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Singles Club




Phyllis Brown

Well we postponed the Reunion Brunch until September, but it doesn’t look like that will be a good time either. 
I’m sorry to say that I believe I should start giving you back the money you gave me for the brunch. Since it looks like the clubhouse will be closed for a while yet, I would like to ask you to stop by my house from 9 a.m. -12 p.m. on Friday 9/25, Saturday 9/26, or Sunday 9/27. You may call from your car 848-480-2684 and I will bring your money to you. You don’t need to bring your receipt; however, if you are picking up for a friend, please bring their receipt. If you are not available for any of those dates, please call me and I will make other arrangements with you.
It’s disappointing and some said they didn’t want their money back because the get together would be something to look forward to. I’d rather not hold on to it for a potential future time. Maybe we will try this again in 2021.


I hope you are all safe and well. I know masks and social distancing are getting tiresome. I am happy to see that many of you are still in good spirits and keeping in touch by phone with family and friends. I haven’t talked to all of you, but I have talked to some of you and I’m glad to know that your friends and family are making sure you have everything you need.



JUNE 2019

Marge Kinney

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this last column for the Holiday City South Singles Club.  Effective July 1, 2019, the Singles Club will cease to exist.  For the last few years the number of volunteers has dwindled, and all the work was being done by a very few dedicated people and they are now all too tired to do anything else.  For over a year we have been telling our members that in order for our Club to continue, we needed 7 members to volunteer for the 2019-2020 year, and not one person stepped up.
Because of very dedicated men and women, this Club has been an important part of this Community for 34 years.  I can only tell you about the wonderful people I have met and worked with for the 18 years that I have lived here.  I joined the Singles Club two months after I moved in, and started immediately to volunteer my services, and because of this I met some wonderful people who I now consider my dear friends.
I wish I could mention everyone that I have worked with through the years, however, I would be afraid that I would neglect to name everyone and hurt their feelings.  You all know who you are, and I want you to know that I learned so much from you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
During these 18 years we ran many fund raisers for the Club: Fashion Shows, Chinese Auctions, Beef Steak Dinners, Oktoberfest’s, and Spaghetti Dinners.  All of the fund raisers required a whole lot of people, and we never once had a problem getting volunteers.
Each year, there were three dinners for our members only: Turkey Dinner, Corned Beef Dinner, and Christmas Party.  These were usually held on our regular meeting night, and they were chaired by one of our volunteers.  Again, we never had a problem.
Every month the Kitchen Chairperson would make sure that there was some type of sweet treat for us at our monthly meetings, and that person would also make sure that there were volunteers to set up for the meetings, and others to clean up after the meetings.
During these 18 years, our Trip Coordinators ran some wonderful trips:  Atlantic City, Woodloch Pines, Maine, Branson, Washington D.C., Canada, Cruises.  All these trips raised money for our Club.  This money was used to offset the costs of our monthly meetings and members only dinners.  We were also able to donate money to the Club, and the Police, Fire and First Aid Squads. 


I believe that this Club has been an asset to our Community for 34 years, and that is why it is so sad for this wonderful Club to come to an end.  Again, I thank all the wonderful people that I have met and worked with through the years.  God Bless you all!



MAY 2019


Marge Kinney

I write these last two articles with a heavy heart. Upon my return from being in Florida for three months and speaking with Marge Kinney I was so upset to learn that June would be the last meeting of the Singles Club. I had hoped this would not occur. She explained that though she asked for volunteers for the Board not one person came forward. Without a full board the club cannot function. It was time for the wonderful and dedicated ladies (so often the gentlemen helped with events, dinners, etc. and we immensely thank them for all their efforts.) to turn over the reins to others. Unfortunately, that did not happen and so the Singles Club, as of June 2019 will be history and that is VERY sad. 
For years a great number of wonderful volunteers worked hard to provide enjoyment and friendship for so many who were alone and looked forward for joining others in similar situations at meetings, on trips, at dinners and just sharing a special companionship. This was a very special club. Its loss will be felt by many. 
To close out our existence we will be having a members-only luncheon on June 20th at the Clarion. Tickets are limited to the first 100 current members who purchase a ticket at the April and/or May meeting. NO TICKETS will be sold on any Friday morning at the clubhouse. The cost is $15.00. No guests, MEMBERS ONLY. Time is 12:00 to 3:00 PM 
At our April meeting Jamie Novak, Organizing Humorist, will again make a presentation which last time sent many of us home to begin cleaning out our closets. I know I did. Obviously, no Fund Raiser has been planned for April. Sad to say the previous Fund Raisers were not attended as well as we anticipated even though they were lovely, and many hands worked long and hard to bring them to fruition and that did not help our treasury but still the Board continued with hopeful plans to keep the club alive. 
There will be a jewelry show at our May meeting and at our FINAL meeting, which will be in June, Steve Berger will be entertaining us, and I imagine playing all sad songs!!!
If you know of a member who is ailing or has recently experienced a death in the immediate family Phyllis Capicotta will still be happy to send a card. The club is going, but not our continuing compassion for others. Her number is 732-286-3692.
 Phyllis Brown is in charge of our collections for the Boys and Girls Club and her number is 848-480-2684 if you have any questions about this charity that we will be discontinuing shortly. Also, of course, there will be no more toy collections for the Children’s Special Hospital.
 It goes without saying that our prayers and concerns for our service men and women will continue in our hearts regardless of the standing of our club. Pray for world peace. Don’t forget Memorial Day is May 27.
The Singles Club Board wishes a Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms, Grandmothers, great (and maybe some great-great) Grandmothers and all those women who care and comfort children even if they themselves are not mothers. Those who care are all blest.
 Please take time to thank the great Single Club volunteers who gave of their time, hard work and dedication over the many years of staying the course even through personal hard times and illness.




APRIL 2019

Marge Kinney

I hope by the time you are reading this article, we are enjoying spring like weather.  Like most of you, I am sick of this cold weather and all the heavy outerwear. I also hope that all our Singles Club members will attend the last four meetings of the Holiday City South Singles Club.  If you don't already know, this Club will have its last meeting in June.  We were unable to fill the seven positions which are necessary for us to continue.
At our April 18th meeting we will be entertained by Organizing Humorist Jamie Novak.  It promises to be a laugh-out-loud funny look at the challenges of cleaning clutter.  We are currently working on obtaining guests for our May and June meetings, and you will be filled in as soon as we have this information.
We have cancelled the planned fund raisers for April and October, so there isn't much more for me to report.  One good thing to report is that Lucille Kent will be back at the end of the month, so she will be writing the last few columns for the Southwind.  Also, we will be collecting clothes and household articles for the Boys and Girls Club until June.  You may bring these items to the meeting on March 21st, or if you have any questions, you may call Phyllis Brown at 848-480-2684.
Good Friday and Passover both fall on April 19th, and this is a very special day for all Christians and Jews.  Easter falls on April 21st, and I hope the Easter Bunny is good to all our members.
If you know of a member who is ailing, or who has experienced a death in the immediate family, please call Phyllis Capicotta at 732-286-3692, so that she can send a card from the Club, to let them know we are thinking of them.
I thought the following was very appropriate for all of us who have every doubted our self-worth: "Whenever I find myself doubting how far I can go, I will remember how far I have come.  I will remember everything I've faced, all the battles I've won, and all the fears I have overcome"
Remember our Servicemen and women in your prayers.


MARCH 2019

Since this is the month of March, and we will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day, I would like to start this column with an Irish Blessing for our members.
Wishing you a rainbow for sunlight after showers, miles and miles of Irish smiles for golden happy hours.  Shamrocks at your doorway for luck and laughter too, and a host of friends that never ends your day your whole life through.
At our March 21st meeting, we will be entertained by the DJ music and singing of Donny Pesce, and Janet Adams has promised a special dessert to help us celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  Join Organizing Humorist Jamie Novak at our meeting on April 18th.  It promises to be a laugh-out-loud funny look at the challenges of cleaning clutter.  Jamie was with us last year, and I swore she must have peeked into my house because everything she said was so true.  It wasn't only me that was impressed with her, because I received many calls from our members telling me that they found her information very helpful.
I received several calls asking me why we weren't having a Corned Beef Dinner this year at our March meeting.  Well, none of our members volunteered to chair this dinner.  Every dinner and fund raiser that we run needs a chairperson, which is why volunteers are so important.
Again, we are asking for seven members to step up and fill the various positions that are needed in order to run the Club.  We need five members for the Executive Board, a Kitchen Chairperson, and a member to run our trips.  It takes money just to have our monthly meetings, so trips and fund raisers are an essential part of any Club. 
If you know of a member who is ailing, or who has experienced a death in their immediate family, please call Phyllis Capicotta at 732-286-3692, so that she can send a card from the Club, to let them know we are thinking of them.
God Bless you, God Bless our troops and their families, and God Bless America!





We have been asking for volunteers to run for our Executive Board, and also for over a year for a volunteer to run our trips, and not one member of our Club has responded.
I am dedicating this column to Pat Rantowich, our Vice President, who passed away in December. She was one of the most dedicated volunteers I have ever met. I thought this would be a good time to let you know how she got involved in our Club.
Pat was only a member of the Singles Club for one month when Phyllis Brown asked for volunteers to run for office on our Executive Board, and Pat immediately volunteered. The election was held in May 2017, and Pat was nominated and elected as Vice President. We had our first meeting of 2017-2018 in September, and because I was hospitalized for our October meeting, Pat had to take over. She was so concerned with doing a good job, she visited me in the hospital to make sure she had prepared the Agenda properly. I was told she did a wonderful job.
Pat made arrangements for the entertainment at our meetings and fund raisers, and she chaired the Corned Beef Dinner last March. In November she bought the gift cards with the money donated by our members and delivered the cards and gifts to the Children's Specialized Hospital. On most Fridays, she would be at the Clubhouse selling membership cards, or helping with the fund raiser sales. Pat was always willing to help anyone who needed it.
In addition to all the work she did for the Club, she attended Zumba Classes and she went to exercise classes several times a week. She was an extremely busy person who always had a smile on her face.
As Lucille Kent advised in the January column, unless members step up to the various positions available, there will be no more Singles Club. We need seven people to take over the positions that will be vacated on June 30th.
We need five members for the Executive Board, someone to take over as Kitchen Chairperson, and we absolutely need a member to run our trips. It takes money to have our monthly meetings, so trips and fund raisers are an essential part of our Club. Please consider taking one of these positions, all the present office holders will be happy to help you get started. If you have any questions, call me at 732-557-6212. If you know of a member who is ill, or has suffered a loss in their immediate family, please call Phyllis Capicotta at 732-286-3692. 
Don't forget to fly the flag on February 12th (Lincoln's Birthday), February 18th (President's Day), and February 22nd (Washington's Birthday), Keep our service men and women, and their families in your prayers.




Lucille Kent

Two important items – we are sorry the article Marge Kinney wrote and submitted for the November Southwind did not make the edition There was obviously a glitch somewhere. I was not notified of its absence until the 16th of November that it had not been received; way too late for its submission! Regardless, thank you Marge for filling in for me while I was driving around the country.
Second item: We want to congratulate the Decorating Committee for such a fabulous job with our Christmas/Hanukah display. Thank you for making HCS the most awe-inspiring Holiday scene around!! A great deal of work went into it and we appreciate your time and efforts. The Nativity is breathtaking Every aspect of the display is a joy and feast for the eye.
Thank you to all our members who brought dozens of toys and gifts (207) and donations OF $160.00 for gift cards to be bought, to the Children’s Specialized Hospital A picture appears in this edition. Many thanks to Phyliss Capicotta who displayed the gifts along with Dolores Moncho and Carrie Scott. Pat Rantowich purchased the gift cards and delivered the gifts to the hospital. The Thanksgiving dinner was also a huge success. Jacques food was delicious and plentiful. Kudos to Phyllis Gillick and all the lovely members who assisted for a job well done. Our volunteers are terrific.
Our Christmas dinner at the Clarion was another festive occasion. Chaired by Phillis Hay and Kay Falabella. We were “jingle-belled by Steve Berger and there were door prizes and a great meal. A nice Christmas get-together.
Mark your calendars for our Fund Raiser on April 27, 2019; Mystery Dinner Theater. It’s a Saturday night, 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Dinner, the Mystery, (you can take part in it; let Phyllis Brown know you are interested when you get your ticket) and Entertainment. All for only $43.00. Please support this event.
In January we will be playing Bingo at the meeting and there will be prizes awarded so come and join us. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Our club will continue to meet on the third Thursday of each month unless otherwise posted
Our election of new officers will take place in June. We need a volunteer to come forward to head the search committee. TAKE NOTE: If we do not have a board, there cannot be a Singles Club. The current board has done a wonderful job this past year but need to take a break Marge has been president for many years. We will be looking for: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and possibly Corresponding Secretary. Please consider accepting a position. Everyone is helpful and that makes the job easy. It would leave a terrible gap at HCS for the Single Club to close their door!
If you would like a card sent to someone you know is ill or has suffered the lost of a family member Phyllis Capicotta will be happy to send one out to let that person know we care. Her number is 732-286-3692. And don’t forget our charity. Big Brothers and Sisters. Phyllis Brown will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
Please remember to fly your flag and remember our servicemen and women who are stationed all over the world to protect us. Also include their families who make a sacrifice as well. All their devotion should never be forgotten.
The Singles Club wishes all of you a Blessed, Healthy, Happy and Peaceful New Year.





Lucille Kent

Hard to believe we are in the tenth month of 2018. The holidays will be upon us and we will be sharing them with family and good friends. Our club will be having our Thanksgiving dinner at our November meeting on the 15th. The cost is $18.00 and the camaraderie we share is priceless. Remember
to bring an unwrapped gift – no stuffed animals please – for the Children’s Specialized Hospital, a wonderful event the Singles gladly undertake each year at this time. Wrapping paper and gift cards are welcome. Also, in November, on the 29th, we are planning a trip to visit QVC at the Mall of America. Check our desk on Friday mornings in the auditorium.
Our Christmas Party will be held on December 20th from 12:00 Noon till 4:00 PM. at the Clarion. Cost is $25.00 for members and $30.00 for guests. Keeping us musically in the spirit of the occasion, Steve Berger will be “jingle-belling” In January the Paper Mill Playhouse is on our agenda; always good performances at the Playhouse. More to be announced at a later date. Check our bulletin board as you go in and out of the auditorium. Check the TV in the lounge where HCS events are broadcasted for all clubs, plans for February and March will be announced in future columns.
We warmly THANK those of our members who attended and those who brought their friends and/or family members and all other attendees who helped us to achieve a successful and pleasant day at our German Fest Fund Raiser. Wild Rose, as usual, did a great job and added to our enjoyment. Please keep in mind the importance of supporting our events and trips. It helps the Club to provide you with good meetings and more opportunities to share time with other members and meet new friends as well. Further to that, remember our monthly meetings, unless otherwise noted, are on the third Thursday of each month.
Our next Fundraiser, Mystery Dinner and Dance, will be in April 2019 so hold open the 27th. This will be a Saturday night event from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Unfortunately, we had to cancel this previously much to the disappointment of so many of us. Cheer up Gang, all is not lost, and a fun time is in store for the attendees - members and of course is open to all Spread the word.
Please remember that Marge is still hoping to revive our popular Atlantic City trips. These are a very good source of income for the club. You have a good trip, hopefully “break the bank” and we benefit also. Please consider taking this on, perhaps with another volunteer, Marge will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Her phone number is 732-557-6212. Let’s keep this Club thriving!
Phyllis Brown, 732-970-9979, oversees our charity, Big Brothers and Sisters and can answer your questions as to what is appropriate to donate. This is a worthy and well-respected charity and is appreciative of our interest and support. 
Phyllis Capicotta, 732-286-3693, is more than happy to send a card out for you to someone you know who might be ill or has experienced a death in their immediate family. A card shows we care for your feelings as well as the recipient.
Daylight Savings ends on the 4th. DON’T FORGET TO VOTE on the 6th, fly your flags every day especially on he 11th, Veterans’ Day and to all, a most Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Singles. Kudos to Al and Linda Molinaro for coordinating the Thanksgiving dinner for Holiday City South residents on behalf of the Board of Trustees. Lastly, pray, pray and pray for all our servicemen and women and their families;
their sacrifices cannot never be forgotten or minimized.




Lucille Kent

Fall is in the air. Autumn colors are so beautiful. The leaves are already beginning to fall, and we will be seeing scarecrows and Jack-O-Lanterns on front porches, witches and goblins and stacks of straw. The HCS Halloween Party is always such fun; some costumes are so creative but all of them show a sense of spirited fun.

Just a reminder that our monthly meetings are on the third Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted. You can still get your new membership card on Fridays and check out our events.

Donny Pesce welcomed us back in September. (See October activity in the next paragraph) At our November 15th meeting we will be having our Thanksgiving Dinner; price to be determined. Besides a great dinner, more importantly, please remember to bring an unwrapped gift for the Children’s Specialized Hospital; a most worthy undertaking. NO stuffed animals please. Steve Berger will be making “merry” at our Christmas Party on December 20th from 12:00 Noon till 4:00 PM. Keep an eye out for information on this as the season progresses.

OCTOBERFEST FUND RAISER is being held on the 14th of the month with Wild Rose performing. Tickets are $30.00 (sorry for the misprint in last month’s article) and began selling August 31. Hope you have your ticket and will be bringing along a guest. This fundraiser is ESPECIALLY important for the continuation of the Singles Club. It will enhance our Treasury enabling us to determine our status and go ahead with our plans for the 2018-2019 season. All our clubs are great but we are unique and that is an important reason for its continuation.

Information concerning our January, February and March meetings will be forthcoming at our April meeting the Wrinkle Review will entertain us. They have told us that as they will also be at other club meeting nights they will be presenting a different show. Please hold June 8, 2019 for our June Fundraiser.

Marge still looks forward to someone to volunteer to plan our Atlantic City Trips. They are a very good source of income for us and are popular. Please consider it or perhaps work together with a friend. Call Marge for any information.

Our charity is Big Brothers and Sisters and Phyllis Brown is in charge. Feel free to call her at 732-970- 9979 for information on what articles they would be happy to receive. This is a well-known and worthy group and deserves our support. Thank you for your participation.

Call Phyllis Capicotta at 732-286-3693 if you would like a card sent to someone who is ill or who has experienced a death in their immediate family. It is comforting to know others are thinking of you.

This month we celebrate Columbus Day and Halloween, and of course, as always, fly your flag and remember with prayers our servicemen and women who are stationed all over the world to protect us as well as their families. They too make the sacrifice of separation.




Lucille Kent

Here we are in September; soon it will be Autumn. Not rushing the month and hope you are all still
enjoying summer. We hope you have already purchased your 2018-2019 memberships and perhaps you brought along a friend or neighbor to join along with you. All are welcome to join in the fun and friendship of the Singles. We have a great season planned and look forward to seeing all of you in attendance. Remember, our monthly meetings are on the third Thursday unless
otherwise noted.
Donny Pesce will be welcoming us back at our September meeting. Steve Berger will be making
“merry” at our Christmas Party on December 20th from 12:00 Noon till 4:00 PM. Look for future
information on this event. We will keep you advised of other activities as the season progresses.
We welcome Phyllis Gillick as our new Recording Secretary. Phyllis has volunteered, and she has made our board complete. THANKS SO MUCH. 
VERY IMPORTANT: Please mark your calendars for our Fundraiser, OCTOBERFEST, on October 14th. We will be entertained by Wild Rose and they are always sure to make the night a big success. The food is always delicious. Tickets are $29.00 and began selling August 31st and will continue through October 5th. Fundraisers help us to pay our expenses, insure the continuation of the Club and help us provide more entertainment to our members. Bring a friend or neighbor along to enjoy this event.
Marge is still hoping for a volunteer(s) to help plan trips to Atlantic City. This is a big financial help to the Club. Call her to discuss what has to be done and the benefits involved. Please give this some thought.
Our charity is Big Brothers and Sisters and Phyllis Brown is in charge of this well-known and worthy group which can use our support. Please call her at 732-970-9979 for information as to what you can donate and where to bring your items.
Phyllis Capicotta, 732-286-3692, will be happy to send a card to any member who is ill or has
experienced a death in the immediate family. It means so much at times like this to know others
are thinking of you. 
We wish our Jewish friends a good Rosh Hashana. To all, enjoy the Labor Day weekend and to Grandparents, it’s our day on the 9th but I think its safe to say everyday is Grandparents Day. 
We look forward to a great season and seeing all of you at our meetings and events. Be well.
Remember to fly your flags and pray for all our servicemen and women stationed all over the world as they continue to watch over us.




Lucille Kent

The Singles Club congratulates Vincent, Jim and Gail, our new Trustees and thank Sylvia, Pat and Paul for their dedicated years of service. It is not an easy task and we thank those whom chose to run and do the work involved. We also would like to thank Joan Berry for volunteering to be our new Treasurer.
We will be selling memberships this month and look forward to seeing our past members and ask them to bring along a friend to be our new member. Our meeting night for the 2018-2019 season will be the THIRD Thursday of the month unless otherwise noted.
he Board has planned a great year. Some things to look forward to; Donny Pesce will help us bring in the new club year in September. Steve Berger
will be helping to make “Merry” in December at our Christmas party. In April 2019, The Wrinkle Review will sing and dance for us. More will be reported as time goes by.
Don’t forget our October 2018 Fundraiser, OCTOBERFEST. This event on October 14 is open to all so round up all your friends and bring them along with you. It’s fun and the food is Delicious. Wild Rose will be there to make sure it’s a great night. The price is $29.00 and ticket sales begin August 31. Watch the Southwind for information on plans for the club year.
Marge would love for one, or two., of our clever members (all of you are of course) to volunteer to plan our Atlantic City trips. These are fun and a huge asset to our Treasury. Please give her a call for information as to what is required, and the benefits involved.
Remember that Phyllis Brown is in charge of our charity, Big Brothers and Sisters, and will be happy to let you know what items may be donated and how to go about delivering yours. This is a wonderful and very legitimate organization and we are happy to be a part of them in this manner. Phyllis may be reached at 732-970-9979, Another Phyllis, our Sunshine Lady will be happy to send a card to any member who is ill or has experienced a death in the immediate family. At times like these it is comforting to know others care. Phyllis Capicotta can be reached at 732-286-3692.
We hope you are enjoying the summer and we look forward to our reunion in September. Nice to see our members at any time of the year!!!
The best goes out to all and remember to pray for our servicemen and women stationed all over the world. They cannot be praised enough for what they do for our country.


JULY 2018

Marge Kinney

Finally, summer! It was a rough spring and all our hopes are high for a glorious summer with beautiful days for the pool, the beach, or just taking it easy and enjoying life. Let me add, LITTLE rain except what we need for the flowers and plants. Into each life some rain must fall (forgive me).
As for the Single Club, we did get more “bad” news than we wanted. Another fund raiser had to be cancelled because of poor participation. We had to cancel our planned June 9th Mystery Dinner Theater which included a lovely lunch all for only $43.00. It sounded like a fun day and for me, I was looking forward to “acting” in it as were some of the “40” some-odd who did purchase a ticket. There is a VERY GOOD POSSIBILITY that we the Board will have to decide the fate of YOUR club. 40 or so people cannot carry an event to success.
HCS is such a diverse association with many clubs, activities, i.e. bocce, shuffleboard, tennis, billiards, ping pong not to mention parties, trips, dances, etc. This is only possible through the hard work and dedication of the wonderful volunteers who reside here. Not to forget talented folk – witness lip-sync show and Larry’s talent  show for example. This year we have 6 people running for Trustee. Another sign of interest in volunteering
and working for us.
The past and current Boards of the Singles Club have worked diligently for the past number of years to make sure your club remains a part of all this. They have made a “home” for male and female singles to gather together in a kindred setting to have fun at meetings and to enjoy trips and events. This is at a large financial cost to the club and we do it gladly but desire to do it and the where-withall to accomplish it is another story all together.
We cannot continue without your wholehearted support. And participation in our trips and fund raisers. PLEASE do not see this important club fold! Its future is in your hands!! Let’s begin by marking our calendars to come and purchase tickets for our next fundraiser; Oktoberfest scheduled for October 14, 2018.
More information will follow in future issues. Tell your friends; it’s open to all. Reach out and invite someone who you know would love a chance to have a good time with others and have a delicious German meal. All are welcome. 
Marge is still looking for a volunteer to step up to help plan the trips to Atlantic City. Speak to her about this. There is a benefit beside helping the club keep its treasury operative which is a must to insure its continuation.
Our Sunshine Lady, Phyllis Capicotta, will be happy to send a card to any member who is ill or has experienced a death in the immediate family. We are a caring club. Her number is 732-286-3692.
We are collecting items for Big Brothers and Sisters. Please contact Phyllis Brown at 732-970-9979 for information on what may be donated and where and when to bring your charitable items. This is a worthy and legitimate organization, so you know they will be well distributed. Thank you.
Remember to celebrate the 4th. This is a great country and we are all proud to be Americans. As always, keep our troops who serve all over the world for us, in your prayers.




Marge Kinney

We hope you are finally enjoying Spring because as this is being written it is cold, damp and cloudy; much as it has been since Spring began! It is now May and perhaps we can celebrate Mother’s Day with the SUN and warmth.
Our April 22nd entertainment, John Pizzi the talented Ventriloquist, Magician and Comic, was very successful and we thank all of those who helped in making it so. Please be on the lookout for more fun times with the Singles.
Our next Fund Raiser is scheduled for Saturday, June 9th from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. There will be an interactive Mystery Dinner Theater with lunch. Please note to BYOB. Cost is $43.00 per person and ticket sales began April 27th. You might become a character at this dinner, or just a guess. Personally, being a character sounds like additional fun. For more information call Phyllis
Until Kay Vallianatos is feeling 100% we would still appreciate someone(s) to step up to plan our Atlantic City trips, they help to keep our treasury in good health and are great trips. Please call Marge Kinney at 732-557-6212 if you can be of this valuable service and thank you.
Mark your calendars for October 14, 2018, the date of our Oktoberfest. More information will follow in monthly articles for this important Fund Raiser. We are anxious to keep the Singles Club up and running. There are so many “singles” who would enjoy joining us. So, if you are aware of any individuals who are alone but haven’t heard of us PLEASE spread the news. They will be most welcome as are our current members.
Our Sunshine Lady, Phyllis Capicotta, will be happy to send a card to any member you might know who is ill or has experienced a death in their immediate family. It is comforting to know others care. Her number is 732-286-3692.
A quick note from the Singles to the Social Club, Kudos for a fun night of lip syncing and showcasing the talented HCS residents.
Fly your flag on May 28th, Memorial Day and always keep our troops and their families in your prayers.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Grand and Great Grandmothers, Aunts, Godmothers and all the wonderful women who emulate a mother’s caring.
Summer will be upon us this month and we hope it will be more “seasonable” than spring was. I am not repeating the news from our May article since at least as this point in time nothing has changed. However, as you know nothing is certain except death and taxes. If changes must be made we will post notices on our bulletin board so, please check it from time to time.
Memberships will be available for the coming club year in August. Please invite a “single” friend who may not have joined us previously to do so. They will be most welcome along with all our current members. This club is unique. Let’s keep it going
by supporting our meetings and events. The Board works very diligently to keep it afloat, but we need your support. Please help us to continue to be an important presence here at Holiday City South. Many thanks to all of you!
We extend our warmest wishes to all the fathers, grand and great-grandfathers, uncles, God-fathers and all the men, regardless of whether they but fit into any of these categories but in some way nurture children, a blessed and Happy Father’s Day; June 17.
June 14 is Flag Day. Honor our beautiful country and fly your flag, no matter the size, and of course always pray for our men and women who serve around the world to help keep us safe.

MARCH 2018

Marge Kinney

For two months while Lucille Kent is enjoying a well-earned vacation in Florida, I will be taking
her place. What better month to start then March, when we will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day. I'd
like to start this column with an Irish Blessing for all our members.
Wishing you a rainbow for sunlight after showers, miles and miles of Irish smiles for golden happy
hours. Shamrocks at your doorway for luck and laughter too, and a host of friends that never ends
your day your whole life through!
Our next fund raiser is being chaired by Veronica Lima on April 22, 2018. We will have lunch and
then entertainment by John Pizzi. Mr. Pizzi is a Ventriloquist, Magician and Comic, who has
appeared on television with "America's Got Talent" and David Letterman. He has also performed in
Las Vegas and the Borgata in Atlantic City. The cost is $29.00 for lunch and a great show. Tickets will
be on sale every Friday morning starting February 23rd and ending on April 13th. If you require any
additional information, please call Veronica at 732-995-4415.
Please show your support of our Club by attending this fund raiser and other fund raisers that are in
the planning stages. Without your support, the Club will not be able to survive because we will
not have the funds to pay for desserts, coffee, entertainment, and just setting up the tables for
our Club meetings.
Another fund raiser is scheduled for Saturday, June 9, 2018. We will have additional information
next month, but we are asking you to keep this date open.
Phyllis Gillick is running a trip to Surflight Theater on August 14, 2018, to see Saturday Night Fever.
Also lunch will be included at "Sweet Jenny's". We are still working out a price for this trip and we will
have all the information next month.
Our trip coordinator, Kay Vallianatos, is having some medical problems so she has to take a
few months off. In the interim, we are looking for someone to help with running the trips to Atlantic
City. If you are interested, please call me at 732-557-6212. Although she is scheduled for surgery
in March, Kay is still making plans for the Club. She has informed me that she is looking into going
to the new Hard Rock Casino sometime in June or July. We will keep you posted.
Our last fund raiser for 2018 is our Oktoberfest. A date has not yet been confirmed, however, we
know it will be in the middle of October. If you know of a member who is ailing, or has experienced a death in the immediate family, please call Phyllis Capicotta at 732-286-3692, so that she can send a card from the Club, to let them know we are thinking about them.
God Bless you, God Bless our troops, and God Bless America!


Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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