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Nov 2015



Who Is HCBEMS - Holiday City at Berkeley Emergency Medical Services?

We are all volunteers, mostly your neighbors but we do have a few volunteers who come from outside the Holiday Cities and Silver Ridges. Although some volunteers had careers in a medical or EMS fields, most of us did not. We are bus drivers, artist, bankers and other non-medical people who would like to help.

  I moved here in July 4 years ago. I went to my first homeowner’s meeting in December and THEY, the HCBEMS, came to my clubhouse to beg for volunteers. What could I do? I was a retired graphic designer but I said I would help out for a few months until they could get more volunteers. That was a scary thought…probably for both of us. If you had told me 4 years ago that I would not only volunteer for EMS but become an EMT, I would have said, “Not me. Idon’t want the responsibility for the sick or injured. That’s why I was a graphic artist…right.” I’m still here.

   As you can see from my story, there is no previous experience necessary. The first thing I got was a shirt. The second was a free CPR course and certification from the state of NJ. WOW! I was on my way to being responsible for the sick or injured. “OMG, how did that happen? The people were nice. The hours and pay were terrible. The next thing I knew, they gave me another course and I was officially a 1st responder. “Double OMG!” We work only one day a week but the hours are 7am until 7pm. …But it is only ONE day a week and NO Saturdays or Sundays. We are usually fairly busy but when we are not, there is time for case discussions, about half hour training on equipment or medical, also maybe time for card playing or finishing that book you didn’t have time for at home.

Everyone is thankful for those who come to help but more of you are needed. We cover an area that includes 10,765 homes. In a 5-day workweek, from January until to day, we have responded to about 1,500 calls.

HC Berkeley has 3,236 homes and 4 volunteers.
HC Carefree has 1,612 homes and 5 volunteers.
HC South has 2,359 homes and 6 volunteers.
HC West has 1,812 homes and 8 volunteers.
Silver Ridge East has 1,746 homes and 0 volunteers.

We also back up Holiday Heights and have 5 volunteers and 3 volunteers from outside our communities

If you would like to help you’re neighbors, come to 100 Port Royal Drive, (732) 240-4999. Volunteer to help us on the ambulances, newspaper recycling or with fund raising on the Auxiliary. Changes in your EMS services happen all the time. We will try to keep you updated. Drop by if you have questions or you may drop off a written question addressed to Phyllis HCBEMS and we will include it in one of our columns.

Stay healthy. HCBEMS December, 2015

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