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Mar 2022

HCB Shareowners Meeting - March 2, 2022

(Due to time constraints, meeting minutes are submitted unedited)
The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Followed by the opening pray. There was also a moment of silence is dedicated to Beverly Greco who passed in December, 2021. She was our past Secretary and served on the board for up to 20 years.
This is a very special meeting today. We had two directors resigned yesterday.
At this point, people were speaking out of turn.
John McGuinness 109 Biabou Drive - Mentioned that the 3 Board seats were filled not in according to our bylaws.
Michael Alegre, President - Mentioned that John’s understanding is wrong.
Meeting became unruly again.
Barbara Egner - Mentions that the Radburn rules do not say anything about the appointment of filing a vacancy on the Board. She mentions that the President should be following the bylaws. She then went on to contest the appointments of Fran Corcione, Ruth Hollis and Sam Wright.
Michael Alegre, President - They were amended in 2019.
Again the meeting became unruly.
Let’s proceed here. The new Board of Directors has accepted the Oath of Office, and a Confidentiality from Ruth Hollis to fill the Director’s seat. The Board will now vote to accept her as a new director. I, the President, made a motion that the Board vote for Ruth Hollis. The motion was seconded by Fran Cdorcione. Gina will do the roll call. It was a majority vote 4-1. Ruth Hollis is now a director for the Board of Holiday City Berkely. Her term will expire at the end of the year. She must run again. She will be on the next election ballot.
I, the President, made a motion that we elect Sam Wright to the Board of Directors. The motion was seconded by Gina Munger. It was a majority vote 5-1.
Question was asked why did they resigned? They resigned in writing. Let us get through this Agenda. Everybody that signed in tonight will be contacted, we will have a special meeting where you will be able to attend and then address your concerns that you needed to address today.
In the last meeting that was two months ago, we requested that Shareowners fill out a question on a piece of . Now if you did that your question will be answer tonight.
Michael Alegre, President - I make a motion that we forego the reading of the minutes from the last Meeting. Gina Munger seconded.
We have a couple of things that we are voting on tonight.
When we were elected because we couldn’t take a binding vote, the President lent the Association $1,400.00 to revamp and upgrade the computers and the WiFi. It was a total of $1,413.83 that the President laid out of his pocket. The President made a motion to repay the debt. Gina Munger seconded the motion. It was an unanimous vote 7-0.
The President made a motion concerning our Legal Council. We are dropping Paul Leodori and we are hiring David Burns of ANSELL GRIMM & AARON, PC. He is one of the top rated Attorneys in the state of New Jersey. Michael Alegre, President made a motion to change our Attorney, Gina Munger seconded. It was unanimous vote 7-0.
Michael Alegre, President -Made a motion that we resurface the Bocce Courts for an estimated total of $2,600.00. Michael Alegre, the President made a motion that we accept this contract. Gina Munger seconded. It was unanimous Vote 7-0. The Bocce Courts will be resurfaced.
The President made motion sent to council an amendment to the bylaws concerning the Article XV Section 4 about the driveways and grass where our bylaws say that you must have 80% grass in the front of your house.
The President made to send this to the Attorney to amend the bylaw. I have a couple of other amendments, they are all going to the Attorney for review. They will be filed by the Attorney. All of these are motions are to sent to the Attorney for final approval and then for filing with the Clerk. And it’s going to make the driveways up to 22 feet wide at the discretion of the Code Enforcer who goes to the property to inspect to see how wide they can go. The President, made a motion for that to go to the Attorney. Seconded by Gina Munger. A majority vote 6-1.
We will be sending that to our Attorney for legal writing. I think that ’s a great thing for all Holiday City Berkeley.
The President, made a motion to cancel the lease agreement that was signed by the past Board for the use of and occupancy agreement with the First Aide Squad. The President made a motion that we cancel that lease take possession of our property and income will generate between $25,000.00 and $30,000.00 a year. The President made a motion . Seconded by Gina Munger. A majority vote 6-1. We will be cancelling that lease agreement.
The President made a motion that our Alternative Dispute Resolution or the ADR
procedure go to council for approval in writing in for legal terms and amendment. They law says you must provide ADR but the law does not describe how you do it. We want to have our own written rules for ADR.
The President makes a motion that it goes to the Attorney. Second by Gina Munger. Unanimous vote 7-0.
Now we go are going to go to the Director’s reports. It’s going to start with Fran Corcione.
Fran Corcione - Hi Guys, so I was asked that they wanted an air filter in Club House 1. So I’m having a Vendor Fair on May 4, 2022, hopefully it will be an annual thing to raise money. I do have 20 Vendors already signed up, we are doing well with that. The Badge Checkers are getting ready to be interviewed. Thank you everyone who applied.
And on March 19th, at 1:00, I am having meeting at Club House 2, all of the clubs, committees, instructors, so I can redo the use of the halls. We need to update things that may have changed, email, addresses, etc. And that’s it. Thank you.
Judy Gass - I am one of the. Code Directors, Matt and I are having problems enforcing the bylaws of the community, most of this things were approved before our taking of office and approved by the previous Board. My opinion is that because neighbor has something or was given approval prior to our taking office does not mean its allowed to continue. The bylaws must be complied with and previous stuff may be grandfathered in with the understanding it will not longer be allowed to be replaced without complying to the bylaws. THINGS ARE GETTING OUT OF CONTROL; no exception should be made. We are going to have the new attorney review and advise us on how to handle these previous matters and violations, We are waiting on the township Engineers report in reference to our water ways and lakes.
And we are waiting on choosing a solar company between Reliable in Howell Township, NJ and All Season in Galloway, NJ. We are also getting an Engineers inspection on our existing roof on Building One and we will keep you informed of the outcome. Swipe cards aren’t really working out because they came in at a $60,000.00 price go get swipe cards to go into the pools. So thats not working out. However, Shannon is looking into upgrading the hinges on there so they self close, self lashing locks will be chopped off on the top. So they will all comply. And hopefully we’ll be having the Badge Checkers as people that are living in here, so they can make a few extra bucks. They went from $17,000.00 to $19,000.00 a year, they’ll install the panels for free beyond he roof. They’ll guarantee for 20 years. At the end of 20 years, they’ll take them off to put a roof on if we want a roof on, if that is what the Board wants that will be fine.
I was hoping that we could have been voting on a Company or at least between the two. I was leaning toward Reliable because they were closer to us and care for use them, but I haven’t gotten enough together to be able to get a vote today. So hopefully it’ll be done soon. Until then maybe we can get it together in the next couple of weeks and I’ll let you know how we think out.
Gina Munger, the New Treasure - We got okay from the insurance company for approval for the Doggie Park. So now I’m going to be looking into the documents and applications that need to be filed out with Berkeley Township. I need to get the costs of all the permits, prices for fencing and other materials need for the project. We haven’t choose a location yet.
I will be the one who will be handling all the office board meeting setup and writings of the minutes which I have been doing. I also read the Clubhouse incident file, I submitted “To Tell the Truth” in the paper, that Greg was not at fault. So I want to make that clear to everybody, that it was an accident, an accident only, I also have been audited in the tree service company for the last year just to double check on your work. I also am trying to scrutinize the Verizon bill to see if we can get our bills lowered for Verizon or go to a different company. And I’m also looking at all the files for the previous years of auditing everything that’s what I have been doing,
Michael Alegre, President - Added, hopefully we can verify everything that the Shareowners are concern about past spending and things like that.
Barbara Egner asked - I’m sorry I’m hard of hearing, Gina did you say something about a doggie park?
Gina Munger - Yes, I’m trying to get a doggie park within our community. So I got approval fro the insurance company. So now I get to look Ito legality of what I need to do, you know permits, the money it’s going to cost and everything. And then the location.
Now the President’s report - So in the very beginning we had to do a transfer of authority, like signing the checks, etc. And because the previous Board was swept out of office, it became very complicated. What happened was, the association was not using their legal name. So I got called to the bank several times to correct all the paperwork. And we did get two people signed on to pay paychecks everybody’s waiting for. It took the other two authorized signatures almost a month to get to the bank.
Reading the files left behind by past director Terry Ristanio, she was really the only director that had tons of information that was in her desk and file cabinets. I took her desk, and I catalog what was important. I brought education to the other directors so they understood the past history of what happened with the receivership.
We had to close the Clubhouse, we had a little scare with COVID. So we closed down for 15 days. And then after another 15 days, I still mandated the wearing a mask for 10 days, In the very beginning 4 directors which are actually the workhorses behind this Board that you elected, were given a tour by Shannon, of every inch of this property. So we thank Shannon for that.
I reviewed all insurance policies as we are paying right now over $216,000.00 a year for general liability, and other endorsements. Some of you know the past board, were conducting business with no coverage at all. So these things needed to be corrected. I think I’m very close on finalizing all the corrections on that. 
The insurance company did approve the legal written lease for future renters of our RV parking lot. The insurance company is very about the wording and everything that Holiday City needs protected.
I arranged to have WiFi upgradesd in Clubhouse 1 and 2, the Library and the pool. I did help install all the upgrades. I personally donated three computers for the Library, they were all set up by A&A computer who donated their time to wipe the computers clean and set up the computers. So right now we have a total of four computers in the Library. We also created a classroom in the Library where you can have classes, I think the Library holds about 16 people comfortably.
We have had 5 bylaw classes where our first focus is on the election protocol, which was ignored in the in the last election. But luckily we swept then out anyway. Our new bylaw and election committee meets every Thursday at 3:00 in the Library. If anybody’s interested in joining that, learning about the bylaws, I think it’s important that everybody gets a definition and an understanding of what these bylaws are. They are very hard to read.
I also have the insurance company looking into the event coverage that we have, every time there is an event here, if there is alcohol involved we have to pay an extra fee to the insurance company. So we needed to clarify all that. We are looking into reopening the Woodshop and having woodshop classes. I haven’t gotten a confirmation from the insurance company for that. But just so you know, in the past years when the woodshop was here, there was no coverage at all, the insurance company knew nothing and if anything happen and it’s not disclosed to the insurance company, you are not covered by the insurance company.
Brian has been another one of our Maintenance workers he has created a share calendar to help keep the directors and the office personnel along with the maintenance crew aware of each other’s calendars. That seems to be working out very well. 
I instructed Shannon to install handicaps directional signs. When you come into the Clubhouse you’re handicap you don’t know if you can come up the stairs, we will put signs out there to go left or to the right, go straight. So now anybody who is handicapped will know the direction to get to the handicap entrance. I made a new grass cutting map because the grass cutting map. I made a new map so you can see the sections better so now you can see a local street, so you can kind of figure if they are coming to do your section next.
I’ve been keeping a daily diary, on what’s happening and sending it to every director daily and weekly. So when a director cannot be present that they know what’s going on, I created sign up sheets that are in the back of the room for clubs, committees and classes. Fran mentioned that there will be a committee meeting on March 19, 2022 at 1:00 in Clubhouse 2. One new requirement that we are going to enforce on all the chairmen and on all members, you will need to have you HOPA form confirmed and filled out.
We are lacking and have been lacking in years with the HOPA form. Now if people don’t know what a HOPA form is we have them on the back table. It’s concerning the occupancy of each living quarters. Okay, one person is 25, one person is 55 must live in each residence. There are a couple of exceptions with estates and let’s say a 60 year person marries a 40 year old person and they are both are on the deed and the 60 year old person dies. The 40 year old person could still live there, but they count against our 80/20 rule. That’s how they determine the 80/20 rule. We need to have 80% of our homes are filled with somebody 55 and older. So if you want to join a club get real strict that these forms are filled out or at least until we get our 80%. So please fill them out.
Two new office computers were brought and installed in the office. The old computers we couldn’t upgrade. The badges are now available for anybody that needs their badge. If you have a picture on your badge it is still good. If you have a temporary badge or you never got a badge, our machine is working and the schedule on that is constantly going. You need to call the office for an appointment, or send it to Gina the email addresses are in the bulletin.
Finally, I designed a new logo for Holiday City Berkeley, it was voted on by the Board members and the office staff and everybody got to pick what they want. Now we have a logo this will be used on the web site, as well as our agenda, it will be used every where.
And finally it’s a godsend. We have new legal representation.
At this point the President is calling for a motion to adjourn the meeting.
The meeting again became unruly.
John McGuinness - The money we spent on legal representation, that we have agreed on with a new Attorney and all the money spent.
Michael Alegre, the President mentions, I was at the last town hall meeting. They were trying to amend an ordinance with a lot of errors in it. Each Association including ours have their own bylaws. And the town rewrote the ordinance concerning our bylaws.
I did consulate Paul Leodori, basically about our bylaws concerning flippers, you can buy a house, you must put a $5,000.00 performance bond in escrow. So when you do that we give you 9 months to complete the project, you are allowed to get an extension is 90 days. At the completion you can only sell to someone who is 55 you cannot rent, you can’t do any thing else. It must be sold. And that’s an agreement. I did research on all the contracts concerning flippers,. Everybody got there money back, the projects were completed.
The meeting became unruly again.
John McGuinness - Will the files be transferred to the new Attorney
Michael Alegre, President - Yes the new Attorney firm will receive the files.
Judy Gass - I would like to say why I didn’t vote for the parking lot is number 1, I didn’t get a vote on whether we should increase it to $600.00. The other thing I vote no on is the appointment of the new directors. The other negative vote is that the driveway, because it should be clear as what percentage of the property is going to remain grass.
Someone asked - “Who proofreads the the schedule“ I used to proofread the paper with Beverly. Yes tonight you gave two minutes of a good-bye Beverly. For two months now I have been calling and asking please get a proofreader.
Michael Alegre, President - Calendars are done by Shannon.
The President make a motion that meeting be adjourned. Second by Matt Cerritelli. The meeting was adjourned at 7:03 pm.
There were 201 Shareowners in attendance. 
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