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May 2021

Maintenance Report - May 2021


By Terry Ristaino

Many things are happening around Holiday City at Berkeley. First,  I would like to report that Clubhouse 2 is just about completely done and if all of our inspections  go well, we should be up and running by the opening of the pool. The Board of Directors are planning on providing some type  of Grand Opening  so that everyone can have a chance to stop in and “ have a look”. A lot of changes have been made. In addition to our main hall and Billiard Parlor, we have a new game room, ping pong room, a new TV room and a Work Out room. These are improvements people have been asking for. 
Along with our state of the art HVAC system, which filters our air and keeps the rooms at an ambient temperature, we also have a state of the art security system, with a camera in every room. 
In March, we had a problem with the bathrooms outside of the Library.
The bathrooms were backing up. After maintenance and Roto-Rooter were not able to fix the problem,  the Town was called in.  It was discovered that the pipe was clogged from the corner of Jamaica and Barbados Drive.   All paper towels have been removed and air dryers have been installed in all bathrooms.  
We intend to have Holiday City at Berkeley pools open this summer. We will be following the strict guidelines laid out by the Governor.  All of the rules and regulations have been printed in the paper. We would like everyone to know that everything being done is for the safety of the community. Each pool must have two gates; one to enter and one to exit. Anyone entering the pools will have his or her temperature taken and will be signed in. As of this writing, masks will be worn while people are on the decks.  No one will be allowed into the pool without  a mask on. We are ready to follow all rules. 
It is our hope that by the time the pool opens, everything will change and we can go back to normal. But until such time, we will do our best to keep everyone safe so we can enjoy the summer.
Along with the pool, keep in mind that we have a basketball court, shuffle board and horse shoe court as well. They will be open and we hope that  Bocce will be able to open as well.
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