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Men's Club


Men's Club meets the 3rd Thursday of the Month
The men in our club are happy to see Fall in our area, enjoying seeing more friends everyday as well as enjoying more activities in the clubhouse. We are seeing more people coming in to purchase tickets for events, bus trips and just talking with their friends and deciding what to purchase to enjoy each other’s company. It also nice to meet new homeowners who have moved into our community in the last year and a half. 
Our first Men’s Club meeting was a great success and having our original members mingle with the new homeowners and welcoming them to our community. We are hoping this leads to more friendships in the future.
We would like to encourage any new homeowner who has not visited us on Friday mornings to please stop in the clubhouse and speak with all our Men’s Club Board members who are there selling tickets and we can talk to you about our club and the fun times we have each month on the 3rd Thursday at 6 pm. 
We would like to invite everyone who attended our Halloween Party on October 30th and helped us enjoy the night. It was nice to get together with all that attended after just returning to our normal life
The Men’s Club has finally enjoyed its first meeting since the Pandemic shut our clubhouse down. We had 68 members for our first meeting, and it was great seeing our old friends and enjoying the new members who have moved into Holiday City South.
Some of the men have stepped forward with ideas to help our growth for the future. It was nice to see the number of new men joining our club as they have heard good reviews on the Men’s Club.
We are planning on having interesting speakers at our monthly meetings for this year. The speakers will be discussing area of interest for the men and their spouse to enjoy around the area.  
Ideas were brought up by some of our members on holding or joining tournaments that involve charitable organizations. We are always looking for ways to help our community that include the members of the Men’s Club.
We are also getting set for our first Fundraiser this year with our Halloween Party on October 30th. It runs from 6pm to 10 pm and the music will be provided by DJ Billy who has performed for the social club previously. The cost is $15.00 per person. If you are interested, please stop by the clubhouse on Friday mornings and stop by the Men’s Club table between 9:30 to 11:00 am.  
Lunch at Crab Trap in Somers Point - Price is $75.00 - Slot Play of $20.00
Departs Clubhouse at 10AM - Arrives at Resorts Casino at 1:30 pm
Leaves Casino at 6:30 pm - Returns home at 7:45 pm
Price IS $30.00 - Slot Play of $20.00
Leaves clubhouse at 9:00 am - Returns Home at 5:45 pm
Hello everyone. It’s great to see our friends come together once again and it is also nice to be able to talk with old friends during our Friday morning ticket sales and getting ready for events in the upcoming year. During this time, we have been able to say hello to the new homeowners who have moved into the South and welcome them and discuss the friendships that can be made at our monthly meetings. 
It has also been great to see our friends and new homeowners stopping by and speaking with our friendly Ways and Means Coordinator, Joe Coakley, regarding upcoming trips to Atlantic City. I never saw Joe so happy during the last year and a half. Joe has filled up his first 2 bus trips and is working on many more delightful trips for the rest of 2021. 
The Men’s Club is working on welcoming back our regular members and to welcome in our new members and I am confident that they will enjoy our meetings and make new friends. Both our Vice President, Bob Geist, and I are bringing in some interesting speakers for the men to learn about places of interest in our area that they can enjoy during their free time. 
The kitchen crew has told us they will return and are already discussing the great dinners they will be cooking for us this year. 
Don’t forget, we would like the members to stay after our meetings and talk with friends, play some card games and play bean bag. The friendships are endless as shown by our “UNDER THE HILL GANG,” which consists of about 15 men. All the members of our club are a great bunch of guys who continue their friendships outside of the clubhouse having Saturday morning breakfasts together each week and then enjoying each other’s company in other activities during the week. 
Looking forward to seeing everyone at our first meeting on Thursday September 16th at 6 pm.
Some upcoming events are:
  • Halloween Party on Saturday, October 30 from 6 pm to 10 pm. The cost is $15.00 per person. Snacks will be provided, and prizes will be awarded.
Joe’s Journeys to Atlantic City:
  • Tuesday, September 21 to Resorts Casino. 
  • The cost is $30 and slot play of $20. Bus departs the clubhouse at 9 am and returns at 6 pm.
  • Thursday, October 21 to Resorts Casino. Cost is $75 and slot play of $20. Lunch at the Crab Trap in Somers Point. Bus departs clubhouse at 10 am arrives at 1:30 pm, leaves casino at 6:30 pm and returns at 7:45 pm.
The Men’s Club is happy to see that everyone in our community is returning and enjoying all the activities in our clubhouse. It was great to see so many old friends that we have not seen since the clubhouse was closed. 
The Men’s Club is starting to sell memberships dues. We hope that all the new men in our community come to the clubhouse on Friday mornings during the ticket sales and stop at our table and find out a;; about the Men’s Club and the friendships we have with each other. During our meetings, we have a wonderful meal each month prepared by our kitchen volunteers who enjoy cooking for us. All this for $5.00 a year. Our 50/50 raffles pay for the meals. After the meeting, we would like to participate in a game of cornhole with the other men and continue to make more new friends. We try to find interesting topics for the men to enjoy during our meetings. 
We would also like to hear any suggestions to make our meetings better. We are always looking for men to join our Executive Board. Joining the Executive Board does not take a lot of your time, but it does help our club grow. We plan 2 dinners for the community to attend. 
We also want to invite you to join us with our Ways & Means Coordinator, Joe Coakley, on one of his monthly Atlantic City Trips. Our 1st trip is scheduled for September 21st to the Resorts Casino. The cost is $25.00 with a slot play of $20.00. The bus leaves the clubhouse at 9 am and will return at 6 pm. If you are interested, please stop by the clubhouse on Friday Mornings and speak with Joe. 
MARCH 2021
The Men’s Club hopes that everyone in our community is doing well and still have smiles on their faces. It has been a long year since we have seen everyone out and about at the clubhouse enjoying all the activities. We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel so we can be together again. 
The Men’s Club wants to send our condolences to Pete Scerbo on the passing of his wife. She will be missed by everyone in our community who knew her and enjoyed her company. For anyone who has lost a spouse/best friend, we want you to know that we are here for you and will assist you with anything you may need.
We do not know when the clubhouse will open and what restrictions will be mandated. Rest assured that we will endure and once again enjoy each other at our meetings. 
I sit at home trying to think of ways to make our first few meetings enjoyable when we can meet. I do not know if we will be able to start our meetings outdoors sitting 6 feet apart so members can attend with the required space allowed.  
With the clubhouse being closed for the past year and looking at the Southwind each month, we would encourage new homeowners to join the Men’s Club when we reopen. It would be nice for the new homeowners and Men’s Club members to meet each other and, hopefully, make new friends. There will not be any charge to join for the remainder of the 2020/2021 season which ends in June. We just want you guys to come and join us for a few hours each month. 
If you have any questions or would like more information, you can call me at 732-505-8321 or email me at [email protected] 
If anyone has any suggestions to make our first few meetings enjoyable, please let me know.
If the clubhouse opens soon, we will be able to have our annual car show at the clubhouse for everyone to enjoy on a Saturday morning/afternoon viewing numerous classic cars and enjoying the fresh air.
Hope to see everyone soon.
The Men’s Club hopes everyone had a good start to 2021. We are anxiously awaiting good news from our Governor that we are winning the battle against the coronavirus and, hopefully, we will see our clubhouse opening soon. We are looking into finding ways to hold our monthly meetings safely until we can see everyone in person and share a fist bump and smile with each other. I want to let everyone know that your best friend in the Men’s Club, Joe Coakley, is always on the phone with the bus company trying to figure out when he can set up our next trip to Atlantic City. I also keep in touch with our Trustees for updated news that is favorable on our behalf.
It is with saddened news that one of our oldest members, George McGowan, passed away in January in Georgia. George had moved to Georgia to be near his family. George will always be remembered with his smiles, always somewhere in the clubhouse with his friends playing cards, ping pong, bocce, shuffleboard and always helping all the clubs when needed. George was always good for a laugh. He will be missed by all of our members in the club and will also be greatly missed by everyone in our community. George will be remembered for his uncanny ways. He always had the best luck when engaging in all types of activities. 
We also extend our sincere condolences to John Fay and his family on the passing of his wife Joyce who left us in January. Joyce was John’s best friend, and he made her his top priority in his life.  We hope John stays strong and safe in the future. John knows he can count on everyone in Holiday City South to be there for him.
We also want to send our best wishes to the other members of our community who had the Corona Virus during the last few months and hope they are all healthy and safe. 
We hope to see everyone soon at the clubhouse for more good times
We want to start off this newsletter WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY NEW YEAR. The Men’s Club hopes that 2021 is a brighter year for everyone of our members, their families, friends, and everyone in our community. 
The Men’s Club received numerous thank you cards and phone calls from the people who enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinners donated by the club. It was nice to know everyone who had received a dinner from us enjoyed it. It means a lot to the board that we could help people in our community during this trying time.
I also want to thank all the volunteers who helped to bring the dinners to the people’s cars and hand delivered some dinners to front doors. It is a pleasure to have these men jump in to help when they are needed and for me to be able to call them my good friends. 
We want to thank the Social Club, led by Rich Bohan, for donating and distributing dinners for Christmas to the people who were home by themselves for Christmas. 
We are hope to see the clubhouse open sometime this year where we can all get together once again with everyone’s beautiful bright smiles.
The Men’s Club would like to start holding affairs for everyone to enjoy, especially our annual car show which a lot of people are asking for. They tell me they enjoy this day out in our parking lot viewing the vintage automobiles and reminiscing about the GOOD OLD DAYS. 
I would also ask everyone in our club and community to keep these people in their hearts and wish them well:
Vince LaManna: Vince died at the age of 91 and was a homeowner in HCS for the past 21 years and we send our sympathies and condolences to Vince’s family. He died on December 18, 2020 from double pneumonia. Vince served in the United States Army in the Korean War. Since moving to HCS, Vince was active in our community and was a past President of the Men’s Club. President of the Bocce League and helped at Bingo. He was also an active member of St. Max’s Church. He helped at their Bingo night and was an usher for them during Mass.  
Jim Nuzzi:  Jim is in his mid-90s and has had some medical issues he is fighting through. Jim is a proud decorated war veteran and the community is very proud of him. Jim loves to play Bocce and was exceptionally good at it. Jim is admired by his friends and neighbors as they are always talking about their love for him.
Joe Baccellieri:  Joe has been sick during the last few months and has been in and out of the hospital. Joe is known for his bright smile every time he sees someone, and his laughter is contagious. Joe loves to play cards at the clubhouse a few days a week and he loves being at the pool during the summer.  We wish Joe a healthy recovery and hope to see him in the pool sometime this summer.
Joe Coakley:  Our Men’s Club Trip Coordinator was not feeling well in December and spent a day in the hospital’s emergency room. We miss Joe at our Friday night card game as he is joy to be with his smile, laughter, and kidding ways. We want to wish Joe a speedy recovery and a healthy 2021.
For those men in our community that we have not heard anything about and are not feeling well, the Men’s Club wants to send our greetings out to you and hope you are feeling better and getting around.
Once Again, the MEN’S CLUB EXECUTIVE BOARD wants to wish everyone a HAPPY AND HEALTHY 2021 and hope to see everyone soon at the clubhouse
We are now in the final month of 2020. It has been a hard year for all of us. During this time, we have stayed strong as a community, keeping in touch with our neighbors and friends, giving everyone, you pass a nice smile, a hello and a hand wave. 
The Men’s Club want to congratulate one of our members and Trustee, President Mike Signorile who has been elected to the Berkeley Township Council. We wish him well in this endeavor.
We also want to congratulate Vince DeChairo on his appointment to the Berkeley Township Planning Board and we wish Vince well in this endeavor.
The Men’s Club had donated 35 dinners to our homeowners for Thanksgiving who were by themselves on this day. It was a great pleasure and heartwarming feeling to take care of our friends during this time. 
Also, during this time, we had to say goodbye to a couple of our Men’s Club members who have moved away for various reasons. I was able to say goodbye in person to these wonderful friends before they left and they were sent a card to say “goodbye” and being a friend in the community and as a member of our club. 
They are as follows
  1. George McGowan:  George moved to Georgia to be with his son due to his health. George will always be remembered for his love of everyone he met and the amount of time he gave back to our clubhouse over the years while he lived here. I played cards with George every week and it was a standing joke that when he talked he told me beforehand he was there to take my money - which he did a good majority of the time we played. I know I will miss him every time I sit down to play cards in the clubhouse.
  2. Barry Adam: Barry and his wife have now moved to South Carolina to be with their kids and grandchildren. I got to know Barry when I ran the first car show at our clubhouse. Our love for classic cars brought us together and was a constant point of our conversations every time we met. Once again Barry will be greatly missed in our community.
  3. Jim Carletta: I met Jim while playing in our bocce league. We became good friends during this time and have remained friends ever since. Jim joined me as my Vice President of the Men’s Club. Jim and I would discuss our plans for the Men’s Club for the next month at lunch at different restaurants enjoying each other. Jim left to be a Trustee at HCS and when he left that position, he came back to be on the Executive Board once again. Jim was my go-to guy when we needed a flyer made for our fundraisers, car shows and helped other clubs with their flyers. Jim, along with his wife, Judy have become good friends and we have enjoyed being with them over dinner or having coffee and cake at each of our homes. Jim is moving to South Carolina for health reasons and hopefully will enjoy his time down there.
  4. Joe Turso:  Joe is one man I will never forget. He is my idol here in Holiday City. He was my neighbor and the Mayor of Maison Way. He was one of the original homeowners in Holiday City and was the first person we all met when we moved in to welcome us to Maison Way. Joe was one of the most active men in HCS, as he played bocce, shuffleboard, ping pong, billiards, and anything else he could do to stay healthy. Joe was always working around his yard to stay active. He had a few neighbors over for a holiday get together and ran a BBQ in his yard for his closest friends. One morning while I was  walking around my yard, I saw Joe jumping rope to stay healthy- and this was while Joe was in his 80’s. Joe made sure he picked up a few of the Men’s Club members for our monthly meetings. He was our designated driver. Joe now lives in Scotch Plains with his son due to his health.
  5. Jim Mullins—Jim became one of my friends when I was a Trustee on our Board. I met Jim through his beautiful wife, Peggy. We talked often at our Men’s Club meetings and more so after Jim asked me to play cards with his group every Friday night. Shortly after that, when the Men’s Club did not have a president, Jim asked me to take over the Men’s Club so it would not fold. Jim became another of my go-to guys when I had one of my crazy ideas for the Men’s Club meetings. Jim gave me his experience in these concerns if they would work or not. Jim gave me assistance when we started helping people in need doing small work around their homes. Our first work was to add a wooden ramp at Dick Convers front door. Jim built the ramp himself out of wood. We did these 2 more times in our community. Jim decided to move back to Pennsylvania to be near his family. It took Jim a few months to make his decision, but this was best for him long term. We keep in touch with Jim when we are playing cards on Friday nights to keep him in our game. 
  6. Lastly, we want to wish Rich Benner a speedy and healthy recovery from his surgery, I know Rich is doing well and walking around, but will still need some time to get back to his normal self. We do not know at this time if Rich will be able to rejoin all his friends to play ping pong, but knowing Rich, he will do his best to return to his one love at the clubhouse  

Remember: We all met as new homeowners over the years, meeting at the clubhouse at various events and became friends and, as I now say, we are more like “FAMILY”.  The Men’s Club’s Executive Board wants to wish everyone a joyful holiday season.  Stay strong and stay healthy!

The Executive Board of the Men’s Club hopes that all our members continue to be safe and healthy. It has been a long 7 months since our last meeting, and we miss everyone’s happy and smiling faces. We have seen some of you on our ventures throughout our community and I personally try to stay in contact with as many members as I can during this time. I have heard of a people in our community who have contracted the virus and I am happy to say we only had one member who was in the hospital for about 8 days with the virus. He has fully recovered, and it is nice to see him and talk to him with his bright smile and jokes around with all he meets.
We would like to thank a few members of the “Under The Hill Gang” who supported us during our 2nd Annual Car Show. They assisted us with parking the show cars and acting as judges. All the guys did a great job for us. The “Under the Hill Gang” consists of approximately ten good friends who are members of our club who meet every Saturday for breakfast and then continue our morning playing bocce ball, corn hole, as well as other games, to enjoy continuing our friendship and time together while being outdoors,
November 11th is Veterans Day, and even though we do not have our monthly meetings, the Executive Board would like to stand up and applaud all our Veterans in Holiday City South. We want to THANK YOU for your service for protecting our country and our freedom. Lastly, the Executive Board would like to wish everyone in our community a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope that everyone can spend quality time with their families during this stressful time.
Hope to see everyone soon.
JUNE 2020
The Men’s Club is hopeful that everyone in our community has survived the Coronavirus Pandemic. We want to extend our condolences and sympathies to our neighbors and their families who have passed away during this time. 
I want to personally thank all of the homeowners in our community who joined me in our Car Parade in April. We did this for 3 days and had approximately 30 cars each day. Many residents came out of their homes waving from their front doors, windows and driveways when we passed through the neighborhoods blowing our horns. Every participant in the Car Parade went home with their hearts lifted high because they brought a smile to everyone’s face. This crazy idea of mine made me feel great!
Many have said that Holiday City South is the best community to live in and the Car Parade just added to the list of why we are the best. 
The Men’s Club also donated food to the medical staff at Community Medical Center to show our appreciation for their tireless efforts and hard work during this crisis.
Hopefully, we will soon be starting to return to our somewhat normal life, which means seeing each other at the clubhouse or just outside your homes. 
Once everything is reopened, we will advise you about the trips to the casinos. Postings will be through the Southwind and our bulletin board.
MAY 2020
Hello Everyone,
The Men’s Club hopes that everyone in our community is well, despite the coronavirus pandemic and, hopefully, we will be starting to get back to our regular lifestyle soon.
I have been in constant contact with our Trustees and they will let everyone know when we can get the “green light” regarding the opening of our clubhouse so that everyone can enjoy our activities, once again.
First let me say this, during our monthly meetings, I always tell our members that we all started out as friends, but I consider everyone a family member. During our isolation period, I miss seeing everyone’s smiling faces and daily hellos. Not being able to walk around each month during our meetings to say hello, shaking hands, and enjoying the night with our members, has left me feeling down and out. 
The Men’s Club will also start selling tee shirts that we have purchased for the homeowners to show off their pride in living in our wonderful community. The price is $10.00 each and we have both men’s and women’s sizes.
APRIL 2020
Springtime is upon us and the Men’s Club is fully engaged with more fundraisers scheduled for our men and our community to enjoy. The Executive Board is always looking for new and exciting ideas for the men to enjoy each month. 
We are also providing the community with trips to Atlantic City to enjoy with your family or friends and appreciate the efforts our Ways and Means Coordinator.
It is that time again for Executive Board elections. If anyone is interested in running for any of the positions, please advise one of our Board members and it will be announced at our monthly meetings.
The following are some of the activities that the Men’s Club will be holding in the coming months
May 16th the Club is holding their 2nd Annual Car Show in our parking lot. We would like to see many of our residents at this event and, once again, make this show a success. We are expecting to have approximately 100 cars for everyone to view and reminisce about their younger days and the enjoyment they had at that time. 
May 30th the Men’s Club will be holding our Summer Feast from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the auditorium. We have a great menu for everyone to enjoy, along with an afternoon of dancing to your favorite summer songs.
Look for our flyers in the Southwind with all the details for these events.
The Men’s Club will also be selling T-shirts with the HCS logo every Friday at the Clubhouse during ticket sales from 9:30 am to 11:00 am and prior to any events we are holding. The shirts will be in men’s and ladies’ sizes. The cost will be $10.00 per shirt. We are hoping to see many people in our community wearing these T-shirts during the warm weather.
We are off to a wonderful beginning in the New Year for the Men’ Club. We are still enjoying new men moving into our community and joining the Men’s club to enjoy a night out with their new found friends. 
We continue to take care of our past members and active members who are out due to a medical condition. We have brought dinners to eight of these men who were very grateful for the thoughts we have for them brought smiles and thank you which made us feel good. 
We are moving forward with our new project of taking care of our entire Holiday City South community with our program of helping people with minor projects that need to be done in their homes and saving them money in repair bills. We are still setting this program up getting a list of volunteers in our area to help take the phone calls or repairs. If you are interested in joining this exciting new venture, please call Bill Holencsak at 732-505-8321 and leave a message for me. 
The men enjoyed their annual Holiday dinner in January due to the holiday schedule. 
We continue to look for new speakers for our meetings to find interesting things for the men to do during their free time. 
We are looking forward to our Saint Patrick day dinner on March 14th. The cost is $25.00 per person with an outstanding menu and a wonderful DJ for everyone to enjoy the music and dancing.
Mark your calendars for May 16th, we will be having our 2nd annual car show. We had a great turnout last year when we had 87 cars for viewing and hoping to bring in more classic cars this year.   
Joe Coakley, our Ways and Means Coordinator is busy setting up more enjoyable trips to Atlantic City. Joe is setting up for a Sunday which will include a new show for your viewing. This will allow people who work during the week to be able to enjoy this new venture from the Men’s Club.
The New Year is upon us and we at the Men’s club want to wish all our friends and family a joyous New Year with wonderful things ahead for us in 2020. We are also hoping everyone had a great Holiday Season with their friends and family along with any new friends they made during this time. 
The Men’s Club is looking for another great year during 2020 with wonderful meetings every month. Our members will be enjoying a beautiful holiday dinner during January due to our schedule for November and December falling on the holiday’s themselves. 
We are hoping that our members who were not able to attend our regular monthly meetings caused by their illness or their wife’s illness kept them at home are able to come out and enjoy 2 hours with their friends this month. 
We have numerous events planned for the rest of the year starting with Joe Coakley’s trip to the Golden Nugget in March followed by our Saint Patrick’s Dinner followed up by our 2nd Annual Car show in May. Joe will keep us excited with his great Atlantic City Trips the rest of the year. Joe will be giving us a trip in April on a Sunday for the first time which includes a show titled “the Rat Pack”. Look at our schedule below for these wonderful trips. 
Our board led by Bob Geist is always looking for new speakers in the area for our men to hear about in different areas of interest in the Ocean County area to enjoy on an everyday basis. 
The Men’s Club continues to support our ex members and active members who are unable to leave their homes due to medical conditions for either themselves or their wives. The homes that we visit are well received by our members and are thankful that they are not forgotten about.
Once again, we want to wish everyone in our Community a healthy and Happy New Year.
We are now in the beginning of our Fall season enjoying the nice crisp morning and evening weather to take a walk through our lovely community. We are also starting to enjoy all the club activities and making plans for the upcoming holidays.
The Men’s club has just had the first fund raiser of the year with our annual Italian Night which was a great success. We want to thank all our friends who came out to enjoy the evening together. 
The Men’s club also just had their first general meeting with approx. 15 new members. They were welcomed to our club and the hopes that this meeting started them in making new friends in our community.
We have a lot of new ideas for the Men’s club during the year to keep the men active and telling everyone they enjoy coming out to the meetings each month. 
We are also in the planning stages of more exciting fund raisers during the year which will also include our 2nd classic car show in the spring, another visit to the Lakewood Blue Claws which everyone enjoyed in August. We are always looking for more ideas from our members which the men will enjoy. 
We must give mention to Joe Coakley and John Kennedy for putting on wonderful trips each month to Atlantic City. Joe is always looking to give our community the best trips he can put together for everyone to enjoy which includes lunches at different restaurants and the Christmas show at the Tropicana Casino.
We are coming towards the end of our beautiful summer season and the Men’s club hopes everyone had an enjoyable summer. It is now time to think about the upcoming Fall season and enjoying all of the wonderful things to look forward to which includes joining up for the Men’s Club for 2019/2020. We ended our last season with a Classic Car Show which was a great success and followed up by an evening at the Lakewood Blue Claws with your family and friends. 
The Men’s Club is making plans for another great year for our members. We finished our last year with a membership of 150 men and we are hoping to bring in more new homeowners to join in the fun. Our meetings will be on the 4th Thursday of each month. Bob Geist has been talking to new guest speakers with the men’s interest in mind and has signed up 2 speakers thus far and continues to search for more speakers with our members in mind to enjoy.
Lastly our annual Italian Night is this month, on September 21st at 5pm to 9pm. We have a wonderful dinner planned and music by DJ Lewis and his wife. The cost is $25.00 per person. If you have not purchased a ticket yet, please stop by our ticket sales on Friday’s in the clubhouse. 
JULY 2019
Our year has concluded, and we saw the men enjoy the past year. Our membership has grown to 149 members. This has been a plus for the Executive Board to have been a part of this growth and we are looking forward to our next year starting in September.
We closed our year with another new idea at our last meeting, a Beanbag tournament against 4 women from our community. Hopefully this is a start to more new ideas coming out of the Men’s club. We know everyone who played in the game or were watching it enjoyed themselves and cheered for both sides.
Our first annual car show was a success. The people from our community as well as other visitors had a great time. I must thank the Ocean County Vintage Auto Museum for their partnership and leadership which made this day a success. Their expertise in running a car show and help in each area was well received. We want to Thank our Trustees for allowing to run our Classic Car Show and giving our Club House another first and showing why we have the top-rated Club House.
In May of this year Bob Geist (vice president) and myself spent a night with the Carefree Men’s Club to get more new ideas for our club. They were very appreciative that we were looking for another partnership in our wanting to help our club grow even stronger.
In the future we want to also meet with the Berkeley Men’s Club and form another partnership for our club.
Registration starts in August, please stop by the clubhouse on Friday mornings and sign up for another wonderful year.
Mens Club Beanbag Competition
JUNE 2019
We are now coming to the end of another wonderful year of meetings for our Men’s club. We are continuing to grow with our membership totaling 150 members. We want to thank the men for helping our club to grow. We would not have made it this far without our members bringing in their new neighbors and friends. 
I want to personally give thanks to my executive board for working with me on my ideas for this year to make our club more exciting. The men in the kitchen has been one of the reasons our numbers have grown and more men coming out each month. Their dinner ideas have been outstanding, and we cannot thank them enough for their support and friendship. The men who take care of our 50/50 raffles each month also give us their friendly support each month. Without all these volunteers we would not have been as successful this year. 
Lastly our Ways and Means committee lead by Joe Coakley and his team, we need to give them our appreciation for a job well done. They have given us great trips to Atlantic City all year and their results have allowed us to do more for the membership at our meetings. The behind the scenes work they do from home is astounding. 
Finally, I want to thank the membership for their ideas to make our meetings more successful with their ideas for the men to enjoy the night after our meetings have concluded. 
Please remember to join us on June 22nd at the clubhouse for our 1st annual classic car show. We are hoping to have a huge number of classic cars for everyone to view and bring back their earlier days and dreams. 
The car show is in partnership with the Ocean County vintage automobile museum in Point Pleasant. They have supplied 3 trophies to be handed out at the conclusion of the show. We will be having a 50/50 raffle and food for purchase.
Hope to see everyone at our clubhouse and enjoying themselves. 
I am hoping to see our current members and new homeowners at our first meeting on September 28th and every 4th Thursday of the month. 
I would like to wish a sunny and enjoyable summer.
MAY 2019
We are now enjoying the beautiful weather every day and taking daily walks and working on our properties while listening to the birds singing around us. We are making plans to take a walk on the boardwalk with our loved ones and enjoying the breeze coming off the ocean and the sun gleaming off the water. We are also thinking about enjoying a beautiful sausage with peppers and onions or just a slice of pizza and playing some games. 
The Men’s club members are also enjoying each monthly meeting talking with the friends they have made at the club while also enjoying a wonderful dinner cooked by the great chefs in our kitchen who have taken pride in their monthly accomplishments and compliments by the members.
The men have also enjoyed the visits by the Ocean County Vintage Automobile Museum who have entertained us with slide shows of classic cars that bring back great memories of our younger years. This is a lead in to our first Annual vintage car show we are holding this year (details to follow on the car show). 
The Executive board is starting to set up our next fund raiser in September, The Italian Night Dinner on September 21st. We are in the process in trying different vendors to give the people the best tasting meal to enjoy. 
We must thank all the homeowners in the South who have supported Joe’s Journeys to Atlantic City every month. Joe enjoys putting these trips together for the homeowners. 
The Men’s Club is pleased to announce that on June 22nd (rain date of June 23rd) we will be holding our first annual Vintage Auto show in partnership with the Ocean County Vintage Automobile Museum. The car show will be held in our parking lot from 10 AM to 3 PM. We are hoping to have approx. 75 cars to 100 cars to view. You will be able to judge the vintage cars in 3 categories and trophies will be awarded at the end of the show. If you own or know someone who has a classic car and would like to enter the car in the show, please call Bill Holencsak at 732-570-7213. The Registration fee for showing your car will be $20.00 We are hoping for our homeowners to come out and enjoy the day with us. The show is free to all admirers of the classic cars.  We will have food to purchase and a 50/50. The Ocean County Vintage Auto Museum will be raffling off a 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible.
The Ocean County Vintage Automobile Museum has their own display of Vintage Cars which they change every few months and they are located at 188 Bay Avenue in Point Pleasant. 
Volunteers are needed for various areas of the car show. If you are interested in making our day a success and want to volunteer, please call Bill Holencsak at 732-570-7213
APRIL 2019
Spring is upon us and we are all happy for the warmer weather and sunshine. Hopefully everyone is enjoying being outside working around the yard, sitting on our patios and talking to our friends and neighbors we have not seen all winter. The Men’s Club just enjoyed another wonderful club fundraiser with our Saint Patrick’s dinner. All the people who attended enjoyed the night with a beautiful dinner by the Four Seasons restaurant and enjoying dancing to the music of DJ Johnny.
We are now looking forward to bringing our members more thoughts of the nice weather with a video provided by the Ocean County Vintage Automobile Museum on the Famous Fins of the Fifties. Hopefully the men enjoyed this video and hopefully continue their memories of the cars they grew up driving and dreaming about while dating their wife’s or girlfriends during this time of their life. The remembrances of good times past. We are hoping to continue the good times of driving the car they loved during the fifties and sixties with a car show in our own parking lot in June which we are working on at this time. Hopefully everyone in our community will join us for the day which will be free to everyone to enjoy. 
We are happy to have our Ways and Means Coordinator Joe Coakley back from his time in Florida with his family as well as a few other members who have also just returned from the sunshine in Florida. They all have been missed at our monthly meetings. 
Joe Coakley and John Kennedy along with the assistance of Adrian Corrigan continue to set up wonderful trips to Atlantic City every month. They make sure each person has a wonderful time on each of their trips. 
MARCH 2019
Spring is upon us and we are looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces around the clubhouse and the Men’s Club Meetings.
We have a lot of different activities happening during the next few months with the Men’s Club. 
First, we want to wish our Ways and Means person, Joe Coakley a speedy recovery from his surgery. We miss his smiling jovial face and Joe’s energy and jokes which keeps all of us at the clubhouse smiling with him and laughing along with him.
We have had a few new entertainers for our monthly meetings which the men have enjoyed. Our March meeting will have 2 men from the Ocean County Vintage Automobile Museum and will present a slide show titled “The Fabuolis Fins of the Fifties”. This is an introduction to the Men’s Club hosting an Oldies Car Show in June in our Clubhouse parking lot. We are hoping to make this day a fun day for the people of Holiday City come out and view all of the older cars we are hoping to bring in for your enjoyment. 
Please mark your calendars to join us on March 16th for our annual Saint Patrick’s Day Dinner. The affair is from 5pm to 9pm. The cost is $27.00 per person with a beautiful Corn Beef and Cabbage Dinner. We will be entertained by DJ Johnny. Please stop by the club house on Friday mornings to purchase a ticket between 9:30 am to 11:am
Once again, we are looking for one of our members to join the executive board as our Secretary. We are looking for someone who can devote a few hours a month to take the minutes of our executive meeting and Monthly meeting. We are hoping this person will also add their thoughts on making our club stronger with ideas for our meetings for the men to enjoy and bring in new members through our enjoyable meetings.
Holiday City South is the place to be
The Men’s Club is great in our community
The meetings we have are fun to attend
with laughter, enjoyment is interesting to the end
The membership is growing ON and ON
The Bigger the better so come on
We strive to make our membership one of the best
The Men’s Club of HCS our goal is success
Written by John Caporrino 
*Mentorship Program*
The Men’s Club of Holiday City South in partnership with the Holiday City South Trustees and the Superintendent of Central Regional School System in Berkeley Township is looking for Volunteers (Men and Women) to MENTOR/BIG BROTHER/BIG SISTER for our younger adults. There are numerous young adults who need assistance from our senior communities to help put them on the right track for their future. We have young men and women in their early teens who are being raised by a single parent who needs to work and cannot always be there for them 24 hours a day, teens who get involved with the wrong element on the outside, do not have the proper work ethic to help them in their future working goals. With your experience in raising children, giving them insight, someone to be able to talk to, guide them on the right course to follow for their future. Help them in realizing how important it is for them to maintain the right attitude in life, stay straight in school, get good grades and choose the correct path for life after graduating from high school.
We are also looking for Seniors (Men and Women) who like to volunteer to work with our younger kids in Elementary School and read to them or an area that will help them start to be successful at this time of their life.
If you have 1 to 2 hours per week, every 2 weeks or monthly please look at yourself and realize that any time you can afford to give to these kids will make you feel happy that you have helped someone who needs a little support.
If you are interested, please contact me at 732-570-7213 or email me at [email protected] to discuss this program. I am very passionate about starting this program and helping the kids of today. I work at a part time job where I listen to these teenagers and try to help them in any way I can, and I always feel better in the end that I have tried to help someone who needs some guidance.
This will also help the Seniors who sit in their homes during the cold weather with nothing to do, you will be able to stay active and help our kids and feel Goodness in your heart.
We are hoping to have Volunteers from all the Communities of Holiday City participate in this program and hopefully continue to grow.

We are done with most of the cold weather at this time and hopefully everyone is staying healthy and still smiling. The Men’s club is gearing up for their annual Saint Patrick’s Dinner on March 16th. We are also setting up our Bus trips to Atlantic City for our homeowners to enjoy a day out with their friends.

The men enjoyed a beautiful Christmas dinner on January 3rd enjoying the night while also listening to a comedian while they had their dinner.
The Executive Board is always looking for more ideas for the men and the homeowners to enjoy during the next few months.
Please look in the Southwind and the Lobby of building “C” for information regarding our upcoming Saint Patrick’s Dinner on March 16th between 5PM and 9PM. You can start purchasing your tickets at this time for $27.00 per person. Our dinner is being catered by Four Seasons Restaurant starting with Irish Soda Bread on each table to start your evening followed by Corn Beef and Cabbage with Potatoes and Vegetables with dessert to follow. The entertainment for the evening is by DJ Johnny. Please stop by the clubhouse on Friday mornings and see our board to purchase your tickets.
Joe Coakley has 2 trips set up at this time for your enjoyment. March 26th we are going to the Golden Nugget Casino. The cost is $25.00 with $25.00 in slot play and includes a $5.00 food voucher.The bus leaves the clubhouse at 9 AM and returns at 5:30 PM Joe’s 2nd trip is scheduled for April 30th going to the Tropicana Casino. The cost is $25.00 with a slot play of $25.00. the bus departs at 9AM and returns at 5:30 PM.
Please stop by the clubhouse and see Joe Coakley or John Kennedy on Friday mornings to purchase a ticket. Hoping to see everyone on Friday’s with their smiling faces and a Happy Hello.
The Executive Board of the Men’s Club hope all our friends in Holiday City South had a wonderful Holiday Season. We also hope everyone has a great 2019 along with staying healthy and making new friends in our community.
The Men’s club is looking forward to growing this year with our members and bringing new items and ideas to our monthly meetings.
As President I would like to thank my Executive board for joining me in bring in new ideas and wonderful fund raisers for our club.
Once again, our ways and means coordinator Joe Coakley along with John Kennedy outdid themselves with their monthly trips to Atlantic City. I went on our last trip in November to the Tropicana Casino along with having a wonderful lunch and the Christmas show which was set up by Joe with Stouts Tours. Joe promised me I would have a wonderful day and I enjoyed all the company who accompanied us on this trip. They made the day very enjoyable. I can tell all our homeowners they should look at our trip schedule for the upcoming year and try to make at least 1 trip with Joe on His Journey’s to Atlantic City. You will not be disappointed.
We will miss Joe during January and February as he becomes a snowbird during this time to spend the time with his Boys and Grandkids in Florida.
Our next Fundraiser is our annual Saint Patrick’s Day party on March 16, 2019. We are setting up our caterer and musician, so everyone can join us for a beautiful night with their spouses and friends. We will start selling our tickets on Friday January 25th every Friday morning at the clubhouse.
I am starting a project which is a passion of mine partnering with our Trustees and Dr. P. from Central Regional school system. I am looking to start a mentoring program with our seniors with their wealth of knowledge to work with our kids in the area. There are a few kids who need guidance as they start to mature. We are looking for people who can give one to two hours a week, bi weekly or monthly to sit with these kids and give them guidance. Instead of sitting in your home during the cold months in front of the TV, get up and help a youngster with your knowledge or if you like read to the smaller kids during school. If you are interested, please contact me at 732-570-7213. We are hoping to start this program by late January. Looking forward to seeing all our homeowners during 2019.
The holiday season is upon us and time for us to enjoy the time spent with our families and friends. We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
The Men’s club continues to enjoy each other every month and making new friends at our meetings. We have new men helping to make delicious meals each month for the membership. Our meetings continue see the men enjoy themselves with each other.
For our members remember to sign up for our Holiday Dinner at our January meeting. The cost for each member is $10.00. you can continue to sign up on Friday mornings or our next meeting.
We would like to thank every homeowner who supported us during our fundraisers and Joe’s Journeys to Atlantic City and beautiful restaurants he has taken us. We are looking forward to starting our bus trips up again in February. Joe has another exciting year set up for our homeowners to enjoy with the assistance of John Kennedy.
The Men’s club executive board continues to come up with more new ideas for our men to enjoy. As president I would like to say Thank You to my board and men’s club members for helping our club to grow.
Hoping that every homeowner has a joyous Holiday season this year and are looking forward to a wonderful NEW YEAR.
We hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful autumn weather and looking forward to the holidays coming up. The Men’s club held their annual Italian night on September 22nd and was a huge success. 
With the assistance of a few volunteers from our Recreation Committee everyone who attended has told us how much they enjoyed the night. Diane Lentini and Marianne Augustine added their expertise of hosting a large party that we were having, their excitement to make this night special and their never-ending ideas and thoughts as well as their never-ending energy to make sure we had everything in place for the night. Marianne and her husband Alex made the nicest centerpieces anyone has seen in our clubhouse. We then had 2 more volunteers Debbie Signorelli and Pauline DeChairo who chaired our first annual Meatball tasting contest which once again was a huge success. We had 10 homeowners who entered the contest to show off their best meatballs. The 3 judges tasted a meatball for each contestant for their consistency and taste. They were professional in their judging and took their time to find the best meatballs that were entered. The results were first place, April Franzino, 2nd place went to Rosalie Meta and 3rd place went to Roseanne Holencsak. Each person was given a small prize for their accomplishment. April was then given a small trophy donated by one of our trustees and April had to agree that she will come back next year and award the trophy to next year’s winner. All our homeowners who attended said they had a great evening.
Once again, we are still looking for volunteers to join the executive board as we still need a secretary and we need men for our kitchen. Our goal is for the Men’s club to continue to grow and continue to give our members a monthly night out with their friends, make new friends, plays cards, bean bag toss or checkers/chess and enjoy their Men’s night out.

The men’s club is hoping everyone has enjoyed the summer with their family and friends, enjoyed their time at the beach or a beautiful vacation.

Our new year has started, and we are enjoying the growth of the men’s club. Bob Geist has been voted in as our new vice president and we want to wish him the best of luck to this position. Bob has always given the past board new ideas for our members to enjoy and we know he will continue this path for us.
We are always looking for new members for our club and are asking our members if they meet a new neighbor to discuss our club with them and invite them to our meetings and hopefully sign up as a new member.
We enjoyed our Italian night dinner in September and hopefully everyone who attended enjoyed themselves to a wonderful dinner and entertainment. We also had a wonderful turnout for our first annual meatball tasting contest. The entrants worked hard on showcasing their delicious meatballs and the judges had a hard time figuring out who made the best meatballs. We want to thank the entrants for their hard work and enthusiasm for this day.
Please be sure to stop by our ticket sales on Friday mornings between 9:30 am to 11 am and speak with Joe Coakley or John Kennedy on these wonderful trips or call Joe at 732-281-3050
We have come to the start of another year for the Holiday City South men’s club. We are hoping to have another fun filled year enjoying the company of each other. Our meetings this year will be on the FIRST THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH. OUR FIRST MEETING WILL BE ON SEPTEMBER 6TH AT 7 PM. Please remember to stop by the club house on Friday mornings to sign up for the year or we will be at our first meeting early to take signups. We are hoping that new home owners take this time to join the men’s club and meet new neighbors and the other gentlemen in our club and make new friendships.
The Men’s club executive board needs 2 men to volunteer to join the board as either Vice President or Treasurer. The men’s club needs men with new and exciting ideas for our membership to enjoy. It only takes a few hours each month of your time to volunteer. If anyone is interested, please call Bill Holencsak at 732-570-7213 or speak with me at the 1st meeting in September. Without new volunteers the men’s club will be hard to keep alive in the future.
On September 22nd the men’s club will be holding a fund raiser. It is our annual ITALIAN NIGHT DINNER. We will have a wonderful dinner planned for everyone and be entertained by Don Magrini who will be singing songs by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and others. The cost is $24.00 per person and the event is from 5 pm to 9 pm. Please help support the men’s club by joining us
for this beautiful evening we have planned. 
Hoping everyone is having an enjoyable summer either taking a beautiful vacation, enjoying themselves at the beach or pool or just relaxing at home.
We are now getting ready for our new season of Men’s club meetings/activities to begin in September. Mark your calendars for the second Wednesday of each month this year. We are looking to try some new ideas and are still looking for more men to volunteer either as a board member, kitchen or to bring us new ideas for our club.
Our next fundraiser is our annual “ITALIAN NIGHT” ON September 22nd. We are going to have a beautiful menu catered by MIDTOWN PIZZERIA/RESTAURANT in SOUTH TOMS RIVER, WONDERFUL MUSIC BY Don Magrini. Please join us for a wonderful night with some of your friends from Holiday City South. Tickets are available on Friday mornings at the clubhouse.
JULY 2018
We are hoping that everyone is having a wonderful summer. The Men’s club of Holiday City South had a great year. We introduced new ideas and thoughts to make our meetings very enjoyable.
The Executive Board would like to thank all our members for helping our club grow this year and bringing in new members. Our signups for the upcoming year has started on Friday mornings at the ticket sales.
Our motto for the new year is “INVITE A NEW NEIGHBOR OR FRIEND” if they are HCS residents, to join the Men’s Club. We want to see our numbers continue to grow.
The Men’s Club meetings starting in September will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm. This is our new day starting this year. 
We are still looking for a few members to join our executive board this year to help with new ideas for our membership. It takes good men to volunteer and help with planning each month to make us a really great club.
Please remember our next fund raiser for July will be an outdoor concert in our rear parking lot. The theme is our MID SUMMER CONCERT. Our band will be the Jimmy Ray band featuring Hunter Hayes. We will be playing summer music for everyone’s enjoyment. The concert is on July 21st from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Please join us for a fun evening.
JUNE 2018
The Men’s Club of Holiday City South had a new exciting year. The Executive board has found new and exciting ways for the men to enjoy themselves each month. Our membership was great at 130 men. We are hoping to expand on this number with new homeowners moving into our community and our regular members bringing in their neighbors who have not joined us yet. We have more and exciting plans for the new year starting in September.
The board would like to” Thank” the members for their support and acknowledgement each month that they have enjoyed our meetings.
We still are looking for some of members to step up and join the board as members or to help us in the kitchen. Our kitchen crew has done a wonderful job each month in making sure the men have a nice dinner ready for them. We need new men to help us continue this in the years to come.
We would also like to thank the Central Regional High school for their support during the year with their willingness to help our men enjoy themselves on a weekly basis with being a supporter of the high school athletics by coming to their events.
Also, we would like to express our thanks to our liaison to Central Regional High School who made our partnership exceptional each month. Remember, our 2018/2019 membership drive
starts in August at the Friday ticket sales.
We would like to also thank the homeowners who have enjoyed themselves at our fundraisers which allowed the Men’s Club to donate $2,000.00 to our trustees to help offset costs to the repairs in building “C” this year. 
Hoping every homeowner has a wonderful summer and see you in September.
The Men’s Club Executive Board
MAY 2018
We are hoping everyone is enjoying the sunshine, beautiful weather and the spring plants that are growing throughout our beautiful community. The Men’s Club has been enjoying an exciting year during our monthly meetings as well as the couple of trips we have been on and have planned for this month.
The community joined us in celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with our March dinner and dance. The Men’s Club meetings have grown in popularity with the different entertainment they have enjoyed each month as we have introduced new ideas each meeting for the men to enjoy.
We still have new ideas for the men each month to enjoy.
In May we have our Spring Fling dinner and dance on the 5th. The menu we have for this night is new and exciting. Please stop by the clubhouse to look at the flyer and hopefully enjoy this night with us by purchasing tickets. The entertainment is by Wild Rose. The tickets are $27.00 per person.
On May 22nd we have a trip scheduled to the U.S.S. New Jersey along with the Adventure Aquarium. The U.S.S. New Jersey includes a guided tour of the battleship. The aquarium is your own time to enjoy the beautiful fish they have. The price is $70.00 per person.
Please stop by the clubhouse on Friday mornings to purchase tickets for these 2 events.
As most of the Men’s Club is aware we have 2 of our executive board members running for Trustee positions in our community. We will need someone to step forward and volunteer to fill their positions.
This is an urgent plea for volunteers as myself as President and our treasurer cannot handle all the needs to run our Men’s Club successfully. I do not want to see our club go by the wayside as other Holiday City Communities. The Men’s Club in our community has been in existence since 1986. Let’s keep our club growing.
MARCH 2018
We have made it to the spring time. Hopefully everyone has survived the cold weather and
sunless days and is smiling with the thoughts of getting out of the house and enjoying different
things around the area.
We are hoping you will join us in enjoying some of the events we have set up during the spring. We are inviting everyone to show their Irish side in signing up for our annual Saint Patrick’s Day dance
on Saturday March 24th between 5 pm and 9 pm. We are having a beautiful dinner of Corned Beef
and Cabbage with Potatoes, Dessert and drinks. We will enjoy the music of the Jimmy Ray band
during the evening. Please join us in showing your Irish side by wearing the Green of the Irish.
We will follow this night by holding our Spring Fling on May 5th. On May 22nd we will be holding a trip
to the U.S.S. New Jersey, and also the Aquarium before departing for home.
As you can see the Men’s club means more exciting times for our members, we have seen an increase in our membership this year and have done new and exciting events at our meetings.
As we anxiously wait for the Groundhogs to tell us spring is right around the corner and we start looking forward to spring, the Men’s club is busy setting up new adventures for us to enjoy. Our bus trips to Atlantic City with a smiling Joe Coakley at the helm have been planned and tickets are being sold on Friday mornings.
Our 1st fundraiser, the Saint Patrick day dinner is set for March 21st with a cost of $27.00 per person. Please join us for this fun evening by purchasing tickets on Friday mornings at the clubhouse. We are looking new trips this year which our first one in the spring will be to the USS New Jersey Battleship. We are still working out the program for this. We hopefully will be looking at trips to the Lakewood Blue Claws, possibly to Monmouth Park for you horse racing enthusiasts.
Hope to see new smiling Faces for these trips and enjoy the day with us.


Men’s Club

By Art Dieffenbach

September brings us to the end of summer, Labor Day, the start of the Autumn season and the beginning of our Men’s Club meetings for another year. Our meetings will be on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM on (September 21st this month) until June 21, 2018. We will welcome all male residents of Holiday City South to our club. Membership cards can be purchased on Friday mornings or on our meeting night for $5. Come early and bring a neighbor, to meet other neighbor and start new friendships.
While our Men’s Club meetings are suspended until September, Joe’s Journeys will continue with a journey on September 19th to Golden Nugget leaving the clubhouse at 9:00 AM and leaves the casino at 4:00 PM to return. Cost is $30.00 with $25.00 slot play and a $5.00 food voucher return.
Joe’s Journey for October 24, 2017 to Harrah’s Casino leaves the clubhouse at 4:30 PM with return leaving to arrive at home at 11:15 PM. Cost is $30.00 with $30.00 slot play returned. Any questions regarding these trips contact Joe Coakley (732-281-3050) or Jim Bertone (732-281-3380) or see them in the clubhouse on Friday mornings.
On September 23rd, the Men’s Club has cancelled the annual Italian Night Party. The “Dawg Days” of summer will be with us but we have lived through them many times before and will continue to survive the heat and humidity without the A/C in our younger days.
Now we can look forward to the cooler days and the beautiful color changes of the fall season.
Stay well, pray for peace in our badly troubled world
and, God Bless America!!



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