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Dec 2020

HCS Architectural Restrictions/Rules - December 2020

Recently, the Board of Trustees recognized there are violations of the By-Laws, the Declaration and the Association’s architectural restrictions/rules which are outstanding and need to be addressed by the Board.  Accordingly, we will be reviewing the existing architectural requirements and restrictions and will update them to conform to the current architectural needs of our community.  Due to its nature, this undertaking will take some time to complete, adopt and then circulate to the Holiday City South homeowners.  The Board of Trustees asks that until the membership is advised of any changes to the current architectural restrictions, all members should comply with the current requirements and restrictions.  Until the Board completes this task, only violations of a nature that: a) could be detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the membership and/or b) clearly involve placement of items on the common property will be addressed with letters and fines.  
This is not to say that homeowners should ignore the current restrictions nor should an owner do something that does not conform with the restrictions without discussing those changes with the Board before making the modification.
The Board appreciates everyone’s cooperation in this regard and please know that the Board wants to ensure the architectural rules/restrictions are being addressed in a consistent and non-selective manner.