hazard by using plastic bags that are not being placed in covered containers. Seagulls and critters are feeding on them. The Board of Health is working with us and we both will be fining people who are not using covered containers to put their garbage and recycles in.  This will include containers that are not secured properly on residents’ properties.
New Business:
Matters from the Executive Session of the Board:  We would like to bring to your attention an issue regarding the HVAC units in the clubhouse building. There are 2 units that are not working properly. Every month we are spending money to repair the units. This year we spent over $11,000 for the two units in Building C. The units were scheduled to be replaced 2 years ago, but it was put off. We have received bids to replace the 2 units. The money for the replacement of these 2 units is in our budget under reserves. We received a bid from a local contractor in the amount of $61,450 to replace both units, which included extras such as labor, electric and plumbing. The second bid we received was in the amount of $56,055 and that includes permits, labor, electrical controls, and no overtime. The company is a Trane approved company and uses Trane equipment, guaranteed by Trane. The units will be placed on the roof and placed on the existing platform (there will be no need to reconfigure the roof layout). The contract provides us a turnkey installation with no extras.   We received a third bid that was $57,428 and had similar exclusions (permits, overtime, labor DDC controls) that are an add on to the bid quote.  We are on a list and will have to wait for the units. It will probably be in February at the earliest if we place approve and place the order. The present units are over 17 years old and are using the freon that is no longer in use. The new units use the newer freon and they are more cost efficient.  A motion was made to accept and approve the bid proposal from the Trane affiliated company in the amount of $56,055 and was voted on and approved unanimously by the Board.
A motion was made to close the business portion of the meeting.
The floor was opened to the Presidents of Clubs and/or amenities for announcements. 
Bill Holencsak spoke about the Men’s Club
Larry Puccio spoke about Bingo 
The floor was then opened to the members for questions to the Board:
Gail Ziemski:  I have a question for the Board. Rich Bohan and John Fay ran their campaign on cutting spending. How do you plan to do this? The pool was open and there was a problem with the pump, and it was repaired and replaced. July 1st, John Fay took over the pool. You said that the pool employees do not have to clean the pool. You brought in tons of chemicals, no one maintained the pool and there was algae growth. You had a sign looking for volunteers to clean the pool. We paid the staff to do this, and it wasn’t done. There is a checklist of what should be done on a daily basis. Nothing was checked off and all they did was test the water. No one was held accountable. You failed. I said I would help you with the pool, but I never got a call. (No answer from John Fay) 
Mauro Isaparri:  I’d like to know when the pool will be opened and closed next year. What are the hours of operation? People work and like to use the pool in the evening. The Board advised that it is a rumor that it will be closed at 8pm. He was advised by the Board that it usually opens on Memorial Day and the cleaning of the pool will be done 1 month before that.
Rose Cumella:  Do we have a food bank for people who may need it here in our community? Mike advised that we do have a food bank and it is run by Berkeley Township and distributed at HC Berkeley. Sophia Gingrich runs the food bank. They are also doing meals. Mike will get the days and times and we will post it.  Mike will also speak to the Mayor about having a food bank set up here at HC South.
Marilyn Odee:  We need someone who knows what they are doing to run the pool. The pool was disgusting. Mike advised that American Pool had to drain the water in the pool after it was closed. It will be acid washed, regrouted and sealed for the next season. We filled the pool with 8 tankers of water and the rest was filled with city water which has chemicals and minerals that interact. We will correct this this year and make every effort to ensure the pool is up to standards. It’s an amenity and people like to go there. 
Many of the umbrellas broke and we are going to work on that. Gail Ziemski replied that when she was on the Board, they voted on getting cheap umbrellas from ShopRite. The metal umbrellas we previously had were sturdy, but they broke the tables.
Larry Puccio:  Bingo brings in $4,000-$5,000 every month. So far, we have been paying for the bus transportation. We lost money because there was no place to park. Leaving the pool open prevented people from coming in. Pool should close at 7pm on Mondays.
Andy Leissing:  I asked a question about the procedures for pool. Mike advised we had a problem opening the pool. The contractor was not up to par. We had to do it ourselves as the contractor went on a 2-week vacation. In the future, we will be looking into having the pool contractor here 3 days a week to maintain the pool. Second question, any ideas of where we will cut spending? Mike advised that when the question of spending money comes up, we look at the budget. We are not overspending. We have to spend money to keep things running. The Reserve Study indicates that we have to put aside funds to cover the cost of replacement based on a 5-year plan.  To ensure we meet the required base stated in the study, we put $15,500 into reserve account every month.  The reserve account is currently reaching $700,000 and the plan will get us close to $1Million. The association is a business and should be run like a business. We constantly oversee the financials to make sure that there is no unnecessary spending. Any member can come into the office and review the reserve study.
Fran Hurley advised that cutting spending was not her platform when she was running. She never said anything about cutting spending. Fran Hurley and Rich Bohan did not use cutting spending as their campaign platform; it was John Fay only. They ran together to make changes in the clubhouse.
Peter Ernst:  On November 2nd we will be voting for Board of Education. There are names on the ballot, but we know nothing about the candidates. Where do we go to find out about this? Mike advised that in Berkeley Township one person is running unopposed. Central Regional Board of Education has 2 seats and 4 people running. You will have to research the candidates. You will see more information in newspapers and at events. Placement of the candidates on the ticket for the Board of Education elections is done by lottery, so the best thing is to research the candidates.  
Yolanda Milczarski: There’s an empty house that is not for sale and in the middle of the night, kids come there. We do not know them. We went to the Berkeley Township Police and they did nothing. Also, across the street, the man died, and the home is not being taken care of.  Mike advised he will contact the Police Department about this.  Homes that have mortgages (bank owned) make it difficult to enforce the association rules. We do have leverage as the homeowner is renting, we can then request the homeowner/landlord evict the tenant. When a home is bank owned (mortgaged) the association can put a lien on the house when fines are not paid.  That places us in second position when the home is finally sold and the mortgage is satisfied.  With regard to question about deer, we can’t control the population. The problem is that people are feeding the deer and they look for the food. If you see anyone feeding the deer, call the Game Warden. If you are caught feeding deer that fine can be up to $1,000.00.
Angela Palma:  I’m here 2 years. The man died 5 years ago. The house next to me is vacant and the place looks disgusting, and it is bringing down property values. On 16 Claremont, there are 2 cars in the driveway and one on the lawn and no one lives there. Mike advised that he will have the Code Committee come out and check out the homes on Claremont to take pictures and we will also get the township involved.
Annette Collins:  I did not go to the pool this year. It was a mess and I did not want to go in. It wasn’t cleaned enough. The problem with the deer is that they were here before us and we can’t control them, other than not feeding them.
Ann Blondina:  Our Police in Berkeley Township are fantastic. An incident occurred where people were coming to the house, so we wrote down the license number and the dates and times they were there. Two police cars came and the SWAT team. They told us not to leave the house. To help the police, who are busy, we need to be their ears and eyes, and they will respond.
In the upcoming Southwinds, Mike will be posting the financial and contracts so everyone can see what is going on, as well as the quarterly statement. We recently lost our bookkeeper, who retired. We have a new bookkeeper, and we are also using a new program, TOPS ONE. This program will give us more formal reports and give me the opportunity to formulate what we need to formulate our budget and reports. We are moving into the 21st Century!!
A question was asked about robo cans for garbage and recycling pickup – the robo cans were voted down by the senior communities.
Please note that many of the speakers were inaudible as they did not speak into the microphone or there were individuals from the audience who were speaking loudly over them.  Therefore, many of the questions asked from the floor were difficult to transcribe.
7:00pm Meeting
Please note that there was a malfunction with the tape recorder and were unable to hear the first 4 questions.  The general jest of the first 4 questions followed the dialect of the 2:00 pm meeting regarding the condition of the pool.
Debbie Tallia:  Pool is an amenity and should be open until 10pm for people who are still working. Also, there should be no saving of chairs. One woman saved 5 chairs in the morning, and no one was there. This is unfair as we had to scramble to find a chair. The pool is a means of socializing with others. Night is great for swimming.
Ginny DeMeo:  I do not understand a lot of things you are doing. I would like to assist the Board. We understand you have a lot to do. When I came this year, you hired pool badge checkers. They have no authority. They didn’t check badges and people were walking in. Babies with diapers were in the pool. Again, no checking. They did not take the job seriously. If you have people willing to serve on committees to assist the Board, the job will get done. We are a senior community and why isn’t there an electric chair to help elderly and disabled to get in and out of the pool? Mike advised that we are grandfathered. We do not have to have one. To install an electric lift in the pool area would require expenses that we are not prepared to spend and would require additional renovations throughout the pool area. Ginny also asked about why we do not have defibrillators. Mike advised that we do and the defibrillators were donated by the clubs. We have a contract to have them checked every 2 years to replace the pads and batteries. Ginny indicated that there is no signage as to the location of the defibrillators.  Mike stated that can be arranged. Ginny asked about food at the pool. Mike advised that we do not want food during the day when children are there. That’s why we allowed food at the pool beginning at 5pm. People can come right after work, and they can bring their food and enjoy the pool during the evening hours.
Joyce Crossan:  Heard that there was a drug bust. What happens when this occurs?  Mike will check this out with the Police Department, but if there is an ongoing investigation information will not be available. This has become an ongoing issue and is not unusual in our communities. We have underaged people living here and most of the times, the drug issues start with them; however, there are some adults abusing drugs, too. Drugs are an inherent problem in this country. There is a hotline phone number to the Detective Bureau. You don’t have to leave your name - it’s anonymous. If you call, the detective bureau keeps a record of all calls and they do respond. You can also call or email the association office to let us know what is going on and we will coordinate with the township.
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