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Writer's Group


MAY 2020
We meet in Clubhouse 2 on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month from 2 to 4 PM.
The Group's purpose is to provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment in which writers and others interested in writing may share what they've written and receive constructive feedback from the group.
Writers' Group Guidelines
  • Each writer shall bring their work, or an excerpt from their work to read.
  • Each writer's piece or excerpt is not to exceed 1100 words.
  • Writers need to make 10 copies of their written pieces to pass out to the group so that members may comment on their work. Members are asked to provide constructive comments that deal with the elements of each piece, including characterization, structure, ability of the piece to hold the reader's attention, pacing, etc., depending upon the nature of each piece.
  • Please comment first on general impressions, along with the elements of the piece that you, as the reader, thought best. Group members may also comment about elements that they feel may need additional work.
  • Time will be provided for spoken comments and/or discussion in addition to written comments.
  • Detailed edits will not be provided by the group, although typos may be marked for the writer's benefit.
  • All pieces are to be returned to the writer after reading, comments and discussion have been completed.
We look forward to establishing and maintaining an enthusiastic, positive environment for writers, one that will continue to encourage them in their efforts.
Always wanted to write that novel, play, poem or essay?
Then you should check out the Holiday City Berkeley Writer's Group, Write Now!
Published or aspiring, if you want to write, we want to meet you!
Published authors Anita Levine and Alice DiNizo are pleased to announce this forum where writers may share their ideas, writing experiences and works in progress. This group meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month in Clubhouse 2 at HCB from 2-4 p.m. The group provides the  opportunity for anyone attending to read what they have written and receive gentle, constructive comments from the other group members.
All writers, published, aspiring are welcome!
Need more information? Contact Anita Levine, or 732-286-7887 or Alice DiNizo, or 732-244-2126.
PLEASE NOTE: WRITE NOW will be meeting in the Clubhouse Library from Thursday, February 13th until mid-April so as to not interfere with the AARP Tax Program, which will be held in Clubhouse 2.