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Jul 2020

Code Committee News - July 2020

This article is to let our residents know that the Code Committee is still working, even through the pandemic. With the help of our Office Manager, Terry Waterhouse, she is sending the Code Committee all of the requests for work to be done on homes, such as re-siding, roofs, colors for outside of the homes, windows to be replaced, trees, (whose tree is it?) and complaints. We are addressing all matters so that residents can have work performed on their homes instead of waiting until this pandemic is over. We are also clearing up violations and settling property lines. 
The Code Committee was recently alerted about a photo that was posted on Facebook. This post appeared on Wednesday, April 29, 2020. Someone put a video on Facebook showing someone’s house in H.C.S. with a large amount of garbage on the property. This should have been reported to the office and not placed on social media. A member of the Code Committee called me to let me know about this and we both went to the home to check it out. We assessed the situation and found garbage on the property. No one was home so we could not speak to the owner. The HCS Office Manager was notified, and she called the owner and by Thursday morning, the garbage was gone. 
If you see a problem or have a complaint, we would appreciate your calling the office to report it. Please be sure to leave your name and phone number in case we need to contact you for any questions that may need to be answered.
John Fay
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